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SUNDAY – domingo ON – no, na SATURDAY – sábado
MONDAY – segunda-feira FRIDAY – sexta-feira
TUESDAY – terça-feira THURSDAY – quinta-feira
WEDNESDAY – quarta-feira





SAND THING – coisa

SEA [affirm.] SOMETHING – alguma coisa
[int?] ANYTHING – alguma coisa?
[neg.] ANYTHING – coisa alguma [nada]
NOTHING - nada

dentro da] YET – ainda [final de frase] NEXT – próximo (em ordem) . na [dentro do. Do you want to say anything? TO STAY / STAYD – ficar Please. come here. What time do they come? TO SAY / SAID – dizer I need to say something. QUALIFIERS PRETTY – linda. charmoso [só para homens] GOOD – bom BAD – mau OLD – velho NEW – novo.ainda [inicío ou meio de frase] IN THE – no. bonito HANDSOME – bonito. nova qualidade YOUNG – novo. TO COME / CAME . can you stay here with me ? It doesn’t want to stay. 62 VERBS TO START / STARTED – começar When can you start? Let’s start the meeting.em [dentro especificamente] STILL . jovem (idade) SMALL – pequeno BIG – grande HAPPY – feliz SAD – triste LONG – comprido SHORT – curto HOW – como IN . bonito BEAUTIFUL – linda. vir Please.

F..” GRAMMAR AFFIRMATIVO NEGATIVO INTERROGATIVO? I WANT. HE DOESN’T WANT DOES HE WANT? SHE NEEDS. I DON’T WANT DO I WANT? YOU WANT. DO THEY WANT? .”... DO YOU ALL WANT? THEY WANT.” “ANYWHERE” – “Qualquer lugar.“Alguma novidade?” “ANYWAY. DO WE WANT? YOU ALL WANT.” – (Thank God Its Friday) “WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT?” – Qual o nome daquilo? “ANYTHING ELSE?” – “Alguma coisa mais?” “ANYTHING NEW?” . DOES SHE NEED? IT HAS. ônibus “BY CAR” – de carro “BY PLANE” – de avião “BY TRAIN” . YOU ALL DON’T WANT.” – “Seja o que for. G. IT DOESN’T trem “ON FOOT” – a pé “MAYBE” – talvez “T. SHE DOESN’T NEED.. “Como quer que seja. WE DON’T WANT. 63 EXPRESSIONS “BY BUS” . YOU DON’T WANT DO YOU WANT? HE WANTS. THEY DON’T WANT.” “ANYHOW” – “De qualquer modo. DOES IT HAVE? WE WANT.

They don’t have lunch on _______. 3. My sister is _______. He studies Spanish on _______. Why do you want to ______that? Can you _______ with me? He doesn’t know what to ______. I go to church on SUNDAY. The sand here is ________. Do you want to START the meeting? I like to eat “feijoada” on ________. What do you want to SAY? He wants to _____ to the meeting. I go the movies on FRIDAY. I can see the _____bird. Can you please _______the car? 7. 11. They need to COME with us. I can see the _____beach. 6. She is BEAUTIFUL. Your swimming pool is _______. I prefer to ______ at my home. I don’t work on _______. 12. 10. 5. 8. I work from ______to Friday. Do you want to _____ anything? My sister likes to ______here. They go to club on SATURDAY. I have to STAY at my work. I see my family on _______. 2. 4. We like to ______ there. You have a ______brother. I sell a lot on TUESDAY. I can see the _____tree. . 9. I can see the PRETTY girls. You have a HANDSOME father. We like to eat fish on ________. 64 FRAMES 1. He buys cheese only on _______. The children go to school on _______. You have a ______son. Do you want to _______the class? He plays soccer on ________. You have a ______husband. She doesn’t like to ______with them. I go work on MONDAY.

We don’t need VERY MUCH time. They play ___ _____sea. I need to study YET. Those boys prefer _____ girls. I go to Miami BY PLANE. They have a _______young son. You don’t eat _______rice. She says she has a ______ apartment We have a _______boss. She goes to her parents BY TRAIN. ________does the baby sleep? Do you know the _______city? 19. They sell _____ things. I STILL need to study. 17. ________do you say that? I have to go on the ______train. MAYBE he can stay with us. He likes OLD cars. She studies IN THE car. We come home BY BUS. We give _______things. ________she has to go home. ________we can buy the car next week. I buy _____books. She has _______relatives. 24. He has a YOUNG wife. 14. . They want _______meat. You need to take the NEXT bus. 20. I have VERY MANY friends. We have a ____ swimming pool. We have to work _____. 26. We have many _____ magazines. I don’t have ________money. I see the _______ boy. ________it needs to eat. Can you drink _____? Do you ______ drink wine? Do they have time _____? Do the children ______have time? 21. 23. They like _______dogs. I work ___ ____office. HOW do you study? 18. We _____have to work. I read _______books. 65 13. We have a ___ manager. 15. I know a VERY old man. We want that ______ cat. He reads _______good books. I want to buy a SMALL car. We have a NEW magazine. He lives ___ ____house. ________do you like your fish? We want to see the _______show. We prefer ________happy children. We have a ___ office. 16.They go to church BY CAR. 25. 22.

I go to the movies on the weekend. He wants to go to the movies. 5. How do you go to school? I like to go by car. Do you have? 14. I don’t have time to help you today. 6. Can you speak Spanish? 3. I need to help my wife in the kitchen.FLUENCIA. PHRASES 1. I don’t understand what you say. I like to go there with my neighbor. Where do you have to go tonight? I gotta go to the office. I like to have breakfast at 7:30. We usually buy the newspaper everyday but Monday. Do you know how to play soccer? I only know how to play tennis. RAPIDEZ. He doesn’t want to stay here. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Three brothers only. 7. 12. Do you understand me? I don’t know where you want to go. She has breakfast with me. I want to go to the States next week. 13. 15. . 17. because I want to help you. The children sleep until 7:00 everyday because of school. I still don’t have the money to buy his bicycle. 8. Do you want to help the teacher? I don’t know what book he wants. but I don’t have a car. What time is it? 16. 66 RITMO. I need to understand what you want. What magazines do you like to buy? I usually don’t buy magazines. 19. 11. Do you understand? 18. 4. 9. Sorry. I need alot of money. Maybe tomorrow. then I usually go home. 10. Do you know how to read and write in English? 20. because she knows German. 2.

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