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Teacher: Mr. Russell Date: June 8th, 2016

Subject/Class: ELA Lesson: Main Idea

Learning Standards or Strands:

Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.

Students will be able to determine the main idea of an informational text through a cooperative envelope
activity. Then the students will take what they learned and apply close reading strategies to identify the main
idea and supporting details of a grade level three informational text.

Main Idea and Supporting Details

7 Envelopes Main Idea Worksheet (1) Beehive Worksheet
28 Sentence Strips Thunderstorms are Dangerous Sheet Smart Board/Projector
ELA Notebooks Bills and Beaks Wonders of water
Preventing Cavities Whats the main idea Sheet

Plan What does the teacher do? What do the students do? est.
Separate students into 7 groups. Students will work together to
Pass out an envelope to each group correctly place their main idea strip on
and allow the students to work top with its three supporting details
together to find the main idea and underneath. Students should take 10 mins.
three supporting details. Walk around turns describing what their thoughts
Introduction and scaffold the different groups. are about the main idea of the four
Make sure children are staying sentence strips. Students will share
attentive and prepared to present their their envelopes and their process of
strips to the class. State the objective finding the main idea.
of the lesson.

Distribute, Skill: Main Idea sheet Students will then read and copy,
and review as a class. Put What do you need to do? Close
Thunderstorms are Dangerous on Read into notebooks or will cut and
smartboard. Close read the article glue for differentiation. Participate in
together as a class. Turn and talk completing the Thunderstorms are
about the main idea of the passage Dangerous worksheet as a class. 25 mins.
Learning activities and record on a sticky note. Students Children will then complete Beehive
will place sticky notes on anchor chart worksheet identifying the main details
and we will compare main ideas. through the close reading process.
Complete worksheet as a class.
Hand out the article, Beehive and
have children complete independently.
Teacher displays Beehive on smart Students are encouraged to share
board. Have students read aloud and their thoughts on what they identified
complete their close reading mark ups as the main idea and supporting
Construction of meaning with their stars and underlines on details. 15 mins.
(closure/wrap-up) Smart Board. Compare students main
idea and supporting details and
review objective.
Assess students Beehive worksheets Tier One: Students should organize
and place the students into three tiers. the given words in columns with the
Provide appropriate leveled work for main idea on top and supporting
each tier to work together on, details below.
independently or homework. Tier Two: These students will have the
opportunity to put some color into
Supplementary: Students will open finding the main idea and details of
Assignment two grade level 3 passages.
/burger/burger.html Tier Three: Bills and Beaks On Level
They will play an interactive main idea Reader. Students should partner read
and supporting details game. and answer main idea questions in the
back of the book on lined paper.