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Energy Project Rubric

2. Compare and contrast essay
o Venn diagram and written essay comparing and contrasting two types of energy of
your choice
You will find, print, and highlight information about two separate
types of energy. You may do this research at home and during the
allotted class time. You will also use information from class articles
and the textbook as needed.
o First, you will fill out a Venn diagram about your two types of
You will include at least 5 facts in each section of the
Venn diagram. These can be in bulleted form, but
must be written neatly.
o Then, you will write a three paragraph compare and contrast
essay. Your essay can be handwritten in cursive, skipping
lines, or typed in size 12-14 font, double spaced.
Your heading will be Compare and Contrast: (Type 1)
vs. (Type 2)
Paragraph 1 introduces both types of energy.
Paragraph 2 highlights differences between the
chosen forms of energy. Paragraph 3 highlights
similarities between the chosen forms of energy

Diagram: Your Venn diagram is filled out neatly, completely, and correctly. The 25 points
information that you use is factual.

Compare and contrast: Your essay includes detailed information about each of 25 points
your chosen forms of energy; your information is well organized and correct.

Writing and format: Your essay is formatted correctly; you have written three 20 points
separate paragraphs with 6-9 sentences each. Your grammar, spelling,
capitalization, and punctuation are correct.
Research: Your additional research is relevant; you handed in highlighted 15 points
research along with your essay and diagram.

Use of class time: You have used the allotted class time wisely and 15 points

Final score: _____________________________

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