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Hello classmates I am Xiomara Cristal Alva Huamn, I was born on february

6,2002 in Chimbote, but i life in Trujillo, i have one brother he is my old

brother he have 22 years old and he is policia, i grew around with man so i
hate the doll, all my childhood i playing with cars and marbles. My childhood
was dificult because i was shy, then i became the popular of my
neighborhood, in my garden i was very talented because i was very good at
writing fairy tale

In the christmas i travel to visit to my grandparents, i am not close to

my family because i prefer to be alone, i hate the chritmas because i dont
like became in family and that day everyone is meeting;, i didnt enjoy my
birthday, my parent thoougth that i had fun with the outings for my birthday
or the annoning birthday parties. I prefer to spend it alone doing want i like.
all the primary and until secod of secundary i was first place, in the
primary i obtained a diploma of the nathional university of Trujillo, for my
school trave we traveled to Cajamarma, and i didnt like travelling, i bored
in the travel, in the secondary i participated in a declamation competition
and i won the first place after they called me for two more declamation
competition but i did not want to participate, i also participated in a math
competition and i won the first place and i got scholarship in a academy but
i got bored and i only spent a week in the academy I losed some
oportunities because im very lazy.
i learnt to walk with my ball of futbol, i am love the futbol In my free
time a like playimg football, playing videogames such geometry dash,
minecraft and love dragon ball tenkai budokai, i dindt like the table games
because i prefer to be active, i like run but dindt like walk, im very shy but i
can be crazy

As a like anatomy i would like to study a career related to anatomy

surch as biomedical engineering but i wold also like to be polica officer. But
my only goal for now is approve to IB

Well now you know a Little more about me

Thaks for your attention