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April 15 2009

Always remember to check the News

In matters of Government and the legal system truth is an

improbability and justice just a word with no foundation
On June 30 2005 the crime of filing false and misleading
information with the ORHT... an offense under s.206 (2) of
the Tenant Protection Act, 1997 and crimal fraud over
$100,000 an offense under the criminal code were
committed by my former tenant Don Wilson
president/director of Bio Safe Natural Technologies
Inc. that I had invested in
The ORHT and the Investigations and Enforcement Unit
were responsible under the Act to deal with these issues but
refused for absolutely absurd reason, which I took the
matter to the York Regional Police where they also refused
to deal with the matter, however, with persistent I managed
to find out the truth as to why they were all acting so
obviously insane.
Prior to meeting with YRP Inspector Michael Fleming
where the truth was forthright, forthcoming and forthwith I
had met with YRP Fraud detectives Sgt. Fred Kerr and Cpl.
George Rorke who had been assigned to deal with the
evidence that I provided the YRP at the Newmarket
They had informed me that through experience they have
come to know what evidence is required to successfully
proceed before the Ontario courts and mine did not meet
the "Threshold" required to proceed.

Since the evidence was irrefutable having been

documented, witnessed and recorded by the ORHT
judicator in a public building financed by the people of
Ontario to administer and enforce the laws consistent with
the Constitution conducive to every individuals guaranteed
Charter rights of equal protection and benefits it was
incomprehensible that the ORHT and the Investigations
and Enforcement Unit did not feel that they were required
to file the charges even though it clearly states they are
responsible to do so in the Tenant Protection Act.
During the hearing when the judicator finally came to
understand what was going on I said with tongue in cheek,
"There oughta be a law" to which she immediately
responded "There is" and went on for a minute or two
explaining that she had the authority to forward the case on
to the Investigations and Enforcement Unit of the Ministry
of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
At the end of the day I provided her all the pertinent
evidence I had which she had requested to study over the
period of a month when the Tribunal hearing was to
continue July 28 2005.
One of the documents I provided her was a 14 page
chronicle from the day I first met Don Wilson which she
had me provide Don a copy to which he stated he had never
seen before so he was told to read and respond to it by July
21 2005 sending the ORHt and me a copy which would be
dealt with on the 28th.
I asked Nancy Fahlgren at the very end of the day if that
was a reco...when she abruptly stated yes it is a recorder
and I asked if I would be able to get a copy of the recording
to which she said yes when the hearing was completed I
could get a copy from her office.
When the Tribunal hearing commenced on July 28 2005
she announced the hearing would not be recorded.
Both Don and I were asked if we had anything to add
which I said no and Don, looking at a document started to
say their was something that he would like to say when I
asked is that the 14 page chronicle you are looking at which
he said yes and I asked the judicator if she had received a
response to it by July 21 2005 because I hadn't and
therefore he wasn't entitled to speak on it to which the
judicator agreed.
The hearing ended soon after with the judicator stating we
would get her decision by Canada Post that arrived August
10 2005 dated August 8 2005 Order # TNL-67103 found
for me ordering Don to vactate my premises by August 18
2005 and to pay me aproximately $10,000 that he owed me
in arrears of rent...which I have not received to date.
On August 10 2005 on receipt of the Tribunal Order that
mentioned nothing about the crimes Don had committed I
began my trek for justice that has not yet come to fruition
near four years later but I have a prodigious amount of
evidence that irrefutably proves the government and legal
system is organized crime personified.
It goes on to prove that the federal and provincial
governments have conspired against the people of the
Lower Tier where there is a semblance to democracy in the
Upper Tier where there is "Honour Among Thieves" as the
system is designed to ransack the people of the Lower Tier
and divvy up the loot in the Upper where the propagates of
the Law Society of Upper Canada have infested and
invested the "Corporate World" who akin to inside
traders have been manipulating the markets as they have
been world wide and are responsible for the recent
world financial crisis
In December 2005 after the York Regional Police had
refused to file charges I provided the evidence to RCMP
inspector Peter Goulet of the Newmarket detachment who
forwarded the evidence on to the Milton detachment after a
review realizing that I was now attempting to get them to
investigate Don Wilson's offences contrary to the Business
Corporations Act to which Sergeant Michael Thomson
reasponded January 18 2006 stating that he had accepted
my evidence under the auspices of the Business
Corporations Act and dealt with it in that manner going on
to write that he had consulted with the DOJ and their
decision was that the problem was mine and that I could
proceed before the courts under the Federal Business
Corporations Act
On November 8 2007 after corresponding with a prodigious
number of prominent government personnel who refused to
deal with the issues I filed with the Commission for Public
Complaints against the RCMP for refusing to investigate
government organized crime of corruption and conspiracy
evidence published on web available on the
original Charter Democracy Force web site (A copy of the
original AAAAALIST available on this site)

I received the RCMP Final Letter of Disposition dated

September 3 2008 finding themselves innocent of refusing
to investigate government organized crime of corruption
and conspiracy while admitting that they tip toed around
hundreds of pages of documents to find a diversion that
they believe found themselves innocent while again
refusing to investigate government organized crime of
corruption and conspiracy
The evidence in its entirety has been provided to all the e-
mail addresses of prominent government
personnel published in the further populated
AAAAALIST published on my Scribd site
Pertinent documents are published on the Scribd site,,www.cdf1.caand other sites
referenced thereon being humongous in numbers and
simply irrefutable
Needless to say it is a long story that the world populace
needs to know that not only are all governments frauds
scamming the people of the Lower Tiers but more
importantly that they can easily be eradicated by simply
knowing the truth and letting nature takes its course, after
all ...we are the majority only when united with common
To get caught up on our latest initiative in the natural order
of advancement of the progression of thought and reason
please go to the Scribd site and start with document
Ethics-Apr-9-09 and advance chronologicaly.

The site has retained the name of the

original Charter Democracy Force that has been knocked
out of action, still available to view but I can no longer edit
or manage it with the site now providing
commentary and in control of the original evidence that the
RCMP investigated.

The www.urus.casite provides 6 or 7 options to catch up to

speed from a quick to a more lengthy detailed perspective.
Eventually this site will provide the entire story in detail
but it is imperative that all persons who chance upon our
sites do a quick study to confirm as I allege that there is
something seriously wrong with the minds of our
government leaders and then spread the word far and wide
that we are here on the move to ensure the proper
adjustments are made for the safety and wellbeing of every
individual on the planet as we force a formal PUBLIC
INQUIRY that will begin the end of the "Struggle of
humankind" world wide.

The site has taken over operations of the

original Charter Democracy Force intent on finishing their
objective to eradicate amoral inclination and persuasion
from Canadian governments forcing a restructure of the
legal system dedicated to closing all doors of opportunity
that are just too over powering too ignore.
These doors were deliberately placed and have been
identified and will be deliberately nailed shut.
The system is so corrupt with everyone in on it that they
simply cannot bring anyone of them to trial without
beginning the collapse of the entire illegitimate system.
There we have a humongous advantage by simply
maintaining consistency to truth

"He who is sincere hits what is right and apprehends

without the exercise of thought"

The RCMP took 10 months to ignore the evidence

and responded with empty mind with the help of their
superiors, RCMP Commissioner, Minister of Public Safety,
DOJ-Minister of Justice and Attorney general of Canada,
the Prime Minister and Parliament.
The simple fact is I have been informed by many of the
conspirators that I have accessed all the options available to
me and that I am simply on my own as was obvious from
day one being precisely why I trapped everyone of them in
a corner that they cannot possibly paint their way out of,
but of course they must try and after all they are trained in
the fine art of charlatism, specialist of deception,
prevarication, manipulation and orchestration however
once their modus operandi is exposed every nefarious move
they have made becomes clearly visible as they have
documented it all and put their signatures on it so we will
not be needing CSI to give us a hand.

The information published on the Charter Democracy

Force web sites is of an utmost serious nature concerning
the populous of the world and it is imperative that people
be informed of the truth so that it can be sanely dealt with
that will invariably change the world dramatically to the
world that should have always been in the "Spirit of the
Golden Rule"
The success of government organized crime is dependent
on their adeptness to deception, prevarication, manipulation
and orchestration of the laws and minds of the people to
their luxurious success that leaves poverty in their wake,
hopelessness and despair that begets amoral inclination
leading to amoral persuasion that leaves humongous
numbers of victims in their wake where their refusal to put
a legitimate system in place consistent with the
Constitution conducive to every individual's guaranteed
Charter rights of equal protection and benefits provides
them a flourishing clientele originating from the poverty
they create where the woes of society sprout for the legal
professions to harvest with greater crops each year with a
surplus of victims they ignore as they address the
symptoms where the money is.
As I stated above YRP Inspector Michael Flemming
explained it to me this way. He had no doubt my former
tenant Don Wilson was a conman but he is not according to
law which I retorted that did not make sense to which
he said he knew as they are taught early in their careers that
common sense has nothing to do with the law.
That of course is easily observed and well documented on
my sites...There simply is no poblem gathering the
evidence but the inherent problem is to get the evidence to
the people as the media is in on the conspiracy. (That is
well documented as is everything stated on our sites)
The entire system is fixed to both ransack us and protect
them from us who become aware which is inevitable once
being victamized, but the victim stands alone unless a
propagate of the nefarious bent Law Society is affordable,
yet no matter what nobody has access to more money and
human resources than the conspirators where the taxpayer
of the Lower Tier actually finances the defence of the
nefarious bent against individuals like me and we of the
Charter Democracy Force who are fighting for the people
of the Lower Tier that they simply are not aware because
the media is on the side of the nefarious bent being
prosperous as are all of the Upper Tier and Corporate
The evidence warrants a PUBLIC INQUIRY which has not
been forthcoming and even if they went through the
formalities it would be more than superfluous as they
would just expand their empire with more Commissions or
Ombudsman that they purport to be independent agencies
but in fact are provided limited authority and are under the
advisement of the DOJ-Minister of Justice and Attorney
General of Canada or the Ontario Attorney
General designed to protect the conspirators as does the
Law Society of Upper Canada that propagates the nefarious
bent and of course refuse to discipline their members that
would of course be absurd if they did ... pulling the rug out
from under them after teaching them the fine art of
deception, prevarication, manipulation and orchestration,
which is evidence enough to bring them before the people
but that is the inherent problem.
The people are simply too busy dealing with the day to day
realities of the nefarious bent that they do not have time to
realize that reality would be much simpler and
humongously more profitable if they simply took the time
to deal with the nefarious bent instead.
The major work is done and at the very least all any
individual has to do is register as a member with any of our
groups leaving their e-mail address so that we can boast our
numbers letting the nefarious bent know that we are getting
the truth out to the people
Once you have read the truth well documented you will
then know that you cannot believe a word they say
Since the conspirators are hardly in a position to commence
a PUBLIC INQUIRY that would ultimately prove
humongously detrimental to their luxurious lifestyle and
freedom before the bar rather than behind bars the Charter
Democracy Force presents the trial of millenniums to
make things right in Canada that will simultaneously begin
the end of the struggle of humankind world wide.
The Charter Democracy Force presents
Warming up the mind to thought and reason and the value
of sanity that begets unbiased morality

Most pertinent to these issues of the most serious nature is

to Know the Law
Have you ever wondered why the majority of us keep out
of trouble with the law and they who get in trouble do it
under the cover of darkness even in broad day-light?
That is due the simplicity of it where you simply know
what you would not have done to you is the law where you
are priority one with aproximately 7 billion of you with
unique perceptions but have sense in common
It is the inherent nature of humankind having most
magnificent brains simply waiting to be used with common
sense adapting to what is precisely common with all 7
billion of us realizing whatever is not receptive to you is
not receptive to me or anyone else and when a thought
occurs that goes against the grain permission is required
such as if you would like to hit me just ask and perhaps I
will ask why and if the reason is good enough I will grant
you permission for there could very well be a very good
reason that I am not aware of.
Of course I would like to review the evidence and I would
like to think that I would review it unbiased, but if I am
guilty I may suggest that we negotiate just how hard the
person is going to hit me, where and with what.
It is the obvious of cause and effect and one taking
responsibility for their actions.
On the other hand if I did the crime purposely I am not the
responsible person I or anyone may think I am and will
simply do everything within my power to protect myself
from the punishment that goes with it as I obviously never
intended to be caught and nothing is apt to persuade me
differently when confronted.
I am not stating anything that humankind doesn't already
know grasped early in life prior to school where our parents
or guardians have a responsibility to prepare us for school
with the proper attitude for learning for surely every parent
wants their children to do well.
It gets quite befuddling when the parents aren't doing so
well who simply are irresponsible for themselves and
therefore can hardly be expected to be responsible for their
children with out the common sense to do it.
Common sense is a entity relative to the entire world and
obviously attached to humankind where we are all common
in so many seperate ways in that we are all born to earth in
the same manner but randomly placed to different
environments within different environments such as
countries and regions and extreme poverty to extreme
wealth respectively through no fault of our own nor can we
be held responsible for history or present day at birth for
we simply are innocent because we are of empty mind.
If I was born to a certain region or certain financial
environment I may very well have enemies that I am not
aware of while I am not aware of anything having been
born with empty mind.
Put me in a region not yet inhabited along with others of
my age from all over the world with one person of sane
unbiased moral thought and reason to feed and teach us we
will not be aware of the horrific realities beyond our
environment we are reared and should we venture
elsewhere upon reaching adulthood unaware of the realities
of our destination could chance upon numerous persons all
getting along well with each other busy as they go about
their daily routines and when I interupt a person requesting
a little information all hell breaks loose as I am kicked here
and from there perhaps never having the chance to find out
Of course the majority of the world populous would know
WHY and if I had only asked they would say, being a wee
bit too late, any number of them could have told me WHY
without knowing WHY being the absurdity of it all where
the most intelligent life forms are the cause of the insane
reality that is the world.
Those people who kicked the life out of me had sense in
common but not an iota of common sense where in such an
environment I had no sense at all for being in a place where
my sense was not congenial though I came from a place
that I had sense in common with the environment I was
Lucky for me that I am relating hypothetically yet the
question remains WHY such realities exist within the
reality of the whole.
As with the progressive nature of thought having general
knowledge in this arena of thought I can progress as long as
I care to having the time to do it, with reason to do it
having advanced from a relatively minor problem in the
whole scheme of things having had a person defraud me of
near a $100,000 and my friends who I introduced to the
defrauder perhaps another $50,000 or so which I have
accepted my responsibility for the part I played in it all as
my friends obviously trusted me and I led them
unknowingly to lose serious money being relative to their
and my adeptness to acquire the stuff necessary to our
quality of life once the obvious necessities of life are
accounted for.
There can be no doubt that my former tenant was a bad
man as the evidence irrefutably shows, but why didn't the
legal system deal with him rather than protect him from me
and the justice that I would expect necessary to ensure
weeds do not spread and that he himself is prevented from
carrying on in his nefarious ways harming others in the
same way being absolutely indifferent to the chaos left in
his wake.
It turns out that the reason he was protected is because he
had sense in common with the nefarious bent of the Law
Society of Upper Canada from Osgoode Hall that has been
propagating "Learned and Honourable" deviates of society
since the 1797 enactment of the Law Society Act when a
few of the self proclaimed elite "gentlemen" met with the
Upper Canada Attorney General to proclaim themselves the
only deviates allowed to propagate deviates to administer
and enforce their deviate laws upon the rest of society
providing themselves a monopoly in the industry.
The rest is history but I will definately expand on that as I
already have on other sites and need only to bring the
various documents together in a semblance to orderly
manner to maintain and demonstrate their consistency to be
alien to society, a cancer if you will or a blight on society
as you prefer.
I had simply landed in an environment similar to the
hypathetical one aforementioned and I have had all these
people who seemingly get along well with each other as
they go about their business unaware that I was present
until I introduced myself when they all started to kick the
hell out of me metaphorically as they all had sense in
common and I was using the common sense I had picked
up in the streets coincidental to my learning from place of
It is this personal interest group thing that continues to slap
me between the eyes and twixt the ears where the world is
simply a conglomeration of people randomly dispersed
throughout the world all born in precisely the same way of
the same stuff innocent at birth simply because they are of
empty mind yet to be filled with the bullshit of the
environment of the region or country that is the excrimate
that readily flows from the spiritual and political leaders
that persist in their nefarious ways attentive to their
personal interests that are simply insatiable demanding
consistent pursuit of wealth and power or power and wealth
as you like.
It is no different in any country except for the difference if
you know what I mean not intending to befuddle the if I could do better than it is capable on
its own.
It is the special interests groups of governments and the
legal professions world wide that are similar in nature,
however different in approach whereas I would like to refer
you to the more learned on the subject.

Confucius Kong 551 BC - 479 BC

"There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way

and that across every page were the words
MORALITY...finally I began to make out what was written
between the lines; the whole volume was filled with a
single phrase: EAT PEOPLE"
Golden Rule
"Do not impose on others what you would not wish for
Golden Rule paraphrase
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Romans incited to wealth and power gave us

No doubt they loved "Gold as a Rule" but didn't take to the

"Golden Rule"

Jonathan Swainger presently a University of British

Columbia history professor writes of a compelling book he
chanced upon in his research by Edmund
Morgan"Inventing the People: The Popular Rise of
Sovereignty in England and America" that opens with the
assertion that the success of any form of government
requires the acception of a number of fictions.
In a democracy , for example, it is necessary for the
population to "believe that the people have a voice or...that
the representatives are the people"
Jonathan Swainger book
So we see in their world of higher learning it is necessary to
deceive the people to be successful and who easier than the
people of the Lower Tier where an invisible "Threshold" is
embedded in the system dividing the haves and have
noughts perhaps creating a balance in their minds with such
a minority in the Upper Have and such a majority in the
Lower Have by a few adjustments penned to paper they
could put the majority of the money in the Upper Have and
balance out the majority with a minority of the money.
It is much less bloody than the sword and can be formatted
to computers that has allowed for the ideology to this day

The Law Society of Upper Canada

This link is to the infamous 2 part Law Society of Upper

Canada document compiled correspondence of a complaint
I filed against one of their members regarding a completely
different personal matter
In this document all that was required of the Law Society
was to look at the termination of a contract letter by one of
their members and request a copy of the contract from him
to determine that he acted without authority causing me
undue hardship contrary to my guaranteed Charter rights.
The Society immediately acknowledged my complaint
understanding the urgency however it will take up to 30
days to give it the attention it deserves.
In the interim I wrote their member requesting a copy of
the contract which I also did when I responded to the
termination letter but he refused to send me a copy but
when I informed him that his client was not mine and that I
had a contract with his 93 year old aunt he provided me a
copy of a Power of Attorney granting his client the
authority to act on her behalf.
So why didn't he send a copy of the contract?
Quite simple because he cited the reason for terminating
the contract was because I was to begin on June 5 2006 and
be finished by June 15 2006 and since it was now June 16
2005 and I had barely commenced the project stating many
things that just were not any where near factual his client
requested the contract be terminated.
The fact is there was no completion date as the contract
clearly stated that I would be finished when auntie was
completely satisfied that I had met the terms of the contract
and she was pleased with the results.
The Law Society purportedly refused to request a copy of
the contract nor discussed the matter with their member.
It took near 60 days to get a response from the Society
though they understood the urgency and I to nudge them
for their response that found their member in compliance
with their standards.
Not satisfied with their response I wrote a few more times
and eventually got a reasonable answer fromthem that they
were the nefarious bent I had always suspected.
They stated or implied that their members are not required
to give a damn about every individual's guaranteed Charter
rights as their only obligation is to vigorously advance the
interests of their client.
Sounds to me akin to a hitman
They go onto state that their members are not required to
varify the charges made by their client against me which is
absurd that he could terminate a contract on the grounds
that I was in breach of it.
Even if they felt it was not necessary when he wrote up the
termination letter why would he not look at it when I
requested him to pointing out that an injustice was
It is one thing to be ignorant of the fact but quite another
to continue to cause me hardship knowing he was
misinformed suggesting the rest of his clients statements
were bullshit too as they were far from the truth for
nefarious purpose but then that is what the Law Society and
its propagates are all about.
He felt compelled to send the Power Attorney because it
was in his and his clients best interests but the contract was
obviously not, being the most crucial factor that irrefutably
proves the acquisition of the truth is not in their agenda.
Now one could argue that that is just conjecture but the fact
is he never acted in apropriate manner causing me undue
hardship and the Law Society admittance that their
members are not required to give a damn about every
individual's guaranteed Charter rights is not conjecture but
an admittance and demonstrated it to be true in their
Well anyway after several writings requesting the Law
Society get a copy of the contract from their member which
they had been adamantly refusing to do for obvious reason,
but the only logical thing to do if truth was the name of
their game they wrote explaining that it is not their
responsibility to look at evidence obviously meaning that
when it is against their members.
Sure that is conjecture again in the insane world they
created for us where the determing of the truth requires
unbiased competent responsible and irreproachable persons
with fortitude and conviction to do so and though I have
been conjecturing about these nefarious bent all my life
I now had the irrefutable proof to aver certain these people
are the scum of the earth that blocks prosperous growth.
If they are not required to look at evidence why do they
allot 30 days to give it the attention it deserves.
Why did I have to nudge them to get a response before 60
days was up
Any person of sane unbiased moral thought and reason
would begin analysis of the information beginning with my
complaint that included a copy of the layers letter of
termination and then look at the contract but an ordinary
person cannot demand a copy of the contract the lawyer
purports to have being an obvious impediment to justice
which is not what they are all about.WHY?
That is what the Constitution implies in the very first
statement of the Charter
"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize
the supremacy of God and the rule of law
Just because their is no evidence of God's existence it
doesn't make Him a liar
The entire fabrication is metaphoric paraphrasing the
"Spirit of the Golden Rule"that is the epitome of simplicity
and sanity whereas truth is the reality that would be seen by
God whether or not He exists or whether or not one
believes He exists.
Of what purpose would debates be if the purpose is not to
get to the truth by using truth to get to it where evidence is
an essential ingredient.
All you would have is a venture into innanity with the
persons debating the issues putting in long hours at about
$100 and hour each and the entire court system structures
and human resources costs financed by the innocent
taxpayer who is of the belief somehow their incredible
attentiveness to absurdity is going to protect every
individual as guaranteed by the Charter.
Well call me crazy and I will just have to inform you that is
conjecture as is reality that we will never comprehend it
with no plan in place to get to the truth making it
humongously impossible to the acquisition of justice by
people who admit that is not their purpose being of the
belief that they are not required to give a damn about every
individual's guaranteed Charter rights meaning they are the
law and the Constitution is just an inane piece of paper that
innumerable numbers of hours were spent to its realization
which we now understand it was not realized at all.
Sure call me crazy but I am just citing the reality.
Remember I am just the messenger and the person or
persons that wrote how reality will be is precisely how they
wrote it.
It is with certainty that I can say
Reality is the truth impervious to perception yet precisely
due to perception
I might add that due the truth of reality perceptions are
certainly insane or assuredly they would strive for the ideal
that requires a measure of sanity.
Well given that the Ontario Attorney General is a major
player with the Law Society of Upper Canada who
administers the Law Society Act and is a bencher who
appoints the Chair and 4 others and selects 5 more from a
list provided by the Law Society and is the Ontario
government's chief legal advisor over all departments
agencies and police and if you were to examine the "Roles
and Responsibilities of the Attorney General" published on
the Ontario web site you would know he certainly has far
too much influence as does who ever pulls his strings, but
never the less he has the responsibility to be the "guardian
of the public interest" as as the chief legal advisor has
enough power to ensure that the entire system is consistent
with the Constitution conducive to every individual's
guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefits
where it would take an absolute moron not to realize that
all personnel involved in the legal system must
be competent, responsible and irreproachable with fortitude
and conviction to the equal protection of every individual
as guaranteed whereas surely he must see the connection of
every individual that assembled together are the public
interest with every individual certainly most concerned of
their own safety and wellbeing.
Does he feel that he has to wait for enough individual's to
actually inform him that that is their major concern, priority
one a natural to humankind and survival?

Having been provided The Law Society of Upper

Canada document with their absurd admittance of inanity
that is their ideology with a clear demonstration of their
application of it in dealing with my complaint and having
done nothing about it explains why the documentation of
correspondence with the all the government departments,
agencies and police that he advises is consistent with that of
the Law Society that doesn't give a damn about every
individual's guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection
and benefits and the absurdity of the responses I did receive
gives credence to the necessity of looking at the evidence
an obvious necessary ingredient to the acquisition of the
truth being irrefutable proof that he or any persons under
his advisement are incoherent to the concept.
CanLaw the largest national lawyer referral service publish on the front page of their web
site the Law Society cannot be trusted as they protect their
members from the consumer not protect the consumer from
their members.
Tell me about it!!!
They say the same thing about judges and go on to state
that lawyers allow this misjustice to preserve their livlihood
indifferent to the victims of injustice but then that's the way
the Law Society propagates them and supports them
Thinking CanLaw may be prepared to help me in my
endeavours to expose the Law Society and deviated
propagates I wrote requesting their help but they were not
particularly receptive to me
CanLaw-I am Homer

The evidence appears to demonstrate a mindless entity is

supporting every individual's guaranteed Charter rights of
equal protection and benefits being indicative
of WHY every individual's guaranteed Charter rights of
equal protection and benefits is only evidenced in the
There is an overwhelming presence of bias obvious to the
entire political and legal system to the tune of ransacking
the populace of the Lower Tier who simply do not have the
wherewithal to look after themselves in these matters with
the legal system designed to protect themselves from the
individual's who become awate of their scam, but stand
alone due the fact that their simply is not an organization of
competent responsible irreproachable persons of fortitude
and conviction adept to sane unbiased moral thought and
reason that every individual is well informed before they
enter kindergarten as commented on at the beginning
It is the "Spirit of the Golden Rule" the epitome of
simplicity and sanity that is a natural to humanity and
obvious 4 and 5 year olds comprehend it and it is not until
they are inducted into the government work force that they
begin to learn to set common sense aside if they want to
advance to their ultimate potential which of course means
attentiveness to biased persuasion an obvious natural.
The gradual, often unconscious, absorption of
knowledge or ideas through continual exposure
rather than deliberate learning
Once you manage to discard sanity that is
seemingly a must when insanity runs rampant
in ones chosen career as it is with the police
related to me by YRP Inspector Michael Fleming
as he stated he is well aware that Don Wilson
my former tenant is a con-man but not in the
eyes of the laws of the administration, to which
I retorted doesn't make sense which he knows,
but they learn early in their careers that the
law has nothing to do with common sense and I
can attest that RCMP Superintendant Robert
Davis District Commander of the GTA has
abandoned sanity well...gone without a trace
irrefutably documented in the "RCMP Final
Letter of Disposition" dated September 3 2008
that works for the Chair of Reviews
Commission for Public Complaints against the
RCMP indicitave of his December 23 2008
report. (Published on the aforementioned site)
The BLACK BOOK series published

on is particularly informative, but

lengthy, however the RCMP Final Letter of
Disposition and the Reviews Commission
report along with my commentary is available
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law
and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit
of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without
discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin,
colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
52. (1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of
Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions
of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of
no force or effect.
Please be sure to Know the Law prior to delving into the
Public Inquiry for sanity is a most vital ingredient the
people have on their side along with "The Spirit of the
Law" that is the "Spirit of the Golden Rule" the epitome of
simplicity and sanity the stuff kids are made of prior to
entering the school system.
It is the simplicity that identifies the Law Society of Upper
Canada and its propagates as the epitome of earth's scum.


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