1.Usurfructory Mortgage.

Fali Vakil is the owner of a warehouse located in Colaba village in
Mumbai District, property worth 50 lakhs. He is interested in raising a
loan to the extent of 25 lakhs, which he needs to meet his personal
purposes. Fali approaches Homi Wadia and requests him to grant a loan
to the tune of 25 lakhs, for which Fali was prepared to offer his
warehouse property, as security, by way of usurfructory mortgage. Both
the parties have approached you as a legal counsel to draft a
usurfructory mortgage deed for them. Render help to the parties.

2.Sale deed

Mrs. Sundari is the owner of a house property located at thillai nagar,
Trichy worth of 70 lakhs. She has acquired the property through a will
left by her father. She is interested in selling this property for a sum of
70 lakhs, as she no longer requires this property for her personal
occupation. Mrs. Pushpa is interested to purchase the property in thillai
nagar, Trichy belongs to sundari for her own occupation. Hence, she
approaches Sundari and request her to sell the house to her. Sundari,
considering the request of Mrs. Puspa agrees to sell her property at
thillai nagar to Mrs. Pushpa. Render help to the parties by drafting the
Sale Deed.

3.deed of exchange

Mr. Rakesh owner of the agricultural land worth rs 12 lacs situated in
Delhi. Has agreed to exchange the said property with Mr. Roshan owner
of the uncultivable land worth rs 10 lacs situated in Raipur . Both the
parties have mutually consented to exchange the said properties. Draft
a deed of exchange.

4.Deed of licence

Mr. Sharma has requested to Mr. Verma for the use of eastern outside
wall of his building for the purpose of utilising the same for publicity
and advertisement of his goods for the time period of 2 years. Mr.
Verma has also acceded to the request of Mr . Sharma in consideration
of Rs. 10,000 rs per year. Draft a deed of licence.

5.Deed of trust

Mr.Ajay has Rs.3000000/- and wishes to establish a trust in Coimbatore
that will be public educational trust for the benefit of whatever
community irrespective of caste, creed and sex. Draft a deed of trust.


8. about a warehouse located in Colaba village . 9.200000/.gift deed Vishal is the owner of a vacant plot located in Manaparai. 10. residing at oval Court . Churchgate . Sharma and the east entrance is facing Pushpa main road. The property is situated on shanthi road. Mumbai . the west side is an uninhabited house RS NO 241/16 belonging to Mr. thillai nagar. Manaparai trichy district and is 3600 sq feet. Draft a MOA for the company. He wishes to gift d said property to his son Prem. 7. 2ND street.Rectification deed . Shubhi has decided to start KAS plastic bottle manufacturing company with a capital of Rs. the said warehouse's survey number has been modified to XXV/23/209. An usurfructory mortgage deed was made on 25th December 2015 between Fali Vakil S/o Rhointon Vakil. Jaya owns property worth 75 lacs. and the same should be rectified in the usurfructory mortgage deed . Mumbai and Homi Wadia . S/o Jajoo Wadia . He applied to the company for the issue of duplicate . trichy district.Kamlesh. Mr Abraham Lost the Certificate during travelling.indemnity bond Mr Abraham age 58 bought shares from Tata company the company issued a share certificate. The parties have approached you as a legal counsel to draft a rectification deed for them. Tirunelveli. aged 45. Render help to the parties . The property is worth 25 lacs.vishal approaches you to draft a gift deed for the same.Mr.incorporatre her wishes in a will deed. Gokulpalayam. But as per the new Bombay municipal Corporation survey . Arun and Mrs.baring the survey number XXl/45/103.They will have their registered office at 32/1A. Mr. age 55 . trichy. There is a main road on d north side. She desires to divest property worth 50 lacs to her son and jewellery worth 25 lacs to her daughter. d south side is enclosed by a 3 storey flat. The daughter Shanthi 28years is unmarried and lives in Delhi.Will deed Jaya aged 75 years is residing at plot no 57. Son shyam 35 years is married and lives with his wife Geeta in the house along with Jaya. She's a widow living with her two children.

Mis. They decided to from a partnership firm in the name of Bright life of partners and providing accountancy service to there clains.sundari.certificate. The partners have agreed to pay a capital of 25 thousand each. Draft the appropriate indemnity bond. Mr. The company asked Mr Abraham to furnish an indemnity bond to protect the company against any claim that may be made by any person on the original certificate. Mrs. Arun. Draft a partnership deed.she is willing to sell her landed property for the amount of 1 crore. Agreement to sale Anjali is the owner of vacant land of 7 acres at Chennai. Draft an agreement to sale. Aakash. They propose to register their firm. willing to purchase a vacant and property at ca purchase agreed to pay advance of 10% of amount of property value to Anjali at the execution of agreement to sale deed.Raju are a group of chartered accountants in Bengaluru. Pushpa residing at Chennai. She is living at Coimbatore. . Partnership agreement: Mr.