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Solid, Liquid, and Gas Types of Matter

Unit #1 Assignment
Vivian Vu
Hannah Kim
Period. 6

Qualitative: Quantitative
Chemical Change
Physical Change - forms new substance descriptions
-new substance unique to measurements
-no new substance Ex.
-but changes the physical that substance color,texture,
properties shape
Length,height,weight Chemical properties vs Physical properties
Ie. boiling point, chemical
Chemical Properties is when the chemical composition/ identity will be altered
Ie. crushing chalk reaction from what it was originally.
Ie. heat or combustion

Physical Properties is when it can be observed or measured without it altering

Ie. freezing point, boiling point

Scientific Method Controls and Variables in an Experiment

Control-It is held constant during the
experiment much water is added
Independent-something changed by the
Communicat experimenter
e your results
Finally Draw a Ex.Amount of sunlight for plants
i conclusion Next Analyze your After Test your
Dependent- may change as a result of changes
conclusion in the independent variable.
Start Ex.the growth of plants
Do Background Construct a
Make a question Next research.Create an
experiment then (has to be Next