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Madyson Mabry
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Miss Lawler
7 April 2017

Gender Inequality

The fight for women’s rights was sparked early in our country when

Abigail Adams expressed how she believed that women should take more

part in important decisions instead of just serving the family. As World War 1

came about, women began taking part in jobs when the men were at war,

continuing on to World War 2. When the 1950’s approached, women took

many steps backwards by staying at home and serving their husbands and

caring for the children. The birth of the modern day women’s movement

began around the 60’s and 70’s when many women wanted to dismantle

inequality in the workplace. Over the past years, women have faced

discrimination and inequality through social standards and the economy

In the article, “Why Most Women Will Never Be CEO” by Gene Marks,

one of the main claims is that the inequality between men and women is due

to society’s standards and economics. The author states that most women

will never be CEO because they are facing pressure from our world’s society

and men. Marks also believes that men are able to get away with being

immature while women are held to much higher standards because they are

constantly spoken about by their male coworkers. He claims that society has
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perceived women as the ones who are used to taking care of domestic things

such as cleaning and raising a family. The main claim is that society hasn’t

progressed enough to handle a female in such a high position at work. This is

where inequality comes into place. Although some may say that it is women

that are not working hard enough to fight against discrimination, it is society

and the patriarchy that seemingly define women as less capable.

In the article discussing title XI, it is seen that it was created to make

clubs, activities, and sports equal among any sex. The author claims that

title IX is beneficial to women who intend to play any sort of sport or women

who want to start a female team. It also guarantees that no matter what

your sex is, you cannot be denied of the benefits or discriminated under any

athletic or educational program. The article claims that the OCR insures title

IX is being enforced by investigating and solving complaints alleging sex

discrimination. The author also states that the OCR investigates to check

that title IX is being enforced appropriately and that there are no violations.

Title IX is enforced and encouraged according to this article. This gives

women a chance to participate in activities men had no trouble being apart

of, guaranteeing equality because before, it was society that didn’t improve

in this way.

On Fox News, the topic of gender equality is brought up by Leslie

Marshall and Bill O’Reilly. Leslie Marshall makes an emotional argument

claiming that women want to be treated equally to men. Another woman in

the interview uses factual evidence to say that women statistically prefer
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men who are more successful. Leslie claims that since men make more, it

does not give women the opportunity to make as much since the pay isn’t

equal. She also uses herself as an example saying that when she first

married her husband, he had barely started medical school. Although this

may contradict her point of view, it proves that even though her husband

wasn’t making any money at the time, it still had no effect on her decision to

marry him. The statistics brought up by the other woman in the interview

may show that women prefer marrying men with money, but it is not

accountable for all women. Social norms and standards also have a factor

into this study as well. Even though women prefer men taking a lead role in

the house or financially, others may believe in a more emotional connection

rather than what’s in a man’s bank account.