Financial Aid Research

As you are conducting research on your assigned type of financial aid use this document
to take notes. You are only required to turn in one copy per group. Please make sure all
group members names are on this assignment.

Group Members: Alex Farias, Madyson Mabry and Vanessa Granados

Topic: Federal Pell Grants

1. Name of Loan, Scholarship, Federal Pell Grant

2. Eligibility requirements ● Individuals
● Who have not earned a
bachelor's degree or any
professional degree
● Meet the federal student
aid requirements
● Must complete the FAFSA

3. Amount given ● The maximum Federal Pell
Grant for 2016–17 (July 1,
2016, through June 30, 2017)
will be $5,815. The amount an
individual student may receive
depends on a number of

4. Re-payment specifics ● Grants do not need to be
● It is only money that is
given to individuals

5. Any additional information you feel ● You can receive it for no
would benefit your peers more longer than 12 semesters
● Sometimes you have to
repay you under 45 days, for
an example if you withdraw or
leave the program, enrollment
status change or if you receive
outside scholarships or grants
that reduce need for Federal
Student Aid
Notes pertaining to your video
● Vanessa is a scholar :)