Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bibliography that has
annotations to go with it. Your task is to complete a chart for each of the sources
provided. Keep in mind that this information will help you narrow the focus of this paper
and help classify evidence which will be used to support the argument in your paper.
Keep the prompt in ond and you review your sources: Are gender inequalities most
influenced by the economy, society, or religion? Defend your stand with evidence.

Bibliographic Information: Economy, Society, or

5 to 8 sentence summary of the claims made by the author. Must be complete
sentences. A bulleted list will not be accepted.

1. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment Society

Congress first considered an equal rights amendment in 1923, and the proposal was
raised regularly after that time. However, social reformers and labor unions were
concerned about the effect of the ERA on labor legislation protecting women and
children. Organized labor, among other organizations, deterred Congress from
proposing an equal rights amendment to the Constitution. Many states were eager to
ratify the amendment. But opposition to the ERA came mainly from conservative
religious and political organizations also Anti-ERA groups used scare tactics.

2. Why Most Women will Never become CEO Economy

Women becoming CEO are anomalies. They are abnormal. It is said that most women
just don’t make it to that level. In the world of Rosie, Oprah, Kim Kardashian and Hillary
Clinton less than 3% of largest companies have female leaders. The author picked up
his teenage son at the movies along with his friends. The ride home was filled with
laughter, profanity, burps, flatulence and a few head slaps. It took a week for the smell
to dissipate. The Next day the author picked up his teenage daughter at the movies
along with her friends. It was very silent. One of the girls’ boyfriends at the theatre had
made a remark about another girl’s makeup in the group. He thought she looked hot.
The sides had been drawn. And except for the occasional hissed whisper, no one was
talking to each other. It took two weeks for the tension to dissipate. Women have the
thickest skin. Which is not always the best qualification to be an effective CEO.

3. Culture and Religion Should Not Justify Gender Religion

Swaziland is Africa's last absolute monarchy and is apparently well known around the
world for respect and devotion to their cultural heritage and customs. The unequal
custom says that when a woman loses her husband she should be in seclusion and
mourning for a period of at least two years. While men on the other hand do not face
the same customary constraints. For instance, the current Prime Minister Sibusiso
Dlamini lost his wife and he was only required to stay home and away from public
office for just over one month. Men manage these systems and they are founded on
the very same cultural norms that discriminate against women. Women have advanced
a great deal in the business world. Unfortunately, the business world hasn’t advanced
along with them.

4. How Different Groups Spend Their Day (infographic) Society

Men work more and eat more even though they watch tv more than women. Women do
more household chores. Women put more time into personal care than men do. Men
eat and drink more than women do on a daily basis. Women also spend more time
socializing and on education than men do. The men spend more time on sports than
women do. Also women take care of the family more than men do.

5. Title IX Society

Title IX is a education amendments act. It was passed in 1972.It stated that no person
in the U.S. on the basis of sex, be excluded from participating in any educational
program funded by federal government. Also no person can be denied the benefits of,
or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving
federal funding. Any educational programs and activities that receive federal funding
must operate in a nondiscriminatory manner. The people who are enforcing this are the
OCR or Office for Civil Rights. OCR evaluates, investigates, and resolves complaints
alleging sex discrimination. OCR also conducts proactive investigations, and
compliance reviews, to examine potential systemic violations based on sources of
information. other than complaints.

6. Gender Equality- Fox News

Expansive study shows that women want to marry someone successful instead of
someone unsuccessful. Leslie said that she didn't marry for money. Women don't make
as much money as men. Women choose less profitable jobs than men. Most women
want to be treated fairly and equally. If given a choice women will marry up. Leslie
makes an emotional argument while Kate makes a factual argument.

7. True gender equality is when both women and men
have a voice
8. Commercial Clips cultural

Men throw with the form of a pro baseball player while the women do not. When men
were told to throw with their non dominant hands they threw like most of the women as
if they never threw a ball. But a women with training threw the ball with

Women can be engineers like men. If we were equal we wouldn't need toys that make
girls engineers.

Say that people think that they like the color pink. They all would like to use their
brains. Don't underestimate girls. Promotes engineers for girls is a building toy like

Older girls when told to do things like a girls showed actions that were stereotypical
girls. While the young girls were told to do things like a girl they did everything
normally and said that being like a girl is trying your best.

Women did not run in public in the past, People are not used to seeing girls so
passionate. They never thought about quitting. Female have to overcome the biases to
be an athlete. Athletes is not a boy thing or a girl thing its a skills thing.