Vocabulary Quiz 1 Date: 15 Feb 2015

In preparation for the quiz the following week, study a few words each day
and use them in your conversations where applicable. Discuss the questions
posed with your classmates.

1. ABASE (v); behave in a way that belittles or degrades someone; belittle;
disparage; mortify; humiliate.
ABASEMENT (n); humiliation; belittling; degradation

As at June 2015, there were 227,100 foreign domestic workers in Singapore
out of a total foreign workforce of 1,368,200. Reports on the abasement and
abuse of domestic workers continues to be reported in the media. Should
Singapore adopt a more inclusive approach towards foreign workers?

2. ABASHED (adj): embarrassed; disconcerted; ashamed

The sight of elderly folk cleaning tables at food outlets has become a
ubiquitous feature in our society. Are we exploiting the elderly? Should able-
bodied Singaporeans feel abashed at having old people clean up after them?

3. ABATE (v): lessen; diminish; reduce; to become less strong

The number of cases involving suicide in Singapore has not abated. Between
2010 and 2014, there was an average of about 400 suicides and 1,000 cases
of attempted suicide in Singapore each year. The causes include strained
relationships, financial problems, mental problems, loneliness and physical
health issues. What can be done so that the numbers will abate?

4. ABERRANT (adj): not usual or normal; peculiar; deviant
ABERRATION (n): a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected,
typically an unwelcome one; deviation; abnormality

Many countries are concerned about North Korea’s aberrant behaviour and
continued breaches of nuclear non-proliferation agreements. Multiple rounds
of international negotiations and sanctions appear to have done little to curb
these aberrations or stem the country’s nuclear ambitions. North Korea
claimed to have tested a small hydrogen bomb on 6 Jan 2016. The rocket that
they launched on February 2016 had a range of 12,000km that puts most of
the United States within reach. Why are China, Japan and the US upset?

5. ABEYANCE (n): a state of temporary disuse or suspension; deferral

Hostilities over the Spratly Islands which have been in abeyance for some
time have sprung up once again with a US navy ship sailing near the disputed
island on 30 Jan 2016 to uphold the US stand that it is sailing in international
waters. This has sparked an angry response from China. While China claims


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also refers to symbolic and religious cleansing After performing his morning ablutions. The new figures raise hopes that abject poverty could be eliminated in the near future. hate. abnegate It was Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s instinct in the 1960s to abjure the state-funded welfare policies that many other developing countries had embraced after 2 ©Yishun Junior College 2 . The carnage from the recent terror attacks in Paris which killed 130 innocent people has filled people all over the world with abhorrence. Vietnam. are closer to home and those who abhor violence of any kind are urging swift and strong measures to curb the growth of ISIS. to stay firm. ABJECT (adj): the state of being extremely poor. How ready is Singapore to deal with a terrorist attack if it takes place on its shores? 7. 8. ABHOR (v): to hate a kind of behaviour or way of thinking.6 percent of the global population in 2015. unsuccessful. Different religious groups perform ablutions according to the tenets laid down by their religion.most of the South China Sea. the Philippines and Taiwan have completing claims. loathe. The recent Jakarta bombings which left 5 militants. an Indonesian and a Canadian dead. Malaysia. renounce. washing. dislike ABHORRENCE (n): a deep set feeling of hatred toward something ABHORRENT (adj): unacceptable because morally wrong. he puts on his uniform and gets ready for college. What are the implications for the world/ Singapore if China gains complete control of most of the South China Sea? 6. Can poverty ever be eliminated in Singapore/world? Why? 9. brushing your teeth.g. Brunei. the World Bank estimated that global poverty has fallen from 12.8 percent of the world's population in 2012 to 9. ABIDE (v): to tolerate. to continue to accept Every student is requested to abide by the college rules to ensure an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. unhappy. e. ABJURE (v): to state publicly that you will give up a particular belief or way of behaving. detest.90 a day. miserable. ABLUTIONS (n): the things you do to make yourself clean. to shrink from with horror. 10. North Korea refuses to abide by nuclear non-proliferation agreements. repugnant. hopeless Based on an updated international poverty line of USD $1.

area on your skin that was rubbed or scraped by rubbing against something 3 ©Yishun Junior College 3 . They include two Australians. offensive. Half are migrants from Syria. ABOLITIONIST (n): someone who wants to abolish (end) a system or law 14. a Brazilian. 12. Singaporeans are more likely to donate money. hate very much. In a study released by the Charities Aid Foundation. insisting instead on creating a culture of self-reliance. While death penalty laws were revised in Singapore in 2012. the place you live in. 3. a fourfold increase from the previous year. a lot. is a transparent platform where all transactions are above-board. ABOUND (v): to exist in large numbers. graze. abhor ABOMINABLE (adj): extremely unpleasant or of very bad quality. Was this a wise decision? Why? 11. What are the implications of the refugee crisis on Europe? 13. detestable Eight people were executed in Indonesia on April 2015. This has irked abolitionists who want an end to the death penalty. much loathed or hated. WP wishes bestow the seat to another member. which allows government agencies to engage registered suppliers and vendors through an open invitation. than actually spend time to volunteer or help a stranger. honest. ABODE (n): home. ABNEGATE (v): renounce.695 have died or are missing at sea. plentiful. many consider the death penalty abominable and want it abolished.their independence. 17. ABRASION (n): cut. deny yourself something that you want ABNEGATION (n): not allowing yourself something that you want Ms Lee Li Lian’s abnegation of the NCMP seat in Parliament has resulted in a debate in Parliament. 16. residence According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). the number of migrants and refugees leaving their abodes and crossing into Europe by land and sea in 2015 illegally has passed one million. ABOMINATE (v): to loathe. abundant Singapore abounds with people who will help others in need. legitimate The Government's e-procurement portal GeBiz. ABOVE BOARD (adj): open and legal. a Ghanaian and three Nigerians convicted of drug offences. Should Singapore join the 98 or so countries that have abolished the death penalty for all crimes? 15. The study ranked Singapore 34 of 145 countries on the World Giving Index — a large jump from 2012 where Singapore was ranked at the 114th place. give up rights or claim. detest.

52. sore. 22. ABREAST (adv): side by side KEEP ABREAST OF: keep up with the latest.7 million from the bank she worked for. and turning good ideas into useful products and services. or sending explicit messages. forgive A recent survey of 2. it has caused more fatalities than any other mountaineering activity. has been on the list for more than two decades. photos or videos to 4 ©Yishun Junior College 4 . flee to escape punishment after doing something wrong There are 18 Singaporeans on Interpol’s most wanted list. ABSCESS (n): boil.3 million of his clients’ money in 2006. One of them. 24.700 secondary school students found that the number of them engaging in "sexting". being innovative. Lawyer David Rasif 50. ABSEIL (v): to go down a cliff or a rock by sliding down a rope While abseiling is sometimes presented as a glamorous activity. Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat told Parliament on 29 Jan 2016 that Singapore must continue to create value and share that value among its people. 18. ABSOLVE (v): to free from blame. swelling that has become infected and is full of a yellowish liquid (pus) He did not put any medication on the cut. ABRIDGED (adj): shortened version. ABSOLUTISM (n): a political system in which one ruler has complete power and authority North Korea practices absolutism with Kim Jong-un declared as the supreme leader after his father’s death in December 2011. ABSCOND (v): to leave suddenly. absconded with $11.She suffered several abrasions on her hands and legs after falling during the race. an abscess has formed. condensed. 21. 23. Why does Singapore need to be at the forefront of new developments? 19. edited. reduced Should we allow the publication of abridged versions of great classical writings that might not do due justice to the original texts? 20. She absconded with $18. As a result. We can achieve this by keeping abreast of the latest developments in all fields. up to date For every Singaporean to realise his dream. To abseil down a mountain requires much skill. Siak Lai Chun. pardon.

imposing fines for littering and the banning of gay sex. ABYSMAL (adj): awful. How can we educate people about HIV? 26. 29. Should programming be taught in all schools as a formal subject? 27. Some may circulate the materials in class.685. ABUSIVE (adj): rude. insulting With a rapidly aging population. The Code@SG movement spearheaded by IDA will see coding and computational thinking taught from an early age to students in schools. and build stronger communities. the total number of people infected with HIV in Singapore was 6. ABSTEMIOUS (adj): indulging only moderately. ABSTAIN (v): desist. self- restraint At the end of 2014.737 have died. silly. 380 new cases were reported in the first 10 months of 2015. illogical People in other countries often make fun of some laws in Singapore claiming that they are absurd. go without. ABSTRUSE (adj): difficult to understand. Sexual intercourse remains the main mode of HIV transmission. refrain from ABSTINENCE (n): the practice of not doing something you enjoy. using offensive language. These include the ban on chewing gum. This is a cause for concern. dreadful 5 ©Yishun Junior College 5 .another person. Why do young people engage in sexting? 25. The most effective way to prevent HIV infection is to abstain from casual sex and contact with sex workers. how can Singapore ensure that abusive behaviour towards the elderly is minimised or eliminated? 30. very bad. had doubled from a year ago. 28. puzzling. computational thinking will help Singapore realise its vision to be the World's first Smart Nation where technology is harnessed to improve the lives of citizens. careful not to have too much food or drink Many foreign workers lead abstemious lives as they wish to save money for their families back home. It would be difficult to absolve them if they do so as it is an offence in Singapore to possess. circulate or distribute obscene materials. ABSURD (adj): ridiculous. Of these. When things turn sour. spurned lovers may also vindictively publicise once-intimate content. complex While many people find most programming languages abstruse. create more opportunities. 1.

manner of speaking They could tell that he was not a native Singaporean as he had a foreign accent. ACCENTUATE (v): emphasise. the Singapore government has committed a record $19b to research in these areas. Singapore has been getting more dependent on China over the last 10 to 20 years and it does not have a large domestic market to act as a buffer against weaker demand from China. 33. ACCENT (n): tone of voice. consent. a voluntary welfare group that teaches internet safety. the outlook for the Singapore economy looks abysmal with China’s slowdown. How can we make 6 ©Yishun Junior College 6 . Some of the encounters were rated as being very unpleasant. while the world continues to function normally. ABYSS (n): a dark deep empty space. make more noticeable or prominent DPM Teo Chee Hean recently reiterated that Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious country. Could the money be better spent on other areas? 35. pronunciation. How can all of us do our part to ensure social cohesion in Singapore? 37.According to some economists. ACCEDE (v): to agree to a demand or proposal. pick up speed To accelerate growth in advanced manufacturing and engineering. deep hole. health and biomedical sciences. rather than to accentuate the differences among us. It is disconcerting that the elderly are turning to suicide. 32. grant A 2015 survey involving 2500 upper primary and secondary students done by Touch Cyber Wellness. services and digital economy. and urban solutions and sustainability. 126 seniors aged 60 and above committed suicide in Singapore. How can we teach young people to protect themselves from online predators? 34. As such we must focus on the many things we have in common. 36. ACCESSIBLE (adj): easy to reach or obtain. A CAPPELLA (adj): sung without any musical accompaniment The students sang the national anthem a cappella. ACCELERATE (v): to go faster. reachable In 2014. chasm Some people who are depressed feel like they are in the deepest abyss or cave. 31. found that a third of the older students and a tenth of the younger ones had acceded to requests by strangers they had befriended online to meet in person.

7 ©Yishun Junior College 7 . Can Singapore sustain this? 42. provide a place for someone to stay. It also takes top spots in educational rankings. agreement Singaporeans of different races and religions live in accord. The salesmen. Why do you find their behaviour particularly reprehensible? 41. Balaji Viswanathan. agreeable Responding to the migrant boat crisis in Southeast Asia involving Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya minority and Bangladeshis. honour. depression or whose daily existence is a constant struggle? 38. ACCOMMODATE (v): provide enough space. being close to the top in per-capita incomes.helplines and other forms of assistance more accessible to elderly folk who suffer loneliness. helpful. help. also demanded victims to hand over their ATM cards and threatened to call the victims’ employers and have their work permits revoked. it now outranks the world as an investment destination. the government has stated that it cannot accommodate refugees and asylum seekers due to its limited land size. in several instances. ACCOMPLICE (n): a person who helps someone do something wrong. Would an influx of refugees and asylum seekers invariably add to our already strained national infrastructure? What are your views? 40. ACCESSORY. co-conspirator Four accomplices of Jover Chew of the now-defunct Sim Lim square electronics shop Mobile Air were convicted on 13 counts of cheating. assist ACCOMODATING (adj): obliging. and having virtually no unemployment. after coming in second for 16 consecutive years. ACCORD: (v) to give someone or something special attention ACCORD (n) harmony. with limited understanding of the English language and consumer rights. praise for someone who achieved something outstanding Singapore has been accorded many accolades over the years. award. talented ACCOMPLISHMENTS (adj): something successful or impressive that is achieved According to writer. partner in crime. Based on the US based research institute Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) report. Many of the victims were low-wage workers. oblige. ACCOLADE (n): tribute. expert. What are the reasons for Singapore’s success? 39. Singapore’s accomplishments since independence include being among the world’s least corrupt nations. ACCOMPLISH (v): to succeed in doing something ACCOMPLISHED (adj): skilful.

ACCOUTREMENTS (n): things you need to do something. the total number of delinquent debtors was just over 73. causing a lot of trouble. gather. hoard Singapore has accumulated reserves which are a critical resource for its future especially in times of crisis. ACCREDITED (adj): having official approval to do something. 5. OR doomed.493). Returns from investing past reserves contribute the other 2%. This will ensure that standards are of a high level. familiar Many people in Singapore. ruined. Close to 3. The investment of reserves also provides a valuable stream of income for the Government Budget.6 million are in Syria while 2 million have fled as refugees. cursed About 14 million children are suffering hardship and trauma from the accursed war in Syria and Iraq. 47. the Official Foreign Reserves managed by MAS was S$343 billion and the size of Temasek’s portfolio was S$223 billion. which includes defence is 17% of its Gross Domestic Product. However. ACCUMULATE (v): build up. who are accustomed to a certain life-style. according to Credit Bureau Singapore. answerable The government has to be accountable for the revenue it collects. ACCOUNTABLE (adj): responsible. In 2011.000. 48.43. it has hit more than 100. ACCUSTOMED (adj): to be used to something. Should Singapore be utilizing past reserves to meet its present day needs? 44. its tax revenues amount to only 15% of GDP. Government reserves are managed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In 2015. ACCURSED (adj): very annoying.6million in neighbouring countries which are bearing the brunt of the influx are affected by the conflict. UNICEF said on Thursday. detestable. Singapore’s expenditure.000 (101. 8 ©Yishun Junior College 8 . collect. as of 31 March 2014.6 million children in Iraq and 3. While the govt does not disclose its entire reserves. recognised ACCREDITATION (n): official approval for a person or organisation An accreditation system is in place for Social Workers and Social Service Practitioners in Singapore to be accredited. the United Nations children’s agency. 45. 46. Temasek Holdings and GIC Private Limited. have raked up huge credit card debts. which can be spent or invested for the benefit of current as well as future generations. accessories You will find all the accoutrements to help you conduct the activity in the cupboard.

According to WEF’s (World Economic Forum) most recent Global Competitiveness Report (2015-6). it ranked 2nd for the fifth year in the row in terms of world competitiveness. ACHILLES’ HEEL (n): a weak part of something. Individuals and communities band together to speak out on policies or to raise petitions for causes they believe in. cutting. How can we persuade those participating in online communities to be more civil in their comments? 50. and remains one of the most consistent performers among the world’s economies. In contradiction. Why does Singapore rank so low in terms of women in the labour force? How can we encourage more women to join the labour force? 9 ©Yishun Junior College 9 . which is easy for others to attack. is the participation of women in the workforce. Singapore’s Achilles’ heel as revealed in a global competitiveness ranking.49. ACERBIC (adj): criticising someone or something in a clever but cruel way. especially of someone’s character. sharp. On the flip side. there are many who are very acerbic or abusive in their comments. the island nation ranked only 75th in the world in terms of women in the labour force. caustic Many Singaporeans are turning to the internet to spark positive change in our society.