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02 Survey insights provide
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08 Strategic transformation takes
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12 Intelligent change management
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AXA Paul Tarlinton Director. ASPAC Lead . AMP Debra Hazelton General Manager. People Solutions & Change. HR. AstraZeneca Karen Rusby Head. Global HR COE. Global HR COE lead for HR Transformation Peter Outridge Director. HR Executive Office and Group Head of HR Capability. Manulife Nigel Fretwell Chief Human Resources Officer. BP Julie Scott Group HR Chief Operating Officer. Global HR Center of Excellence Patrick Fenton Head of KPMG’s Cloud Transformation Practice Michael DiClaudio Principal. Advisory Kate Holt Director.Contributors KPMG would like to thank the following executives for sharing their time and expertise: Fiona Cicconi Executive Vice President. Girish Ganesan Vice President & Global HR Client Services Head. Swiss Re Robert Bolton Partner. Mizuho Financial Group Inc.

Survey insights provide a timely Simply plugging into cloud systems will not deliver on their promise of data-based insights. 02 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . real value for the bottom line or anything resembling true HR transformation. smarter decision- making.

Regulatory compliance. Growing talent wars. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 03 . smarter decision-making. Optimism over cloud’s game-changing potential is receding as many HR leaders realize that simply plugging into cloud systems will not deliver data-based insights. Redefined business models. Businesses today are battling an array of complex and often unprecedented challenges and cloud computing has unleashed game-changing new capabilities to respond competitively. Changing demographics. Globalization. one dominated largely by unmet expectations among organizations pursuing cloud computing’s revolutionary capabilities to redefine HR. according to KPMG’s 2016 Global HR Transformation survey.‘tale of caution’ Digital disruption. This report on KPMG’s HR Transformation survey provides today’s HR decision-makers with a timely ‘tale of caution’ that illustrates an uneven change landscape. But many organizations looking to the cloud’s immense capability to transform the HR function are discovering a stark new reality. real value for the bottom line or anything resembling true HR transformation.

processes and technology Investment in cloud HR continues to grow at an exponential is creating competitive advantages for rate and the survey shows that a growing number of HR organizations that are well down the road to executives who have selected new HRMS technology are revolutionary change in their HR function. Properly implemented and managed.At the same time. cloud-based change programs are already data and analytics and cognitive helping many businesses forge formidable new computing competitive advantages. Smarter decision-making via Strategic. business models. workplaces and skills Fast and affordable deployment requirements at a pace that often overwhelms traditional HR compared to legacy HRMS systems and operating models. driving New levels of accessibility to smarter decisions via data and analytics. cloud HR can propel organizations toward next- level savings. experience Cloud computing offers tremendous opportunities to revolutionize the traditional HR function by further automating transactional activities and processes. supporting talent enable greater workforce mobility management activities and repositioning HR overall to contribute to business strategy and the bottom line. flexibility and continuous functionality upgrades Cost and workforce efficiencies Overall a more strategic HR function delivering new value to the bottom-line 04 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . while others say they Cloud-based HR delivers game-changing new are studying options and could opt for cloud. Connecting people. our survey also reveals that some firms are indeed meeting expectations to redefine HR by relying on a strategic approach to change management that generates a Benefits of Cloud broader and deeper range of transformational benefits. efficiency and decision-making while providing An intuitive user unmatched agility to respond to new needs as they emerge. Scalability. opting for cloud-based solutions. That’s good capabilities that include: news for businesses being engulfed by advances that are reshaping markets.

to anticipate what’s ahead and to respond with a sense costly and ultimately unfulfilling. We have gone as far as setting up a culture change program team that aligns with our overall HR modernization program.‘Cloud is just a tool’ “The incredible pace of change requires us to do much more embarked on a transformation journey that could be long. between knowing what’s needed and doing what’s needed Lacking these critical elements for success. That includes paying very close attention to cultural change.” says Robert Bolton. “Our implementation the future. however.000 people. of urgency so that we stay ahead of the change curve as “HR leaders and enterprises have big plans to spend money workforce and business trends continually evolve. about transformational benefits do you want skills. but also cultural change in terms of how people will work and use new technology to operate differently and more effectively. You need the right processes. Head of HR Executive Office and Group Head of HR Capability for integrated oil and gas giant BP. What’s century delivering data-driven insights. “It’s a choice: How purposeful of the day cloud is just a tool. with operations in 100 countries and winners and losers will be in a game that has high stakes for a workforce of about 60. is also destined to under-deliver. smarter decision- missing is a clear vision for the future of HR combined with making and significant new value for the bottom line. are mistakenly relying on a Today’s HR function can continue on as a cost center that transformation approach that. process and people. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 05 . Such innovative change management that will bring that vision progress will require businesses to transcend the gap to life by integrating people. KPMG in the UK. while exceptionally quick and relies on outdated practices — or it can break into the 21st relatively cheap. many firms have for real progress. processes and technology. to consider not only the impact of changing technology and delivery methods and processes. at biopharmaceutical approach that’s raising significant questions about who the company AstraZeneca. Partner. Global HR Center of of cloud technology has brought great value but at the end Excellence. “Those are our three key areas of focus and we have been very rigorous in how we are managing each stage of our HR modernization agenda. executive vice president.” says Karen Rusby. From the outset we’ve established that our HR transformation journey is about policy.” says Fiona on new technology but there’s a ‘so what’ quality to their Cicconi. HR. culture and behaviors in place for successful change.” to be?” Many businesses.

63% will replace their existing expect HR system with a Cloud improved value add from based solution HR to the business Simply acquiring the latest Cloud HR system does not Cloud HR success demands guarantee benefits. “Our functionality and 63 percent expected a greater ‘value add’ to adoption of cloud was initially an IT project — today it’s a very their business from HR. Maximum benefits = Fully utilized functionality x Capability build for HR x Evidence- based practice x Enabling change management and Line Managers Source: Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report. processes and technology to create a value-driving HR function. Top technology cloud technology — far from it. COO of group investment areas often seek ‘tangible’ benefits such as HR at global insurance and asset management firm AXA. along with improved data and “Our HR transformation has been very positive to date but it analytics programs. 42% HR technology. AXA’s staged rollout of Oracle Fusion involves percent of organizations said they looked forward to better a comprehensive four-year strategy that began in 2014.” says Julie Scott. 2016. the survey shows. The journey to success will cover some ‘hard yards’ Businesses need to overcome the common impulse to simply much broader HR transformation project today because the plug into new technology while avoiding what Bolton calls the business absolutely needs the HR function to be much more “hard yards” of reimagining what HR should deliver to the strategic in the future. 854 executives from 52 countries participated in the HR Transformation Survey (formerly the Towers Watson HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey).” business and how it should go about doing so. KPMG International. We are looking at a 06 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold .000 employees serving 103 Among the benefits anticipated from cloud-based HR. Investing in cloud technology. leading organizations successfully integrate people. During February and March of 2016.Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold Cloud HR is becoming a Cloud HR systems promise a leading delivery model for number of significant benefits but the benefits don’t always match the reality. are the most common HR initiatives certainly has not been a matter of simply plugging into new among organizations. the intelligent integration of: report that Cloud HR Technology People Processes Only brings the ability to 24% reconfigure the HR function to drive greater business value To achieve the greatest benefits from Cloud HR systems. operates in 64 countries with 166. which improved talent management and HR processes. thorough change-management exercise. 69 million clients.

Benefits from New HRMS 69% Better functionality 72% 71% 63% Improved value-add from 67% HR to the business 65% 35% Lower ongoing costs 23% 27% 32% Easier to manage on 43% an ongoing basis 39% 22% Scheduled upgrades where we receive the latest 10% and greatest functionality 15% 15% Quicker 21% implementation 19% 14% Other 4% 8% 10% Predictable ongoing costs 3% 5% 5% Lower up-front costs 9% 8% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% All HRMS Premise HRMS Cloud HRMS Source: Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report. 2016. KPMG International. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 07 .

People Solutions & Change. markets. Strategic We’ve changed what HR was transformation about — shifting the emphasis takes HR from from ‘steward and operator’ to ‘strategist and catalyst’ — and we are now focused on building a more- agile organization that can anticipate and respond quickly to changes driven by customers. AMP 08 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . competitors. — Paul  Tarlinton Director. regulators and technology.

that for each of these three benefits. on-premise HRMS systems. That includes increased use of manager and employee self-service (57 percent) and improved processes and process management including workflow (53 percent). Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 09 . however. Fewer than one-third of respondents using cloud and on premise HRMS cited easier integration with other applications or the easier system maintenance that they expected as a benefit. the majority of benefits being realized with existing cloud HRMS implementations are more tactical in nature. respondents using cloud- based HRMS scored them between 14 and 21 percent higher than those using legacy.‘steward’ to ‘strategist’ Despite expectations for cloud HR to deliver new value to the bottom line. It is important to note. Somewhat more strategic is improved access to management information (53 percent).

10 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . 2016. Benfits Existing HRMS Increased usage of 57% manager and employee 36% self-service 41% 53% Improved availability of 40% management information 43% Improved processes and 53% process management 32% including workflow 36% Improved manager 44% and employee 11% self-service 18% 31% Easy to integrate with 28% other applications 29% 30% Easy to maintain 29% 29% 24% Ability to reconfigure the HR function to drive greater 17% value in the business 19% Improved availability of 20% workforce analytics. including 17% predictive analytics 18% Improved collaboration 13% and feedback between 7% employees 8% 10% Inexpensive to maintain 25% 22% 7% Other 11% 11% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Cloud HRMS Premise HRMS All HRMS Source: Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report. KPMG International.

We are in the early planning stages securities company. flexibility and and talent across the globe. regulators and technology.” globally will involve the very complex challenge of changing Banking giant Mizuho Financial Group. want to do something about it. while HR in the rest of its global network KPMG in the UK. Meanwhile. companies dedicating the time and resources customer satisfaction data — can HR begin to generate to planning and deploying strategic change programs aimed productive business insights. The mind-set is procure only the technology Only by connecting people data to other types of key data — solution and deploy it with minimal ‘impact’ on the business. success and satisfaction. agile organization that can anticipate and respond quickly Reality typically strikes within months of deployment as to changes driven by customers. a cloud based HR system will best enable our tanks) currently operates a ‘multi-system’ approach for HR transformation and provide greater speed.” approaches to HR and talent across all of our operations in different countries and different businesses. cloud technology projects can turn into an Acquisition and Development department in Tokyo. Only 24 percent more strategic. Linking our people and offices in Japan and about 120 in other countries.” says Paul Tarlinton.” the HR function to drive greater value. for example. elements that need to be in place to generate the effective “Creating a new way of managing and developing talent change you are seeking. director of ‘Paint a clear picture’ of what your future will look like “Without understanding the business outcomes you are Hazelton. reliable human capital reported the HR function becoming more evidence-based via information was essential in turning data into information and workforce analytics. asset management and think and. such as becoming more specialist wealth management company. New cloud-based technologies that can integrate improved collaboration and feedback between employees. 44 percent of cloud HRMS users cited improved critical management information at the touch of a button — if manager and employee self-service versus 11 percent for on the organization has spent the time to cleanse and transform premise HRMS. appear content to follow the path of least catalyst’ — and we are now focused on building a more. markets. their data. resistance. giving HR a highly strategically aligned HR structures. while only 20 percent Firms surveyed said that real-time. anticipated new benefits fail to materialize. merely 13 percent reported knowledge. Creating a less-siloed approach that drives collaboration and global connectedness and helps “Our HR transformation requires us to some extent integrate us better serve our customers and employees will be a our legacy systems. The Japanese financial group (bank. trust bank. General Manager at Mizuho’s Global Talent trying to achieve. analytical capability. HR system in Japan. one of Japan’s largest the embedded cultural and behavioral ways of working across financial services companies with more than 750 branches our different businesses and countries. And even with the most-connected of databases. today is engaged in an ongoing shift in the HR function. competitors. often with the collusion of IT and emphasis from ‘steward and operator’ to ‘strategist and procurement. and to engage stakeholders such that they with little or no investment in change management capability. ideally. Their level of satisfaction as HR still needs the skills to translate the information into reported in our survey is also higher than those organizations actionable insight. is strategy to our business strategy and proactively managing preparing to embark on a particularly complex and challenging the change throughout the journey will be absolutely transformation journey.” says Patrick Japanese banking giant currently operates one centralized Fenton. “You need to a paint a clear picture of what consists of a ‘multi-system’ environment of disparate HR the future should look like and then address the diverse operations scattered among 120 offices and branches. employee engagement or customer sales or Meanwhile.Less-visible improvements. or moving beyond the generic Ulrich model to personnel management to business enablement. “We’ve changed what HR was about — shifting the Many HR teams today. The expensive exercise delivering very little value. analytics with the core HCM functionality certainly provide However. that add real value to businesses. People Solutions and Change at Australia’s AMP. “The organization evidence-based using data and analytics for smarter decision. plugging into the cloud and hoping for the best. a leading are largely failing to materialize. commercial and general management role at reported that cloud HR is delivering an ability to reconfigure the group leadership table.” says Debra Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 11 . critical to our success. HR technology. head of KPMG’s Cloud Transformation Practice. from making. as well as harmonizing our different breakthrough for us. predictive capabilities and real at transforming HR to deliver real value say they are deriving value. The survey shows that firms struggling to generate But today’s remarkably capable systems won’t automatically effective change appear too focused on investing only in connect the ‘people data’ to other useful business data.

Intelligent change management is not Over the last years. Swiss Re 12 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . we defined a new strategy for our HR function and we now have the clarity needed to bring this strategy to life. — Nigel Fretwell Chief Human Resources Officer.

‘optional’ for success Why are some enterprises failing to take a strategic approach that will help them meet expectations for improvement and progress? The reasons vary and include the common impulse to implement technology as quickly. while dismissing as ‘optional’ to success the critical need for well-planned change management. easily and cheaply as possible. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 13 .

strategic approach has been critical to that HR and there’s no time to waste. and measuring results to ensure we were moving people and processes. as some businesses lose ground. KPMG in the US. processes and structure. risk control and unable to translate that into insights. it’s intuitive to to disrupt existing HR cultures and their long-held practices use. organizations seek to make complex issues manageable — detailed. “We have a strong foundation to build on which forward competitively.” says Girish Ganesan.’ We’ve moved HR themselves with technology that can provide data but are beyond managing costs.” Scott says. It’s quick to fire up. dramatic change for capabilities. costs. doing word itself — transformation — and all that it implies in terms it in a way that most efficiently leverages internal and external of time. for Manulife. Vice President.” The result? ‘Transformation’ creeps cautiously forward. “That has made a huge difference in making decisions “Over the last years. they’ll The desired outcomes of a transformation require as much need to demonstrate a greater sense of urgency to catch attention on the people. as we know. a global wholesale HR transformation. Principal. the usual hands-on intervention or support of the IT team. which launched Workday Moreover. more Contributing to the ‘plug-and-play’ trend is the relative ease of as an evolutionary or incremental process that’s less likely adopting cloud technology. the fundamentals remained the same: delivering high quality HR Some HR functions are ‘hitting the wall’ “Unfortunately. Swiss Re Group establish a solid foundation for progress.” can deliver a much-needed shot of energy and focus as AXA’s HR transformation leader Scott says taking a careful. is a tool and an enabler. Chief Human 14 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . the technology.” transformation success to date. “HR functions typically are finding preparing Swiss Re for the ‘Future of Work. in the ‘marathon race’ of cloud-based Resources Officer at Swiss Re Group. HR functions are ‘hitting the wall’ provider of reinsurance and insurance services with offices in and getting stopped in their tracks by an inability to move 25 countries. and support the this low-key approach to cloud HCM deployment and have company’s focus on global growth and the need to leverage a then needed to initiate a second wave of more fundamental. planning and. driving results and.” says Michael DiClaudio. Global HR Client Services. Strategic transformation employee engagement to look to the future. and HR departments can launch cloud services without and policies. value-driving change as initial expectations about what the technology would deliver are not realized. we defined a new strategy for our effectively and moving forward quickly. in the right direction. allows us to focus on creating true value for the business and Advisory. “We HR function and we now have the clarity needed to bring this strategy to life.Experts also cite a wariness — or outright fear — of the ‘T’ service that is aligned with the needs of the business. “While our transformation had a broad agenda. AXA’s change program has A highly strategic approach to transformation has helped included new governance across HR to drive transformation. global talent pool. as well as up — or risk being left far behind by the competition. client satisfaction.” says Nigel Fretwell. But this simplistic approach is failing to deliver a full range of value- “Technology itself. ultimately. we are seeing a number of clients who have taken five years ago to enable HR transformation.

Taking a very strategic approach to what was viewed as in our HR transformation. performance. as we know. by 2020. For example. ways exceeded in terms of streamlining processes.” Scott says.expect HR transformation to provide tremendous value to AstraZeneca’s expectations for effective transformation have AXA’s business and in meeting our business objectives. Manulife Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 15 . instructional videos and information AstraZeneca’s approach included a very strong steering resources for each stage of its change process. the approval of leave could take a manager three or four minutes in the past but now takes a few seconds.’ a network of employees who are the accessibility of data and have far greater mobility as a trained to use new processes and tools and then share workforce. that level of convenience and speed will provide huge benefits. methodologies. with key functions that include strategic workforce planning. “The technology and data AXA’s extensive change-management program includes are remarkably user-friendly and intuitive. accelerated by the implementation of Fusion. We’ve increased ‘change champions. committee and involvement throughout by leadership and stakeholders who had a strong sense of urgency to get it “It’s still early days but we are seeing very significant benefits right. Simple tasks are being a major change project proved instrumental to success. is a tool and an enabler. talent and compensation reviews and “Our expectations have definitely been met and in some predictive analytics. processes and structure. For a call center manager with hundreds of employees to manage. AXA has also created solid data that supports it. Every decision we make is now backed by really their new skills with other employees.” also been realized since rolling out Workday about one year ago and the company credits that success to its overarching AXA expects its entire organization to be fully cloud-based strategy. as well as the technology. Technology itself.” a comprehensive staff tool kit of intuitive templates. — Girish Ganesan Vice President & Global HR Client Services Head.” says AstraZeneca’s HR leader Cicconi. The desired outcomes of a transformation require as much attention on the people.

journey 16 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . ‘You need to Firms need to ask themselves searching questions that will demand honest answers be bold’ to complete the if real progress is to be made.

What can we learn from this survey? It’s clear that organizations embarking on transformation need to map out an ambitious and comprehensive picture of their destination and the road that will get them there. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 17 .

The destination is constantly shifting as business people agenda? What is the transformation strategy? How requirements and market conditions change. BP’s Rusby says the participation of understandably wants everything to happen tomorrow. “Don’t assume that Taking a change-management view that went far beyond simply plugging into new technology. future processes and roles and skills. BP’s executive leadership team has been fully be ahead of our competitors — which I believe we are today. “A decision we delivering tangible steps. business are in a much better place today as a result. energy. you need to be than 70 countries and 80.” Manulife’s Ganesan stresses the wisdom of treating HR transformation as an ongoing pursuit. vision and an unwavering success and I can say that our entire HR function and determination to execute according to plan.” says “You need to stay strong because the business Cicconi at AstraZeneca. — Fiona Cicconi Executive Vice President.” employees and managers look like? How will success be Swiss Re’s Fretwell shares the insight that HR transformation measured? Answers to these questions and many others is “hard work” and there is no “silver bullet” for instant will be crucial to reshaping HR for the future. behind what we are doing and that has been critical to our You need to be bold. Swiss Re is using a new cloud based human “Taking a change-management view that went far beyond capital management system to significantly improve simply plugging into new technology. not a sprint. was crucial to our success and I can say that our entire HR function and business are in a much better place today as a result. an operating model in place. From and capabilities will be needed in HR? How will they be the change-management perspective. HR. was crucial to our This has required time. and as the do people drive competitive advantage in our business? expectations and capabilities for HR Transformation continue What is HR’s role in driving competitive advantage? How to grow.Firms need to ask themselves searching questions that your transformation journey is over just because you have will demand honest answers if real progress is to be made. along the way. We have pushed the in creating the new world that we would all eventually be organization but if we hadn’t gone at that pace.” success in modernizing HR for the future. and it continues. in order to consider financial performance. risk mitigation and client experience. AstraZeneca 18 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . HR transformation is not an What is the best target operating model to execute the end state. At Manulife. success.000 employees. transformation is a acquired and integrated? What will the redefined role of marathon. the focus for HR continues to be what will we exploit workforce analytics? What new skills is next. and what can be done to define the future. in order to consider future processes and roles and skills. we would not operating in. “HR transformation and building for five-year HR initiative extending to 2020 and covering more the future takes time and. That’s not always easy and it puts took initially was to include BP’s HR and business leaders a massive strain on the HR function.” company leadership has been a key to success during BP’s Fretwell suggests.

to automatically deliver the transformational benefits you are pursuing. 5 Don’t ignore HR skills: Rethinking the operating model of HR often requires new skills and roles. 7 Challenge the status quo: Alignment to a standardized.KPMG offers the following best practices for successful HR transformation 1 Start with a solid vision: The HR transformation journey needs to begin with a very clear vision of your desired destination. 2 Success is not automatic: Don’t expect the HCM technology. Never build out from the current state or you will never achieve a significantly different level of value add to the business from HR. Except in cases involving regulatory. 8 Be bold: Businesses typically want change to happen quickly but effective transformation takes time and puts a strain on the HR function along the way. the role and skills of HR business partners should also be a key focus here. 6 Collaboration is key: Don’t expect line managers to immediately adopt an enhanced role in relation to people management using the HCM solution. 4 Data insights demand expertise: Even with embedded workforce analytics available at the touch of a button. This is particularly true in relation to the role of the HR business partner. simplified and global HR process model requires challenging the status quo. Effective transformation is not a sprint. Realizing those benefits requires precise planning. no matter how new or leading-edge. resources. profit or legislative considerations. 3 Change management is crucial: The need for strategic change management is more critical with cloud HCM solutions than with traditional ERP programs because changes via cloud can be surprisingly fast and far-reaching. it’s a marathon. roles and skills. energy and time. The learning and development agenda for the HR function is too often overlooked. Stay the course and deliver tangible improvements along the way that will keep the change process moving toward success. It requires strategic change management if they are to become advocates for a new way of working. differences to a standard process model must be vigorously challenged. Again. business revenue. delivering analytical insights that businesses can act upon requires new processes. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 19 .

000 from 52 countries participated in the survey. 20 Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold . About this During February survey Survey respondents by organization size and March of 2016. 854 executives 20% More than 20. 24% 56% 5.001–20. KPMG International.000 Less than 5.000 Source: Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report. 2016.

Respondents represented a wide cross-section of and 40 percent were vice presidents and/or heads of their industry sectors. Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold 21 . Source: Cloud HR: the future belongs to the bold report. led by Financial Services (19 percent). One-half of Services (12 percent). Survey respondents by industry 1% 19% Aerospace and Defense Financial Services 1% Agricultures. This marks the 19th consecutive Industrial Goods and Services (15 percent). organization’s HR function. Forty-four percent of respondents respondents were from companies that operated at a global were from organizations with more than 5. KPMG International. Technology and year that this market study has been conducted. Media (14 percent) and Professional and Business from 52 countries participated in the survey.000 employees level. 854 executives Telecomm.During February and March of 2016. Non Profit 3% 14% Government/Public Sector Technology/Telecomm/ Media 4% Automobiles and Transportation Equipment 5% Consumer Goods 12% 6% Professional and Business Services Retail. 2016. Natural Resources 2% Hospitality 15% Industrial Goods/ 2% Services Property and Construction 2% Education. WholesaleII 7% 8% Energy and Utilities Healthcare/Pharma/ Payer/Providers Note: percentages may not equal 100% due to rounding.

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