Q4 Conexiones Culturales Nombre________________________________     Pts_____ 


 Español 2-3 Fecha de Entrega ​19 de MAYO 
This quarter, you must complete 10 points of culture connections.

Duolingo (1-5 pts) Lyricstraining (1-5 pts) 
● Duolingo​ is a free website or smartphone app that ● Complete the lyrics while watching the music video.
is great for beginners. Select a song and click on Beginner to start.
● Follow the instructions on the ​PDF​ to make sure Lyricstraining doc
you are a part of the class. ​MUST BE SIGNED UP BY ● Create a Google Folder to keep your screenshots of
MARCH 24TH. your scores after you finish. Each song = 1 pt
● Complete 200XP (10 min x 10 days) ● May only complete 5 songs for a max of 5 points.

Tarjeta del Día del Maestro (1 pt/tarjeta)  Escucha un Podcast (3 pts)
● Celebra tu maestra el 15 de mayo con una tarjeta. ● Listen to ​NotesinSpanish ​inspired beginners,
● It will be given to your teacher. Must be creatively Coffeebreak Spanish​,
decorated and neat. ● Complete the worksheet: ​Hoja de Conexiones -
● No more than 3 pts possible. Podcast

Película o Telenovela (1-3 pts)   Libro (5 pts) 
● Watch a movie or a soap opera with Hispanic ● Do you enjoy reading? Check out a book by a
culture Hispanic author from the library. Be sure to ask the
● Complete the form to earn your points. librarians for help in your selection!
● Formulario de Película (Movie Form) ● Fill out the form​ in order to receive your points.
● Lista de películas ● Lista de libros
● Check out Netflix Spanish telenovelas like ​Velvet

El Restaurante (5 pts)  Comida (4, 5, o 6 pts)
● Go to a Latin American restaurant and order your ● Can be done with a partner (5pts)
food in Spanish. ● Make a traditional dish from a Spanish speaking
● You must videotape the conversation​ in order to country. Research the history of the food and
receive your points. bring samples to share with the class.
● Use the restaurant vocabulary from Spanish 2 ● Rúbrica de Comida
● List of restaurants ● Formulario (Form you must fill out)

Music Video (5 pts)  ¿OTRAS IDEAS? ​If you have other ideas for a
● Create a remake of a Spanish pop song video cultural project, talk with la Profe.
(must be at least 3 minutes).
● Record you and 3 other students lipsyncing the Are you participating in something related to Hispanic
words to a Spanish song. Culture (a trip to México, a cultural event in the
● Choreography and an understanding of the community, etc.)? Send me a snapchat, a video, or some
lyrics must be observed! other piece of evidence and get points!
● Rúbrica  

Create a Profile: a. Download the Duolingo app and open it up.com/o/gkfdcz If you are on a smartphone or tablet: 1. Press ​Get Started​. 4. then press ​Create​. You need to practice 10 minutes for 10 days in order to get your 5 points. 6.wi. Type in the following exactly: Share progress with​: rogersd@verona. Go to your Profile and press ​Progress Sharing​.Instructions for Duolingo If you are on a computer. . Then select Spanish. Type in your ​Name. press Profile in the top left corner and press ​Create a Profile. School Email ​and ​Password​. Set your Daily Goal and continue (you can change this later). 5. 2. In your email. go here: ​http://duolingo.us Section or Class:​ Español 2 8.k12. On Android. you should get a reminder that tells you about your assignment. On iOS. press the menu icon at the top right corner and press ​Create a Profile. 3. Press ​Save Changes​. b. 7.