Can computer games have detrimental influence? I think yes.

we can get benefits from playing computer game, it will also have
detrimental influence to us, for example increases violent and aggressive
behavior. Teenagers who spend a lot of time in playing computer games may
get a high risk to have problems with violent and aggressive behavior. This is
because video games that feature violent actions and scenarios may lead
addicted players to develop aggressive thoughts and tendencies after
playing computer games with violent contents. They are hard to separate
real life from imaginary “first person” gaming experience when they become
engrossed in “first person” computer games. They might turn this kind of
aggressive thinking into action and make a wrong decision in real life.
Besides, computer games may also have bad effects on our health. An
addicted player spends most of free time in playing computer games and
causes skips meals or loses sleep because of excessive computer game
playing. Sitting in front of a computer for prolonged periods may create some
health problems from poor body positioning, or from the position of the
computer and screen. It might lead to obesity, myopia, muscular, skeletal
and postural disorders, video-induced seizures, nerve compression and
numbness in hands, elbows and shoulders.
Additionally, computer games will cause preoccupation. A video game
addiction can be harmful if your child is unable or unwilling to participate in
any interests or extracurricular activities other than gaming. The On-Line
Gamers Anonymous website notes that it may be a sign of an addiction if
your child is constantly thinking about his next video game session, devising
ways to get back to the game, abandoning former hobbies that don’t relate
to video games or declining social events with personal interaction because
he's spending time discussing video games on the Internet. In conjunction to
that, computer games will cause poor academic performance. This is one of
the serious effects of video games on teens. Playing long hours of video
games can affect your teen’s performance in school. If your teen spends
more than two hours gaming, then he may have trouble falling asleep and
paying attention in school. Video game addicts also skip their homework to
play games, leading to a downfall in their grades.
I think computer games should be regulated. The reality of computer
games is that mostly children play them. These days a sad reality is that you
cannot rely on a parent to do what's right for their child. So computer games
should be regulated so as not to allow extremely violent games to be given
to young, impressionable children. These images can be engrained in a
child’s mind and desensitize them to commit similar acts themselves.
Moreover, teenagers who playing computer games will get addicted to it
and this will cause them cannot manage their time properly. They may

states and in other countries. This problem also can be overcome by replacing your gaming time-slots with physical sports. For example: boxing. Besides. In some U. provide a description of the various policy approaches that have taken place. have held that video games enjoy full First Amendment protection and that state efforts to regulate them must therefore survive strict scrutiny. laws have stipulated who should have access to violent computer games. Otherwise. it is no use to set a timetable. the Supreme Court decided Brown v. being holed up in front of video games system does not afford the same exposure to sunlight. it will affect children health. Due to the creation of gaming industry associations.S. computer games are the most popular entertainments in modern societies and they target a variety of people in different ages. teenagers should arrange a daily timetable to limit the time of playing computer games. Do anything to get your mind and body active. Besides. Should the responsibility for game playing be primarily the responsibility of parents? I believe that many of you have the same questions and different opinion about this topic. Thus. Entertainment Merchants Association by upholding a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that invalidated a California law prohibiting the sale of violent games to minors. restrict sales should be provided. or baseball. the gaming industry has voluntarily developed a code of marketing with regard to young people. Children will lack of Vitamin D. a ratings system was adopted. So. punishable by fines or incarceration. Computer gaming is also one of the rare areas of human-computer interaction where there has been a U. teenagers should force themselves strictly follow the timetable. Vitamin D is commonly absorbed from exposure to sunlight. The Supreme Court and every prior federal court that has considered the issue. yes. The goal here is to review the literature and policies related to violence in computer gaming. and propose an HCI-oriented intervention to increase awareness of the relationship between violent games and aggressive behavior. with only a few exceptions. Supreme Court ruling. In 2011. Another way to overcome this problem. Unfortunately.S. such as scheduling activities with friends and finding a job temporary or permanent job. For your information. While that ruling upheld the First Amendment right to freedom of speech over the State of California’s attempt to restrict the sale of certain games to minors.neglect to carry out their own primary responsibilities as students. find something else to do. basketball. In my opinion. I agree that parents . such as study. this results in lower academic performance. Otherwise.

they may even thought that doing those action will be given reward in the reality . the second reason that I agree that parents should have the primarily responsible in this case is because parents are the one who giving children money to buy for it or the parents are the one who buy those virtual games that content violence to their children. parents . they don’t even know if their children have a wrong and negative mind as they put more concentration on their jobs and works. Parents should do the role model to their children so that children will follow their good behaviour but not bad behaviour. who were the closest and nearest to them. Therefore. Furthermore. children may think that if they do some improper action. Children cannot differentiate whether the action that played in the video is good or bad . Parents must ensure their children play in public area so that they can observe children easily. Actually. They should actually stop buying those games that contain violent issues as the children may copy their action as well. Kids are defined as human that immature and cannot think properly as the world is still strange and new for them. Thus . so they should have the most time to observe the behaviour of their kids. the third reason that I agree that parents should have the primarily responsibility to avoid those cases happened are parents should teach them to play in a right way. Remembering that you are a role model for your children including which video games you play and how long you play them.have the most responsibility to avoid all the tragedies that influenced by virtual games. in my opinion. parents. Hence. the main reason that I agree parents have the primarily responsibility in avoiding their kids influence by the virtual game is parents are the one who accompany their kids the most. maybe they will get the attention from their parents. Parents have to spend more time on them. For the first point. communication is very important . We can easily read many news about children cannot differentiate between in reality and in virtual games so they think that is nothing wrong to do some violence action to his friends. Moreover. This is due to the reason that parents are living with their children. neighbours and even their family members. must have the responsibility to inculcate a good idea to the children. one of the important reason will be parents are the one who buy those virtual game for them and they don’t know how to control themselves. but unfortunately most of the parents nowadays spent a lot of time in working.Parents should always communicate with them and know them better . Sometimes. I think that if those tragedy happened . parents should balance up their time between works and family to avoid any unhappy things happened.Therefore.

It will improve the relationship between the families while they are playing games. it will be a win-win situation. Games is just for fun. parent need to monitor their children's games content. However. parents play an important role to prevent violence scenario of children caused by violence games. If parent are doing their jobs to monitor their children. Children just want to have fun. In a nutshell. They should make up their children's mind that which games content violence and teach them not to learn from the games. It doesn't mean that parent have to stop children from playing games. Children will be also educated by their parent about the games content.should have the primarily responsibility as they are responsible to communicate and teach their children the proper way to play virtual games. .