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Rachel Avalos

Heather Pate


7 March 2017

Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

I am Miss Avalos and I will be teaching your child in my multicultural classroom.

Culture and linguistics have a huge impact on education; so I will do my very best to cater to the

needs of ALL my students.

Many teachers in the U.S. are neglectful of culture-oriented teaching. Proof of this is the

U.S. education system that is run by mostly European-Americans, and due to this, foreign or

indigenous students struggle to keep up with education, at times even failing to get to a

university and become scholars themselves, or have some control over education in the U.S.

(Cowan & Wong). I think we can both agree that the way we view the world stems from our

cultural upbringing, and as someone with knowledge about world history, I am always curious

about different cultures, so you can count on me to make all my students feel included and have

their culture acknowledged. Why do I stress importance of acknowledging cultures? I do this

because I am an advocate for learning, and it is my passion to guide students so that they grow

up to reach their goals.

Linguistics are also important and impact my learning & teaching style. I am dedicated

enough to carefully teach my diverse students, so I want to reassure you that I am willing to learn

a new language and culture to cater to the needs of my students. I am fully aware that it is very

difficult to learn a new language, especially if one has recently immigrated from a country, so I
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will do my best to provide your child with the necessary resources to learn the English language

and not fall behind. If you are a busy parents or are disinterested in being involved in your

child’s education, please begin some involvement because the parents who are already involved

with us do not represent the views and needs of all parents! The African proverb “It takes a

whole village to raise a child” reminds us that teachers like myself cannot educate children alone.


Rachel Avalos


If you do not understand this letter, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as

possible with the help of a translator so we can keep in touch.

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