Kelley 1

Taylor Kelley

Professor Vyvial

ENGL 1304

11 May 2017

Analyzing My Composition: Part 2

Composition is an art that allows the writer to express ideas, claims, and address various

arguments. Through this English class, I have gained skills that will enable me to formulate well-

supported arguments and analyze counter-arguments. Prior to taking this course, I struggled with

fully developing my argument because I could not accurately address the opposing side’s

argument. This class has also allowed me to utilize the skills I have obtained from the first

semester to improve the quality of my rhetorical works. Through the completion of major essays,

short academic responses, and quizzes I have solidified my understanding of the uses of


While completing the causal argument I have learned new skills. I was taught how to

organize arguments through the Rogerian, Toulmin, and the Classical models to structure my

arguments. These methods also strengthen my argument because the opposing sides ideas are

acknowledged and confuted. When writing causal arguments, I did not know there were various

ways to format the causes to lead to an effect. I have also further strengthened my MLA

formatting skills. By utilizing the resources the ACC librarian presented in class, I can keep

abreast of changes made to the MLA formatting have also further developed researching skills

while enrolled in this course. Through EBASCI and Credo, I can navigate thousands of scholarly

sources to support my claims
Kelley 2

In addition, to obtain a new skill set I have also strengthened a weaker grammatical skill.

Through peer and teacher reviews I have observed the reoccurring grammatical mistakes I make.

I no longer just depend on Microsoft Word to catch my grammatical mistakes. I have learned to

utilize the editing process to fix grammatical mistakes so I fewer mistakes than before. I can

further develop my MLA formatting skills after this the course has concluded by using these

research skills when completing my bachelor’s degree. I believe I need to enhance my ability to

analyze sources so that my argument will be more supported.

The causal essay was the easiest in my opinion because I am passionate about the topic.

The Flint Water crisis was the talk of much controversy in the nation. I believe it is imperative

that we as a society address this issue to rid a population of a toxic environment. The proposal

was the most difficult because I struggled to come up with multiple solutions that I believe were

time efficient, reasonable, and cost friendly. The causal argument essay taught me the most

because I learned different methods to structure argumentative pieces in a manner that is most

appropriate for the audience. This essay allowed me to me to learn new methods, engage my

curiosity, and cultivate new ways to solve a prominent issue in the Flint community.

The skills I have developed from Composition 2 will enhance my collegiate experiences

while I pursue my degree in biology. Biology is a field that requires documented research. My

experience in composition 2 has provided me with essential research skills that will aid me in my

endeavors to obtain my degree. The skills I have acquired from composition 2 will be beneficial

in the workforce. These skills are essential for developing a proficient sense of professionalism

in the workforce.

Composition 2 has helped me craft effective communication for the purposes of

rhetorical composition. At the onset of the course, I was deficient in my abilities to use
Kelley 3

appropriate grammar as well as conduct analysis on articles. As a result of developing the

multiple forms of essays, I am more confident in my writing abilities and have solidified my

understanding of argumentative concepts.