Embedded Appliance

1.Embedded light
 It functions as turning on or off the lights automatically.

 It functions as controlling the brightness of the surroundings.

How ?

 Light sensor is used to detect the intensity of light.

 Micro-controller is used to collect data and control the brightness of the

2. Airbag system
 Inflates the airbag to protect drivers and passengers automatically in a
very high speed.

 Acts as a cushion for the head and body in an accident and thus prevents
injuries to the driver and front passenger.

 A sensor is used to detect the impact of the car.

 The micro-controller inside it will collect data from the sensor and operates
the airbag system by operating the alternator.

How?  A chip which holds a software is used in it to control and monitor various operation. Washing Machine Function  Washing the laundry by controlling the input and output of water level automatically. 3. .

 Analyses movement of people in real time. Digital Camera Function  Captures high-level descriptions of the scene of the picture. 5. The system will suggest a new week exercise goal every Monday . How?  Different settings on the camera allow the user to take photos in different environments and also has a flash to take pictures in place that are dark.4. Apple Smart Watch Function  Makes payment using the watch instead of credit card  Collects data of our movements and set goals for us to keep our bodies in well-figured  Replaces car key and house key to unlock and lock the doors The embedded system in Apple Watch shows the info of your heartbeat. it will remind you immediately through tapping. When you get a notification.  Detects human and animal and identify faces of humans.

ABS Function  Prevents the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied suddenly. The embedded computer has a built-in- Uber and Passport. . and offers you images and videos watching remotely.according to the data in last week. The controller(embedded computer) monitors the speed sensors at all times. a wheel that locks up could stop spinning in less than a second. However. If left unchecked.  Allows a car to stop quickly in slippery road conditions and prevents the car from skidding. the wheel would stop much more quickly than any car could. it will experience a rapid deceleration. 6. It is looking for decelerations in the wheel that are out of the ordinary. Right before a wheel locks up.

It takes the direction of the keypad and change into commands such as when you program the microwave to operate at certain temperature for 15minutes.Microwave Function  Takes command from the keypad which we press and operates them  Automatically turns off the heat after the work is done How? The embedded system in microwave work as a command device. . it will automatically command the transformer to turn off.7.

8. . The refrigerator can maintain or control the temperature inside the refrigerator to assure the vegetables and food inside remain their freshness. Refrigerator Function  Controls the temperature of the chiller and cooler  Controls the intensity of light when we are in use or not in use  Controls the water level of the water dispenser How? The embedded system of the refrigerator is the water dispenser. It provides us cold water if you place a container or cup under it. it will fill for you until it’s full automatically.