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964686 - Transfer of statistical postings in CO to FI
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Component FI-GL (General Ledger Accounting)

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When you post FI documents to the new general ledger, CO account assignments of
the entry view are not always updated in General Ledger Accounting (new). In the
display transactions (for example, FB03 and FAGLL03), the CO account assignments
are displayed in the entry view but not in the general ledger view.

Other Terms
FB03, FAGLL03, FAGLB03, CO, real-time integration

Reason and Prerequisites
You have activated General Ledger Accounting (New).
You have assigned relevant scenarios for the update in the relevant ledger of
General Ledger Accounting (New). (This may be the case as part of the cost
center update scenario FIN_CCA).

If it is an FI subsequent process with follow-up costs (posting of cash discount
or exchange rate differences) in a document with original account assignment,
document splitting must also be activated and relevant document splitting
characteristics must be defined in Controlling. (IMG: Financial Accounting (New)
-> General Ledger Accounting (New) -> Business Transactions -> Document
Splitting -> Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling). This
process defines which CO account assignment objects are to be updated in the
general ledger, that is, account assignments set there are posted in line items
of the entry view to accounts created in Controlling as cost elements.

However, these CO account assignments specified are only updated in General
Ledger Accounting (new) if they represent real account assignments, and not
statistical account assignments.


Statistical CO account assignments are not relevant for postings of General
Ledger Accounting (new) and are not updated in NewGL for this reason.
Therefore, in the display transactions (for example, FB03 and FAGLL03), these
are displayed in the entry view only, and not in the general ledger view. This
is not an inconsistency but a correct system response.

A function is provided to update real, revenue-bearing account assignments of CO
only in General Ledger Accounting (new). Statistical CO objects are used in CO
for reporting only and are not processed by other applications.

Similarly, subsequent CO processes (assessment, distribution) only take real
(not statistical) account assignments into consideration. These subsequent
processes in CO can create CO/FI follow-on documents in FI during real-time
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for example. the update tables such as FAGLFLEXA are not updated. All rights reserved . Generally. for example. The cost center.such as sales orders and profitability segments - for which real postings are made as a general rule. There are some CO objects . they are not updated in General Ledger Accounting (new). exactly one real CO object must exist for each line item that can carry the costs and to which postings are also made in FI. Priority rules are defined to determine this.600 SAP_APPL 602 . since it would cause data inconsistencies between CO and FI.500 SAP_APPL 600 . The primary cost element category "90" is a special case because it represents statistical costs only. This would not be correct.604 SAP_APPL 605 . value type 04 means real. The value type is determined from the combination of account assignment objects and from the posting logic of the document. If the value type 11 is determined. You can see in the dynamically determined value type (the field WRTTP.602 SAP_APPL 603 . As costs that are posted to accounts with cost element category "90" are always statistical. must be specified as the CO object for which real postings are to be made in this case. Revenue cost elements are another exception. In the case of multiple account assignments (a maximum of four account assignments can be specified for each CO line item). it depends on the combination of the account assignment objects if a real or statistical posting is made to the object. Software Components Software Component Release SAP_APPL 500 .2017-01-31 Page 2/3 integration.603 SAP_APPL 604 . A relevant order.605 SAP_APPL 606 . the update of the CO assessment in FI would also credit the statistical assignments. in the table COEP. 11 means statistical) if a real or statistical posting is made to a CO object. If primary FI processes of General Ledger Accounting (new) also contained statistical account assignments. These cost elements permit statistical postings only to cost centers.606 This document is referenced by © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. These follow-on documents are based on primary postings. is subordinate to other real account assignment objects if it is not a statistical internal order or is a statistical WBS element.

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