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CHQ: Could WWII have been prevented? Could the war have been smaller?

Using Hindsight
Event Description (Brief) What might the United States and/or its allies Why didnt the United States and/or its
have done to prevent the event? allies take action to prevent the event?

Treaty of Versailles The harsh Treaty of Versailles created tension America could have pushed the 14 points more The allies of the US wanted the treaty to
between major Western powers and Germany to try to get it passed instead of the treaty of pass while the US didn't push hard enough
in the 1920s and early 1930s. The versailles this would have stopped the war to get the 14 points passed
enforcement of the treaty led to economic
crisis and social pressures in Germany that
contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Growing Nazi Threat By 1936 Hitlers Nazi military was the most They could have told Hitler to stop when he The US was supporting its idea of
powerful in Europe. Hitler had forged an violated the treaty and scared him and his isolationism while the USs allies did not
alliance with fascists in Italy and Japan, forces with a mobilization of troops to make want to go to war since they still had the
moved troops into the Rhineland in violation of sure he would back off effects of World War I to deal with
the Treaty of Versailles, and was supporting a
fascist revolt in Spain.

Japanese Japanese imperialism affected many areas of The US could have sent peace keeping agents The US was trading with japan at the time
Imperialism Asia, including Manchuria, a Chinese territory to try to appease the japanese or send in their and great britain was trying to handle a war
rich in mineral reserves that were important own military to protect the chinese from the with Hitler so if the US went to war with
for supporting the military. The invasion of brutal attacks of the japanese japan they would have no backup
Manchuria was marked by the indiscriminate
killing of unarmed civilians.

Munich Agreement In 1938 Hitler met with British prime minister The US could have advised against appeasing No one wanted another world war since the
Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain appeased hitler and told Chamberlain to say no and first one left most countries devastated
Hitlers demands for territory in mobilized an army to scare his forces so Hitler financially and most countries did not have
Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland. would have stopped his invasion enough money for a strong military

U.S. Isolationism In spite of the threat of fascist aggression, the The US could have exposed what Hitler was The US thought that it was a bad idea to
United States pursued a policy of isolationism doing and what war crimes he was committing enter another war in Europe since they
throughout the 1920s and 1930s. to the citizens of the US so they would feel thought it wasn't their war to begin with.
obligated to come and help Europe.

The Bombing of On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese navy The US could have not placed the embargo act Different departments of the US were getting
Pearl Harbor and air force attacked the American fleet at on japan and piss them off several times before different parts of information so they could
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Within three days the that happened since it basically provoked the not use the information well enough to
United States had declared war with Japan,
Germany, and Italy. japanese to attack the US predict that the japanese would attack pearl

Could WWII have been prevented? Could the war have been smaller? Explain MASON
I think that WWII could not have been prevented but postponed for a later date. If the US actually would have gotten involved earlier Hitler would
have backed off but they would still have to deal with the japanese and the Nazis were allied with the japanese so starting a war with would mean
starting a war with Germany as well. The war would still be the same size but with maybe the US would have had a few more allies to fight with in
the war.