EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 1

Observation Date: 3/28/2017 Observation Time: 9:31 am – 10:16 am

Teacher Observed: Mr. Kaya Subject/Grade Level: Algebra I, 9th Grade

School Observed: School of Science and Technology Observer: Mehmet Eraslan

1-What was/were the learning objectives/outcomes of the lesson? (Add state objectives if
known, for example, TEKS §111.4. Grade 2.b.)

Solving Quadratics Equations

§111.39. Algebra I, Adopted 2012

2-How did the teacher begin and end the lesson?

Mr. Kaya started a warm-up questions on the screen after welcoming session. He took an
attendance, while the students working on the questions. After a lecturing and group work, Mr.
Kaya gave an assignment (homework) and give a deadline for the homework.

3-What did the teacher use for teaching materials or instructional aids/equipment?

 Text Book
 Laptop
 Projector
 White Board

4-Which instructional methods and strategies did the teacher use? (lecture, inquiry,
discovery learning, discussions, games or simulations, demonstrations, cooperative learning,
integration of technology, socrative questioning, etc)

Mr. Kaya used lecture and cooperative learning methods in his class. While he was using
cooperative learning method, the students were discussing on the questions and I observed that
some students were explaining their answers and reasons to the other students. I realized that the
groups were assigned by the teacher according to their academic level.
5-How did the teacher assess learning? (informal, formal, formative, summative, oral, open-
ended, quiz, feedback etc) See Chapter 8 for more information on assessment methods

Mr. Kaya gave a worksheet to his students after his lecturing and after the worksheet,
students shared their answers with each other and made a group work. And also he was giving
some feedbacks during his questioning.

6- What can you say about the teacher’s philosophy/beliefs and style?
(Traditional/progressive, behaviorist, student-centered vs. teacher centered, authoritative etc)

I can say that his style is middle of the teacher centered and student centered. Especially
for this class, his lecturing was very short and he made a group work. This was a good sample
for students centered style.

7-How does the teacher manage classroom? Can you identify classroom management
techniques used?

His classroom management was not perfect. While he was lecturing, some students were
not on the task., and he did not care about them. He could find a way to get their attention and
then continue.

8-Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students play when off-
task. What do they do when they are not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct
them or get them back on task?

The students not on the task were drawing and passing some notes between each other.
Unfortunately, the teacher could not get them back on task. While they were during group work,
same students were talking each other about something else.

9-How does the teacher communicate with students (verbal, vocal, meta-verbal or non-verbal
communication such as facial, body language, use of space, motion and time?)

Mr. Kaya was using verbal way to communicate with students during all class time.

10-Who were the students in the class? What did you notice about them? (Background,
diversity, attitude, motivation, interaction, participation, etc)

The students were 9th graders and total 15 students. 6 of them are girl and 9 of them are
boy. The girls’ motivations were good; however, boys were not motivated for this class. Only
three students, two girls and one boy, were participating to the class. Most of the boys were not
paying attention and doing something else such as drawing, and passing notes.
11-What did you see that is effective in engaging students? What do you see that is
ineffective in keeping students engaged?

Effective ones:

 Warm up
 Group Work
 Short lecture
 Worksheet

Ineffective ones:

 Not caring the students who are not on task
 Not using all classroom area
 Using only verbal communication way

12-What are the two instructional strategies you observed and would like to apply in your

The first one is cooperative learning with a group work. I definitely use this method to
encourage and my students and to open a way to learn from each other.

The other one is homework. The homework helps the students to remember what they
learned at the school and gives them opportunity to make practice at home.

13-What are two important classroom management strategies that you observed and would
like to apply in your classroom?

The first one is warm up. The warm-ups help the students to remember what they learn in
last class and make recall for the current one.

The second one is worksheet. The worksheets are good ways to understand and realize
students’ learning level.