NET capable Multi-layer output compositing · Combine multiple programming language. scores. • Lower Thirds and Full 3D show graphics • Newsroom Automation with Manual Override MOS GATEWAY · The XPression MOS Gateway option • Gameshow Graphics (manual + automated) enables you to seamlessly integrate XPression products • Sports Graphics (manual + automated) into an existing MOS Newsroom environment.sgi. XPression Studio has been designed with the graphics designer.vob) · JPEG (. the MOS Gateway or any com.rgba) (for other supported hardware framebuffers. Fixed Se. STUDIO OVERVIEW · The Studio version consists of four major integrated components.XPression™ Studio™ The Real-time 2D and 3D flagship product of the XPression series. This.mediarefinery. programming language of your choice: c++.psp) · DELTACAST Framebuffer Series · Silicon Graphics (. audio and video for XPression. delphi or any other COM or . the object oriented COM API. www. Supported audio formats Features and options are edition and/or version specific.png) · Blackmagic Design Decklink · Paintshop Pro (. elegant and object oriented API scene as a base template for a sequencer entry. start and update each.avi) · Bitmap (. the scene editor for design. rev · Targa (. Audio clips and Dynamic Animations bination of the above. Playout and Automate INTEGRATION · The Studio version can be integrated into • Real-time 2D and 3D graphics any existing workflow by using one or several of its many • Multi-Channel and Multi-Layer automation features and hardware options. MULTI-CHANNEL OUTPUT · Using a single XPression Stu. All rights reserved. combined with its seamless up.bmp) · TIFF (. • Live Inputs and DVE effects • Real-time transitions Template based playout sequencer · Use any • Easy to use. The actual number of outputs is only limited by the rolls. • Continuous Animations™ quence. please check our website) · Autodesk Graphics (. Use traditional • SD and HD enabled Fully automated.obj) channel support providing an easy and efficient path from · Collada (. • Video. vb. scenes on the same output. AVI 2. The ultimate all-in-one solution for any broadcast workflow.and postproduction integration through its wide range of supported soft. • Vidiwall or other dynamic content creation Supported image file formats Supported Video File Formats · Photoshop (. . Crawls and Ticker Tapes graphics department design templates and decide which • Channel Branding / Logo insertion template properties you want to be published/available to • 24/7 Theme Channels with Manual Override the MOS interface. Sequence and Playout. Anything you can think of. crawls.3ds) XPression comes with its own video codec with alpha · Wavefront (. Depending on which hardware you • Real-time transitions decided to use you can use internal or external keying or • 3D model support even both. Have your • Rolls. using different graphics. · 16bit stereo PCM wav It is possible not all features are available in certain editions or versions.and hardware makes XPression the number one choice. operator. director and automation specialist in mind and the studio version satisfies the need of all. c#. Scene template links can be • Extremely Demanding Live Studio Shows coupled to external data sources through DataLinq™. pre.jpg) · AVI* (. the sequencer for playout.cel.0 (OpenDML) compatible. Update news items.mpg.psd) · Quicktime (. Sequence. All layers can display fully animated dynamic scenes and play and composite them STUDIO feature highlightS onto the output while all still running completely indepen.gif) · AJA Video XENA Series · Portable Network Graphics (. . . · Autodesk 3D studio (. manually or both.dae) 3rd party video applications to XPression. Manual playout. • Integrated Designer / Scene Editor dently from each other. • All-in-one: Design. copyright © 2008 Media Refinery. Before playout the published scene properties can be updated TYPICAL USAGE SCENARIOS from within the sequencer. visual basic.or downstream studio. the BlueBox engine for rendering and the object oriented COM API for automation. Design. all from within a single package. fully dynamic ticker tapes etc. Use the available hardware resources. OBJECT ORIENTED AUTOMATION API · Use the COM dio instance you can drive multiple output channels at the based object oriented API to automate and integrate same time.tif) Supported hardware framebuffers · GIF (.pic) *Any AVI format for which a VFW codec is available on Supported 3D model formats the host system. .tga) · MPEG 2 (.