EDC/ESE 257 EEI Lesson Analysis

Your Name: Jeanette Miller Pima Instructor: Paulette M. Muhammod
Grade Level/Topic: URL (web address):
K-2 Counting Collections to 100 https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/counting-by-ten-lesson
Elements Observations
Describe the evidence you see to support each element (e.g., What is the teacher doing?
What are the students doing?). If you do not observe an element, write N/A and include
suggestions for what could have been done.
Anticipatory Set The teacher engaged students by writing a 7 on the board but not explaining why at first.
 Did the teacher hook the students’ She discussed their previous lesson about counting and reviewed the concept they had
attention? learned. Students were reminded that they had counted by 10 in the previous lesson. After
 Did s/he focus student attention on teacher had their attention and could see students remembered previous lesson, she
the objective and the purpose of the proceeded to explain why she had written the 7 on the board.
 Did s/he activate prior knowledge?
Teaching-Input/Modeling The teacher started by using explicit instruction, explaining how the concept of counting by
 Did the teacher use effective and 10 can be used in another way then the students were taught previously. Students were
varied strategies to provide asked what they thought the outcome would be if the concept was used. Multiple answers
information for students to gain the were given and teacher had the students who answered explain how they figured out the
concept, strategy, or skill? answer. When students gave a wrong answer she gently redirected class to student who
 Did s/he demonstrate and show gave the right answer, as that student explained their answer she had the class reassess
examples of what students are
what the correct answer to write on the board would be. After the class discussed patterns
expected to do?
and possible ways to count on by 10, she had them predict the last answer with a partner.
A couple of students were asked what their predictions were and how they figured out that
answer. After students understood the demonstration of what they were to do they broke
into groups of two.

Active Participation Students in groups of two chose what strategy they wanted to use to process the
 Were ALL students actively information the teacher gave them. Each student chose how they wanted to sort their
participating, not just passively collection of items to find how many they had. After they had found how many were in their
listening? collection they needed to find how many more they needed to make 100. Using a
 What strategies were used to constructivist approach the teacher allowed the groups to talk amongst themselves and
encourage active participation? help each other in finding a way to make 100. The teacher went around to each group to
help with any additional guidance the group may need and redirect or answer questions.
The manipulatives were used in various was to sort by 10 and 100 charts were used to find
answers. One student used circles on his paper to help keep track of his collection and
figure out his answer.

Checking for Understanding The students were given multiple strategies to figure out their answer. She was moving
 Did the teacher use a variety of around the classroom asking students to explain what they were doing and why. In moving
strategies to determine whether ALL around she was able to determine which groups needed more instruction and/or what
students understood the objectives? groups had understood the lesson objective. The strategies that were used started with the
 Were the strategies used throughout focus lesson and moved on through the students with their collaborative work.
the lesson, not just at the end?
Guided Practice The students each had their own manipulatives, paper, and pencil to use to use the
Did the teacher provide time for every strategies the class had discussed. They each were able to demonstrate their
student to demonstrate understanding by understanding and practice what the class had discussed together. Students were able to
practicing new learning with guidance discuss strategies with peer and the teacher.
(from the teacher and/or peers)?
Closure At the end of the collaborative session of the lesson the class sat together to discuss their
Did the teacher AND the students say/do findings. The teacher restated objective and students were able to stand in front of peers to
something to summarize lesson explain the strategy they used to produce their answer. Multiple strategies were explained
objectives and solidify new learning? by students and teacher positively reinforced all the strategies that were used to find
EDC/ESE 257 EEI Lesson Analysis