TIME : 8.00 A.M. -9.00 A.M.


State District
School Date
Class 4D Class Size 42 students
Time Period 8.00 a.m. – 9.00 Duration of lesson 60 minutes
Subject English Language Learning area Grammar and
Topic Looking Up Lifestyles
Theme People
Rationale Students are weak in writing because they have limited vocabulary
to express and convey the meaning. Thus, describing picture and
brainstorming are some ways to illicit responses from the students.
Learning At the end of the lesson, students should be able:
Objective 1 use the correct nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe a
2 write short and simple sentences
Learning Students should be able to learn some new words and to generate
Outcomes ideas to write a composition
Students’ Students have previous knowledge regarding birthday party.
Scientific Preparation for the real world, Learning how to learn skills
attitudes and
noble values
(1)Reference Textbook
Teaching and Learning (2)Equipment Marker pen, Mahjong paper,
resources / apparatus speaker
(3)Material Strips of phrases, logical
connectors and adjectives in
Teaching Collaborative , teacher-centred

Lesson Content/ Concept Teaching and Learning Remark/Not
Development Process e
(Teacher action & student
Phase 1 1. Showing birthday 1. Teacher shows a birthday
SET INDUCTION/ present present.
INTRODUCTION 2. Teacher asks the students to
( 5 minutes) guess what’s in the box.
Phase 2 1 Arranging phrases 1. Teacher divides the students

(15 minutes) 3. Teacher asks students to sentences to describe construct sentences and write it DEVELOPMENT C composition on Mahjong paper.Teacher asks the students to (group work) identify nouns in the phrases and DEVELOPMENT B distribute an envelope contains (Elaboration) strips of adjectives. (15 minutes) 2. Students write the sentences. (Application) (group task) 2. Gallery walk 1. Representative from each (10 minutes) group read the other’s groups outcome and gives evaluation by writing memo as correction. Teacher asks each group to (Group task) paste their Mahjong paper on the ASSESSMENT wall. in the correct into group and distribute an DEVELOPMENT A order envelope contains strips of (Exploration) (group work) phrases and logical connectors. Students identify the nouns and describe the nouns with suitable adjectives provided Phase 4 1. Describing nouns 1. (Evaluation) 2. Students arrange the phrases in the correct order to describe what happened. . Teacher recaps the lesson of CLOSURE composition the day and asks the students to (5 minutes) (Individual task) write a composition as homework. 3.Teacher assist the students in producing the sentences. (10 minutes) 2. Students are to include the connectors in their sentences. Phase 3 1. Presenting a 1. Phase 5 1. Phase 6 1. Constructing 1.