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Year of 2005 (+ VAT when applicable)
Chamber groups
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Choral & song Arranger David G. Barton
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instrument Difficulty Moderate (Grades 4-6) You are purchasing a high quality PDF
Handbell Duration 2 minutes file suitable for printing. More details.

Jazz Genre Classical music
Instrumentation Solo instruments
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Solo instrument
I was raised in the gospel music tradition and have played piano in churches most of my life. I don’t play that well,
Orchestra + solo
but have a definite style. "Amazing Grace" is an attempt to commit to notation one of the ways I might play this
hymn. I’m also learning to work with my Sibelius upgrade.

I solicit comments from pianists as to whether this manuscript is readable. I have left out rests in the voices,
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assuming that note positions will transmit rhythmic placement. I also assume that most folks will deduce pedal
Music by Purpose use. Please email comments and suggestions. They will be greatly appreciated.
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