The course Education Technology was really fun and our lecturers were very vibrant

and professional. They were very kind, understanding and willing to work with us. We began

the course by looking at technology integration and defining what is what educational

technology. Education Technology is the practice of facilitating learning and improving

performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and

resources. We signed up for Schoology which is a learning management system where we

would interact with our peers, post comments, and could be assess by our lecturers.

Week two of this course we looked The ISTE standard for the teacher and student. We

covered a lot of important topics which have impacted me in a huge way. I learnt the

importance of facilitating, inspiring student learning and creativity. We live in a digital age

where technology has been improved and we have keep up to date with these changes and

incorporate the available resources in our lessons to make them more interactive. We

proceeded by learning to use the recorder and we instructed to create a jingle pertaining to the

topic we studied. During the span of the thirteen weeks we looked at other important topics

such as the technology integration Matrix. Which allows the facilitator to incorporate

technology in the lesson through different levels for example; entry, adoption, adaptation,

infusion, and transformation. Together, the five characteristics of meaningful learning

environments and five levels of technology integration create a matrix of 25 cells.

I found the course to be very informative, I learnt how to use Windows movie marker

which I think is an excellent tool for creativity in a classroom. I realized that in today’s

society the use of technology is like second nature to some persons, in fact it is really good to

know that our society is keeping up with the changes.

In addition, we did some of the learning theories which posits that students should be

responsible and take learning into their own hands. The teacher as a facilitator is not a role
that should be taken lightly, he or she scaffolds the student to critical thinking and hands on

experience and technology integration to facilitate a better learning experience. In conclusion

we ended the course with a hands on approach where we had to teach a lesson no longer than

forty five minutes incorporating at least three of the resources we learnt about in class. My

partner and I taught and the lesson was a success, however we could improve on some minor