Student Name:……………………… [4 marks] Cutting Edge Placement Test You will hear five short recordings (A-E) Recording C Before each recording you will have one minute to Listen to telephone conversation between two people read the questions. preparing to go on a trip. Mark the four statements which are correct. [4 marks] You will hear each recording only once. a) Neil asks Lucy to pack his town shoes. Recording A b) They are going to go walking in the mountains. Listen to someone speak about their childhood in c) Neil doesn’t think it will rain. Scotland in the 1930s. Mark the four statements d) Lucy suggests they pack some smart clothes. which are correct. e) They are planning to hire a car when they arrive. a) In the 1930s, my family lived in a village in Scotland. f) They are going to a country where everyone speaks English. b) We didn’t have a TV but we listened to the radio g) Lucy thinks they should pack sun cream. every morning. c) The school was six miles from our house. h) Neil is going to the airport now. i) Lucy will phone Neil if she thinks of anything else. d) We walked to school every day. e) When I was 14, I left school. j) They’re going to meet at the airport at 5 o’clock. [4 marks] f) I went to the cinema in our village every Saturday afternoon. g) My family left Scotland when I was 15 and moved Recording D to England. Listen to a woman talking about her shop Mark the h) I often go back to the village in Scotland. four statements which are correct. [4 marks] [4 marks] a) Denise has owned the shop for two years. b) She lives next door to the shop. Recording B c) Most of the things she sells are handmade. Listen to an interview with a man called Bob d) She sells some ceramics imported from Greece and Kessler. Choose the correct option (A-D) for each Portugal. question (1-4) [4 marks] e) The interviewer likes the Japanese dresses in the 1 a) Bob Kessler has a wife and daughter. shop. b) Bob Kessler has two sons. c) Bob Kessler is a bachelor. f) The shop also sells kitchen equipment like washing d) Bob Kessler was married before. machines. 2 a) Bob Kessler is English. g) A lot of the jewellery is made by local artists. b) Bob Kessler lives in West Hills California, USA. h) Denise would like to move somewhere else. c) Bob Kessler’s wife isn’t American, she’s British. d) Bob Kessler is American but he lives in England. i) Unfortunately, it’s noisy because it is on a busy high street. 3 a) Bob Kessler writes two or three books a year. b) Bob Kessler writes travel books about England j) Denise would like to have richer customers, rather and other European countries. than the students who come into the shop. c) Bob Kessler’s job is selling books in Italy and [4 marks] France. d) Bob Kessler likes Italy and France more than the Cutting Edge Placement Test USA. 4 a) Bob Kessler’s wife works at a school in England. Test A b) Bob Kessler’s daughter has many English friends. 1 Read the text and mark the correct answer (a–c) c) Bob Kessler never drinks tea without milk. to each question (5–8). d) Bob Kessler always drives his daughter to Estelle Dupont was 100 years old in 2000. She was born school. near Bordeaux in France, where her father was a rich businessman.Today she lives in an old people’s home in a) video shop b) cinema C) library Paris. 12 Fasten you seatbelts, put the backs of your seats in “My father was a rich businessman and we lived in a the upright position and fold away your tables. chateau about ten kilometres from Bordeaux. Our home a) police station b) train c) aeroplane was very comfortable. The house was very big – there were twenty bedrooms, beautiful gardens and lots of [4 marks] servants. But my childhood wasn’t happy. I was an only 4 Mark the correct word (a–c) to complete each child, and my mother was always ill. She died when I sentence (17–24). was eight, and my father died two years later when I was ten. It was a very bad time. I was a very unhappy 13 We are looking for a green car _________. child, but life is better now.” a) every day b) at the moment c) yesterday 1 How old was Estelle Dupont in 1967? 14 I don’t usually play tennis ________. a) She was living in Bordeaux. a) on Thursdays b) last week c) tomorrow b) She was 67 years old. 15 John isn’t going to buy a new house _______. c) She was a hundred years old. a) next year b) last month c) yesterday 2 Where did she live when she was a child? a) She lived in the city of Bordeaux, France. 16 Where were you at 6 o’clock ________? b) She lived in an old people’s home in Paris. a) tomorrow b) in the summer c) this morning c) She lived in a chateau near Bordeaux. 17 What time did you leave home ________? 3 Did she like the gardens at the chateau? a) tomorrow b) on Thursday c) at 6 o’clock a) Yes, she said they were beautiful. 18 There are a lot of clouds in the sky _______. b) Yes, she said they were very big. c) No, because she had no one to play with. a) on Tuesday b) yesterday c) at the moment 4 What happened to her parents? 19 Do you like going to the beach _______? a) Estelle’s mother died two years after her father. a) in summer b) tomorrow c) last month b) Her father died two years after her mother. 20 She never drives her car ________. c) She was an only child. a) today b) next day c) at weekends [4 marks] [8 marks] 2 Mark the correct word (a–c) to complete each sentence (9–12). 5 My sister likes Mexican food, but I don’t like ____. a) it b) them c) her 6 Does _______ friend like classical music? a) your b) you c) yours 7 My parents haven’t got calculators, but ______ have a computer at home. a) it b) them c) they 8 I really like Craig David’s music. My older brother gave ____ some of his CDs. a) me b) them c) my [4 marks] 3 Read the utterances (13–16). Mark the place (a– c) where you would hear them. 9 Look at exercise 6 on page 21. a) restaurant b) classroom c) shopping mall 10 How much is an sandwich and a bottle of water? a) café b) restaurant c) living room 11 What time does the main film start? Test B 7 Which word is not about family? a) aunt b) grandfather 1 Read the text and choose the best answer (a–d) c) wide d) wife for each question (5–8). 8 Which word is not a language? Tim Berners-Lee looks ordinary – he is about 45 years a) Russian b) Italian old and has brown hair. His life is quite normal – he was c) France d) Japanese born in England, but his home is now in Massachusetts, [4 marks] USA. But, in 1989, Tim had a very important idea. He 3 Choose the best answer (a–d) for each question invented the World Wide Web. (13–16). Tim went to school in London. His parents both worked 9 Do you sell toothpaste? with computers, so it isn’t surprising that he loved a) No, we don’t. Try the pharmacy. computers from an early age. When he was eighteen, he b) No, we can’t. It’s too late. left school and went to Oxford University, where he c) Did you go to the pharmacy? studied Physics. At Oxford he became more and more d) No, it isn’t. interested in computers, and he made his first computer from an old television. He graduated in 1976 and got a 10 Excuse me, are you Mr Rogers? job with a computer company in Dorset, England. In a) I don’t know. 989, he went to work in Switzerland, where he first had b) No, he isn’t there. the idea of an international information network linked c) No, I’m not. I think he’s in the restaurant. by computer …and he decided to call it the World Wide d) No, he’s from Scotland. Web. In 1994, he went to live in the United States, 11 What’s the time? where he now works. In 1995, he wrote an article in the a) It’s rather hot at the moment. New York Times where he said ‘The Web is a Universe b) I’ll tell you later. of information: it is for everyone.’ His idea of a web c) I’m sorry, I don’t know. where people from all over the world can exchange d) It’s the 15th August. information, is now real. 12 Would you like a drink? 1 Where was Tim Berners-Lee born? a) Thanks. I’d like an apple juice. a) in Massachusetts b) Excuse me, are you drinking? b) in Oxford c) Tea or coffee? c) in Dorset d) I don’t know. Can you ask someone else? d) in England [4 marks] 4 Choose the correct word or phrase (a–d) to 2 What did Tim study at Oxford University? complete each sentence (17–24). a) computers 13 _______ Peter come from Dublin? b) school a) Do b) Does c) the world wide web c) Is d) Was d) physics 14 Do you like ________ house over there? a) those b) this 3 What did he make when he was at Oxford? c) these d) that a) a television 15 Where did you ___ when you were a child? b) the first computer a) live b) lived c) a computer company c) lives d) living d) a computer 16 ______ it raining in Amsterdam? 4 When did he invent the world wide web? a) Do b) Does a) 45 years old c) Is d) Are b) in Switzerland 17 Are you _____ José tomorrow? c) in 1989 a) see b) will see d) in 1994 c) seen d) going to see [4 marks] 18 You _______ clean your car. a) mustn’t to b) don’t have to 2 Choose the best answer (a–d) for each question c) don’t want d) can’t have to (9–12). 19 I went home ______ my new baby. 5 Which verb is the opposite of sell? a) to see b) for to see a) cost b) bid c) seeing d) see c) bye d) buy 20 This is _____ picture of my friend. 6 Which word means very good? a) some b) any a) expensive b) brilliant c) a d) an c) important d) beautiful [8 marks] b) about d) same Test C 7 Can you look ____ Bill’s address? 1 Read the four texts quickly and choose the a) up c) out correct answer (a–d) for each question (5– b) forward d) on 8). 8 I’m looking ____ my coat. Have you seen it? During the last ten years, Ameet had had ten different jobs: he has worked in an import-export business, he a) out c) for has been an estate agent and now he has just started his b) after d) towards own company which sells mobile phones – but he hasn’t made a million pounds yet! [4 marks] Edward has moved to the United States, where he now 4 Choose the best answer (a–d) for each question works, designing computer games. His most popular (13–16). game, Death Rider, has already sold over ten million 9 Your letter begins ‘Dear Sir’, what do you write copies, and has made him very rich! He isn’t married, in above your signature? fact, he’s never had a girlfriend, and he still spend most of his time playing computer games in his bedroom. a) Yours faithfully Lucy is an actress and a part-time waitress. In the last b) Yours sincerely few years, she’s appeared in several plays and a couple c) With love of TV commercials – but there has been no call from d) Your obedient servant, Hollywood yet! 10 Where exactly is New York? Since leaving university with a brilliant degree, Kate has worked for Greenpeace and other similar a) On the east coast of the USA. organisations, first as a volunteer and now as a manager. b) On the right hand side of the USA. She’s just had her first baby. c) In the east coast of the USA. In the last ten years, Hannah has been married three times, and has lived in Italy, Egypt, France and d) On the side of the USA. Australia. At present, she’s running a bar on the Greek 11 You walk into a shop. What does the shop assistant island of Kos with her third husband, Nikos. say to you? [4 marks] a) What do you want? 1 Who has earned the most money? b) Can I help you? a) Ameet c) Hannah c) Do you want to buy something? b) Lucy d) Edward d) What would you like to buy? 2 Who works in a bar? 12 Your restaurant bill says ‘service not included’. a) Ameet c) Hannah What should you do? b) Lucy d) Edward a) Pay by credit card. 3 Who has appeared on television? b) Get your own food. a) Kate c) Hannah c) Leave a tip for the waiter. b) Lucy d) Edward d) Ask for a receipt. 4 Who worked for no money? [4 marks] a) Edward c) Hannah 4 Choose the correct word or phrase (a–d) to complete each sentence (17–24). b) Lucy d) Kate 13 The Roxy Cinema closed seven years _____. 2 Choose the correct word (a–d) to complete each phrase (9–12). a) ago c) before 5 I’m looking _____ to seeing my friend next week. b) yet d) on a) forward c) for 14 You ____ park your car on the pavement. b) about d) out a) don’t have to c) needn’t 6 She thinks all Spanish men look ____ Antonio b) can’t d) shouldn’t Banderas! 15 My hair is _______ than my sister’s. a) after c) like a) straightest c) more straight b) straighter d) straight 16 She’s been in India ______ 1999. a) for c) since b) in d) at 17 How long _____ you _____ a student? a) have/ been c) did / be b) has / been d) were / being 18 Yes, I’ll come to the party but I _____ arrive late. a) might c) may be b) perhaps d) should 19 Stop _____ lazy. Go out and dig the garden! a) being c) be b) been d) to be 20 She said that she _____ never seen him before. a) had c) has b) would d) haven’t [8 marks] HD1 6DD Miss Longtree Julia Test D b) HUDDERSFIELD 1 Read this text quickly and match the correct Miss Julia Longtree word (a–d) with each definition (5–8). 28, Road London The majority on Inuit people from Alaska are nomads, HD1 6DD moving from one place to another, hunting and fishing c) Miss Julia Longtree to survive. They don’t tend to live in houses, preferring 28, London Road tents or houses built from ice, called ‘igloos’. Even HUDDERSFIELD today, it is quite common for a man to have several HD1 6DD wives. 10 What should Peter Thomas say when he answers In some parts of Kentucky and Virginia, USA, it is quite the telephone? normal for girls of twelve or thirteen to get married and start a family. Often their husbands are only sixteen or a) I am Peter Thomas. seventeen, so young couples tend to live with their b) Hello. Who are you? parents until they finish their education. Many schools in these areas have crèches to look after their pupils’ c) 412 3663 Peter Thomas speaking. babies while they are studying. 11 How would you recommend that someone should 1 people who have no permanent home, but move visit the Grand Canyon? from place to place according to the time of year. a) Why don’t you go to the Grand Canyon? a) nomads b) Inuit c) Alaskans b) You really should go to the Grand Canyon. 2 to do sth: to usually do something c) You could go to the Grand Canyon if you’ve a) prefer b) tend c) tent nothing better to do. 3 an imprecise number, more than a few, but not a 12 You want to borrow a dictionary from a friend. lot. What do you say? a) normal b) couple c) several a) Can I borrow your dictionary, please. 4 not more than a particular amount, number etc. b) Would you be so kind as to lend me your dictionary, please? a) quite b) only c) often c) Give me your dictionary. [4 marks] [4 marks] 2 Mark the word (a–c) which has the same vowel sound as the word in CAPITAL LETTERS in 5 Read these pairs of sentences carefully. each sentence (9–12). Do they have the same or different meanings? Mark the correct answer (a or b). 5 I CAN’T read your handwriting. 13 I haven’t seen her for four days. a) aunt b) want c) sent I haven’t seen her since four days ago. 6 She OUGHT to stay at home and study. a) Same b) Different a) out b) sort c) tough 14 Don’t let me forget my umbrella. 7 I’m studying LAW at university. Please remind me to forget my umbrella. a) floor b) know c) flour a) Same b) Different 8 Have you READ Tolstoy’s War and Peace? 15 Jill’s shorter than her brother. a) seed b) said c) sighed Jill’s brother is not as short as Jill. [4 marks] a) Same b) Different 4 Choose the correct answer (a–c) for each question (13–17). 16 I remember opening the door. 9 Which is the normal way to write an address on an I remembered to open the door. envelope? a) Same b) Different a) London Road 28 17 It was raining when I arrived. HUDDERSFIELD When I arrived, it started to rain. a) Same b) Different 18 She taught here for 35 years. She’s taught here for 35 years. a) Same b) Different 19 I won’t come to see you if the weather’s bad. I’ll come to see you if the weather’s good. a) Same b) Different 20 They weren’t allowed to enter the military base. They didn’t have permission to enter the military base. a) Same b) Different [8 marks] a) about b) out c) up Test E 8 If you don’t understand, ask your teacher to go 1 Read the text. Which of the four statements ________ it again with you. (a–j) are really true and not beliefs or opinions? a) through b) into c) towards Rather than investing in expensive scientific equipment [4 marks] to predict earthquakes, perhaps scientists should spend 3 Select the most suitable sympathetic response more time watching their pets. Many researchers now (a–c) to each utterance (13–16) believe that the behaviour of certain animals might help them to predict natural disasters. For example, Chinese 9 My son is having an operation in hospital today. scientists in the 1970s thought that reports of farm a) Calm down! animals running around in circles, and of dogs barking al night may indicate an impending natural disaster. b) You must be really worried about him. They decided to evacuate the city of Haichin, which c) What a shame! shortly afterwards was hit by a huge earthquake. Thousands of lives were probably saved as a result. 10 That wasp is really annoying me! Japanese scientists have also discovered that catfish a) Just try to ignore it. become livelier several days before moderately strong b) How awful for you! earthquakes. Many scientists now accept that this can’t be pure coincidence; they believe the explanation may c) Never mind, these things happen. be linked to slight changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. 11 My girlfriend said she didn’t like my moustache! Although human beings can’t perceive such changes, it is thought that the sensitive nervous systems of some a) Don’t worry, she’ll get used to it. animals must be affected by them. Now scientists must b) How terrible for you! discover exactly which animals are affected in this way, so that they can save many more lives in the future. c) Don’t take any notice of her. a) Scientists spend money on expensive scientific 12 I’ve been waiting for my bus for 15 minutes! equipment to predict earthquakes. a) Calm down! I’m sure it will arrive soon. b) Animals can predict natural disasters. b) Try not to worry about it. c) In the 1970s, Chinese scientists heard reports of c) Maybe it will never come. animals behaving strangely near Haichin. [4 marks] d) The scientists knew this was a sign that an earthquake was coming. e) The city of Haichin was evacuated before the earthquake. 4 Read these pairs of sentences carefully. f) Japanese scientists noticed an increase in activity of Do they have the same or different meanings? catfish during earthquakes. Mark the correct answer (a or b). 13 I’ll phone you the moment I get home. g) Some animals are more sensitive to magnetic changes than human beings are. I’ll phone you as soon as I get home. h) All scientists believe this is not a pure coincidence. a) Same b) Different i) Scientists have discovered which animals are 14 Parking is very difficult in Cambridge. affected by magnetic changes. It is very difficult to park in Cambridge. j) They will be able to save more lives in the future. a) Same b) Different [4 marks] 15 The criminals had escaped when the police arrived. 2 Choose the correct preposition (a–c) to complete The criminals escaped when the criminals arrived. each sentence (9–12). a) Same b) Different 5 The car stopped because I had run ____ of petrol. 16 More foreign cars are being sold than last year. a) out b) down c) over People are buying more foreign cars than last year. 6 She apologised ______ being late. a) Same b) Different a) over b) for c) from 17 She accused me of lying. 7 She has brought ______ a family of five healthy children. She said I was lying. a) Same b) Different 18 His nervousness prevents him from being a good speaker. What prevents him from being a good speaker, is his nervousness. a) Same b) Different 19 The people, who shouted at the minister, were arrested. The people who shouted at the minister were arrested. a) Same b) Different 20 I wish you were more helpful around the house. I wish you’d be more helpful around the house. a) Same b) Different [8 marks]