Latihan Kalimat Deggres Companson

A. Pasitive Degre
 His muney is a much as you money
 Mr.budi as good as the ather
 My book is as opansive as your
 The task is a difficult as you imagme
 He Driver as carefully as my father

B. Comparative degre

 My ……. Is bigger than his ......
 Adi is shofter than me
 krystal is more beautiful her sister
 My house is father than dan’s house
 Mira is more beautiful girl in her class

C …………… Degre
* he is the funniest student in this class
* he is the in art dilligent student in my class
* My brothe is the fattest in our family
* he runs slowest …………. In january
* krystal is mast beautiful ………

Asking & Giving Opinion Defenition Opinion b a thought ol belief or judgement about something or some one -Expression of asking opinion *What do you think about *What b your opinion ? *Do you thing it’s going? *Do you agrep that ? *How do you do think about my I dea ? *How about this? -Expresion of givin opinion * I think *in my humble opinion *in my opinion * According to me *As I binderstand *From my point of view -Expression of agreement with on opinion *Of course * I agree with this opinion * you agree night .

Listed below are transitions that intro duce causes and effect A.Cause Effect Relationship Cause effect is a relationship ……. Avents or things . I failed in the preliminary test * I failed in the preliminary test as a result of my bad preparation B. Of employment rates inggred bye a drop in investment *her fear of roaches was caused by an eany child hacd trauma *The ……….Transmission in phrases ؈Because of ؈As aresult of The above transtision must be falowed by a phase when thase transinon comae at beginning of the senctre cumma mlut be assigned begore the main sentence -Example : *Because of he bad performes dumng the tenure the in aimbent president seems to lase in the coning election *the invumbent president seems to luse in the caming election because of ber had performance during the tenure *As a result of my bad preparation .Expression in sentenses >Caused bye >Resilt from The above verbs indicate a cause pay close attention to the following examples Examples : *their extreme ad age result from the life style *An economic precession can result from a ……. where one is the result of the other or others . Could have been caused by the antibrotics .

Transitional expression betureent sentencens >hence >consequently >As a result >there fore >thas >For this reason The above transmisions ussually accur between two camprete and a cumma of ten follows then.Adverbial clause of course >BECAUSE >SINCE Both cause and since can be added to sentences to make adverbial clauses of causes EXAMPLE:*I ……. use and adjective or adverb between so and that on the other hand we should insert a noun or a noun phiase between Example : *Conditions he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything *I ran out of ine for my printer its so expensive that I cant affad it * That vase is such a beautiful antique that people were ………… to play .Adverbial Clauses Of Result Adverbial clauses of result are made by cumeching to sentences with so / such … that we .C. EXAMPLE:*living alone can be difficult THERE FORE many single people prefer u liye *the people of caucasus eat the same foud all therr live THIS their budier rumed to *The tavern was filled hence nursy E.Cordimating conjunction as trancitions > FOR > SO -for is wed to indicate a cause -So is used to indicate a result EXAMPLE: *she had to go so she called a friend to drive her *he couldn’t go home for he had no placeto go D. On you wearing a jacket since im sure as going to be very cold outside *ssince im sure its going to be very cold outside ……… on your wearing a jacket F.

5a. hot -Shape (… -Material (what is it made of) *Noun -(Noun.3.texture.rall.crgarette. “Conditions Of Things” Descriptive adjective are the adjectiva we to describe things we see they cant be used to explain a noun by ………………….all.7) >he had beautiful old ivory chesse prece (2. they can come befores the nouns they describe or be placed after a yerb When we describe or mudify a noun with more than one adjective what ro bear in mind Is that the noun must come at the end of the …… and the order or adjective preceding it is a follows *Bath.last) *Cardinal Number (one.second.6b.fat) -Color (red. *Opinion:-General judgement (bad.half *The a/an number (first. bb 7) >My all the first there ……… .square.and.long) -age or temperature cold .book) Example:>Delicious hot soup (sa .7) . young .small.6g.2.nice.beautiful) -General meratal judgement (intelligentis stupid) *Fact :-Measurement (big. brake the record (1.thin.condition .. .good.stel.

Conditional sentences in english are diviatd into two categories >The real Conditional >The unreal conditional *The real conditional widely know as future conditional is used to expres that some thng may happen or …… oclus when a arrain condition/requirement b falfilled he real conditional is …. Future Conditional (Conditional Type1) This conditional express that some thing may happen or probahly accurs in the future or even now when a cerrain condition. calle d future conditional org conditional type 1 *The unreal conditional b useh to express a hope or an expeclation that contradict to what happens in realyty the unreal conditional has two vaneties I. I will invite you ……… a movie >If you don’t have any money you may ……… framme .e hope or an expectation that contradict to what happening …… called present conditional org conditional or conditional type 3 1. Recuitment is falfilled conditional type1 is pormed by pulling simple present or the sub clause and simple future IF+SUBJEK+PRESENT+SUBJECT<TWILL+VER B<(SIMPLE FORM CAN MAY MUST Example: >If I have much money I will bye a house >She …. Not give you a presen if you are lazy >If it does’t rain tonight .. “Conditional” Conditional clauses or conditional sentences are sentences used to indicate a personal opinion in showing his/her prediction unlike in indonesian .e.

Present conditional (conditional type 2 ) This conditional express a hope or an expelration that contradicts what is happening now or in the future conditional and past future as the main clause IF+SUBJECT+SIMPLE PAST+SUBJECT+WOULD+VERB COULD MIGHT Examples:*if I had much money I would buy a car *she would not give you apresent if you were lazy *if you come with me for a ……tonight you waild have a great fun *if you didngt have any money you might borrow from me 3Past conditional (conditional type3) This conditional express a hope or an expectation that contradits what already happened in the past conditional type 3 is formed by putring pas perfect as the sub dansa and past future perfect as the main clause IF+SUBJECT+PAST PERFECT +SUBJECT +WOULD+HAVE VERB BEEN COULD MIGHT Examples:*if I had much money I would have bought acar *she would not given you apresent if you had bean lazy *If it hadnt rained last night I would habe invite you to …. .2. A movie *If you hadnt had any money you would have borrowed from me.