white paper series

8 Keys to Project Improvement
We have identified a number of areas in the typical Project Management approach that frequently exhibits weak execution. Our approach
corrects these deficiencies and permits the highest level of program management

Weighted Engage PMs at Meaningful
Intelligent Analysis
Level of Effort Contract Phase Risk Management

Budget Tracking Performance Actionable Information
and Projections Measurement Reporting Presentation


This will provide accurate requirements . Make risk management pay off by attaching client This will improve their ability to proactively manage scope. schedule status and milestone graphics to create clear views that showcase relevant achievements. A timeline with a ‘today’ marker and a bar graph any non-ordinary circumstances of costs by type is more valuable than a task be task discussion www.com . updated projections for cost and timing and information. Include what has Make client presentations informative and impactful using been consumed (EV). budget forecasts and schedule progression – status and performance tracking – a task at project midpoint know workforce needs at each project phase/milestone to milestone may not represent half of the man-hours improve schedule performance and resource availability Engage PMs at Contract Phase Meaningful Risk Management Empower PMs by including them in the contract execution. white paper series 8 Keys to Project Improvement Weighted Level of Effort Intelligent Analysis Once the project baseline schedule is developed. Plotting project Ensure performance measurement supports decision making costs such as labor and expenses as they are consumed during by aligning data points with the actual project WBS to produce the project lifecycle will indicate overall health and allow for a performance status picture – at this point we have burned ‘x’ early corrective actions and have ‘x’ remaining Actionable Reporting Information Presentation Reports must be concise and meaningful. weight each Leverage project tracking metrics to understand resourcing phase or task group based on LOE.elitetechnical. Risk stemming from client- identify opportunities and eliminate overruns while side variables should not impact contractor profitability of managing client expectations and mitigation of risk SLAs – build constraints into risk planning Budget Tracking and Projections Performance Measurement CPI alone falls short for project measurement. dependencies to risk strategies.

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