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Running Head: Praxis Core Analysis

Eboniee Rose
Praxis Core Analysis Paper
Edu- 299 Wyckoff
Due: 4/9/17
Praxis Analysis

Exam Requirements
The Praxis Core is a test required by the state of Nevada for all that desire to become a

teacher. Anyone who wishes to take the test must pass all three sections before continuing in

their teaching career. The test is normally taken in the early part of attending college, transferring

from community college to university, or before you become a student-teacher. There are two

Praxiss exams. The Praxis I is measuring content knowledge and skills for Math, Reading, and

Writing. The Praxis II tests on content knowledge in the area of what subject you wish to teach.

Below are the qualifying scores needed to pass the Praxis I Core:

Reading: 156
Writing: 162
Math: 150

Exam Preparation
Since I have been pursuing my Associates Degree in Elementary Education, I have not

prepared for the Praxis Exam. The area in which I feel as though I have to prepare for the most is

the Math Section. Because there is a limited time to answer the questions and Math is not my

strong subject either, I am nervous to take that portion of the exam. In addition to that, the

Writing section will be a hardship for me. Its hard for me to gather my thoughts together in a

short amount of time. The reading, I dont think I will have an issue with.

Exam Results
For each section of the practice test I set it up as if I was actually taking the Praxis. I set a

timer for 55 minutes to finish the portions. In the Math section I score in the 51 Percentile range.

I need more improvement. I was highly surprised. I felt as though I would not be likely to pass

the section. For the writing section I scored very low in the 28 percentiles. I am not likely to pass
Praxis Analysis

that section. In the Reading section I scored in the 30 percentile. I will not be likely to pass this


Future Exam Preparation

Due to the fact that I have not been preparing for the exam I could expect to receive those

scores. I have much to work on to be full prepared when taking the exam. In addition to that, I

also have to work on my nerves. I get really nervous and I start to second guess myself. When I

was going through the correct answers, they were the original answers I chose; however, I

changed it because I didnt think it was the correct answer. This practice has encouraged me to

trust my gut feeling.