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Susquehanna University - Teacher Intern Program

Student Teacher Performance Profile

Purpose: This process must be completed once at the mid-point and once at the end of the

student teaching experience. Other forms for assessment of a student teacher are available

however, this is the required form for the Teacher Intern Program. As a result of this process you

will write a Professional Improvement Plan at the middle and end of your experience.

Instructions: This profile is designed to inform student teachers about the abilities and

knowledge needed for success in this complex profession. However, this profile is to be

approached with the understanding that student teachers are novices who begin at a variety of

starting points. The Cooperating Teacher and the Student Teacher should complete this form

individually, then compare and discuss the results creating a composite profile. When there

is a notable strength or weakness, please provide specific examples from the students teaching

practice. A copy of the composite document should be discussed with the University Supervisor

and submitted via SU Blackboard to the Director of the Teacher Intern Program.

This Performance Profile has been completed, reviewed, and discussed by:

Student Teacher: Joelle Billheim Date 4/3/17

Cooperating Teacher: Lydia Jackson Date 4/3/17

University Supervisor: Date

Select One: Mid-Point Review x End Review

M Lesson plans are complete with sequential instruction steps included

February 2017 Revision

M Objectives clearly state appropriate student learning outcomes

M Assessments are aligned with objectives and learning activities

M Materials and resources are prepared and gathered prior to teaching the

M Content of the lesson is thoroughly understood by the student teacher

M Lesson plans and materials (handouts, games, quizzes, tests, etc.) are
provided to Cooperating Teacher in advance of lesson presentation

M Group and partner work is thoroughly planned (group composition,

objectives, assignments, activities, materials, grading procedure, etc.)

M Demonstrates flexibility if original plan fails and student learning is not

taking place

M Shows evidence of use of PA Academic Standards and sound psychological

principles of learning


Ms. Billheims lesson plans were always thorough to district standards and she
reviewed her ideas for instruction and supplementing that instruction with me
beforehand. She demonstrated flexibility and reflected on what went right and wrong
in her instruction. Occasionally she still had spelling or grading mistakes, but I always
pointed them out and explained them to her.

M Communicates academic and behavioral expectations clearly

E Speaks clearly at a comfortable volume in a friendly tone

M Is aware of student behaviors in all parts of the classroom during the entire class

February 2017 Revision

E Addresses unwanted behavior promptly and effectively

E Provides positive feedback for desired behavior

M Develops and maintains appropriate relationships with all students

M Commands whole-class attention and cooperation when needed

M Uses appropriate language and terminology

M Makes effective transitions between learning opportunities

M Anticipates and responds to unexpected events and/or misunderstandings

E Establishes and maintains a safe, respectful, nurturing learning environment


Classroom management continued to be a great strength for Ms. Billheim, and mutual
respect was established. She has a great volume level when instructing and showed
the students lots of positive feedback for their behavior when it was positive, and
corrected their behavior during the numerous times it was negative. She made the
classroom always feel safe and nurturing.

M Gives clear, precise directions

M Links new concepts to prior knowledge

M Presents accurate information to students

M Models/demonstrates expected learning

M Uses appropriate and effective questions

M Requires students to be actively engaged in the lessons content

February 2017 Revision

M Uses a variety of instructional media and tools to engage students

M Monitors groups and individuals effectively as they work in class

M Uses a variety of formative and summative assessments

E Provides specific, timely feedback to students that supports their learning

M Uses results of assessment to adjust instructional strategies


Ms. Billheim would always rotate around the room during independent or partner
work, checking in with students for understanding. She was very timely with her
feedback on their work and assessments, and frequently met with small groups who
were struggling on specific topics to ensure their comprehension.

E Makes student learning the greatest priority

E Treats all students with kindness and respect

M Accepts responsibility for personal behavior

E Works cooperatively with peers, teachers, parents, and administrators

M Displays integrity in speech and actions

M Completes and submits assignments in a timely manner

E Is flexible and responsive to the suggestions of others

E Is in the classroom at the required times

E Appearance is consistently professional

February 2017 Revision

E Attends parent conference, professional development days and other events


Ms. Billheim continued to be very professional in her interactions with adults and
students, and has gone above and beyond required hours of observation and student
teaching. She was always respectful and was always open with her communication
about her attendance. She maintained professionalism in her appearance and
behavior. She has a fabulous sense of humor and a heart for teaching. I really enjoyed
my time working with and mentoring Ms. Billheim

February 2017 Revision