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Write an essay on the topic: In your opinion, what is the best approach to teaching grammar

for pupils in Malaysian primary classroom schools? Include at least one reference, correctly
cited in the APA style.

To teach grammar, there are various approaches that can be used. Some of the approaches
are overt, covert, grammar in context and grammar in isolation. In our Malaysian primary
classroom, there are different types of learners that demands different type of learning style.
So, as a teacher, we should find out which approach is suitable to teach grammar for the
pupils. In my opinion, the best approach to teaching grammar for pupils in Malaysian
primary classroom is the covert approach. I agree that this approach is the best because of
several reasons.

The first reason is because this method is very much alike to the acquisition of the L1. In the
L1, like Malay, we learned to talk by using all the structures that we listened before we
aware of the rules. Most of us did not talk broken L1, for sure. Same goes to covert
approach. In covert approach, inductive learning is applied. Inductive approach is defined
as new grammatical structures or rules are presented to the students in a real language
context (Goner, Philips, Walters 135). Thus, by using covert approach, the teacher asks the
pupils to learn using the language first before they started to make sense of the rule.
Gradually, the L1 will become internal motivation in order to learn grammar.

Besides that, in covert approach, the teacher gets the pupils involved in using structure
without drawing their attention to the grammatical rules. Thus, the pupils will not having a
difficult time to digest anything they learn because they just need to get familiar with the
structure and understand them. For example, to teach the structure “Do you have...?” the
teacher gets the pupils to ask their friends and write the names of several pupils who have
each of the stationeries...