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Caiden Trivedi

Mrs. Brown


May 4 2017

Age of Disco

The 1970's is when the environment became some people's

first priority, it was known as the age of disco. It involve the

first and only presidential resignation due to the Watergate

scandal involving President Nixon, it was an era with booming pop

culture including the first star wars movie, Led Zeppelin was in

their prime and the first Earth Day occurred, in this period the

Kool-Aid massacre occurred the Kool-Aid Massacre was when a cult

leader named Jim Jones convinced all of his follower to drink

Kool-Aid filled with cyanide so that they would die a peaceful


Early on June, 17 1972 Democratic National Parties

headquarters in the Watergate complex was broken into by 5 men.

It was uncovered by a security guard when he saw tape on most of

the doors like someone was trying to break in. He immediately

alerted the Washington DC police and they were there almost

instantly. The men were caught trying to wiretap phones, copying

confidential information on the democratic party and were hacking

their desk top computer They caught the 5 men and all of them

had thousands of dollars in their pockets, all the money could be

traced back to Richard Nixon's reelection committee. They set up

an off shore company to wire them the money without getting Nixon

caught up into this. Young Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward

and Carl Bernstein deserve a good deal of the credit for

uncovering the details of the Watergate scandal they were the

ones who figured out the offshore company and how it was linked

to the Nixon reelection committee. Later in 1973 it was

discovered that Nixon had tapes of all white house meeting during

his terms. In 1974, the senate and supreme court required him to

release the tapes where the prosecutor had unconditional evidence

that Nixon was involved. He resigned from his post on August, 8

1974. A month later President Gerald Ford was sworn in as the

United States of America's president. Later he pardoned Nixon of

all of his crimes.

Pop culture was huge in the 70's it was shaped largely by

the beetles craze from the 60's. It was the first time people

started caring all about the environment. Earth Day made its

debut on April, 22 1970 founded by senator Gaylord Nelson who was

a huge environmental activist. He founded Earth Day as a way to

educate the young all about how we are polluting the environment.

The 70's had a ton of hippies due to the boom of interest about

the environment. The bands of the 70's consisted of Led Zeppelin,

Deep Purple, Aerosmith, the Eagles and the Beatles released their

last album on May, 8 1970 Let It Be. The popular TV shows were

Three's company, The Brady Bunch and Saturday Night Live made its

debut in 1975. In 1977 one of the most iconic movies was released

Star Wars: A New Hope, along with Rocky 1 in 1976 and Jaws in

1975. The 70's also included a huge disco craze including the Bee

Gees making their biggest hit Stay'in Alive. One of the big

styles was an afro too.

On November, 18 1978 more than 900 people died from drinking

Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide. Jonestown was a communist city in

Guyana owned by cult leader Jim Jones. He leases the land from

the country of Guyana. He was the founder of the Peoples temple

in Indiana which was a nonreligions group of people. When Jim

Jones wanted to go bigger he created Jonestown and flew out with

more than a 1000 people to Jonestown. When the people arrived

they had to separate the families the kids and women would stay

in different cabins as the men. Since it was meant for around 500

people the living conditions were cramped and dirty. When Leo

Joseph Ryan, Jr. Caught wind of the Town he decided to go down

and investigate it. Mostly because of the worried families and

friends of the members of the cult. When Congressman Ryan went

down he told the members that if they wanted to come back to the

U.S. they could. Few members said yes because they were worried

Jim Jones would be angry with them if they left. When driving out
the congressman wanted to go back and check if anyone else wanted

to leave but that was when a bullet missed him by an inch and

immediately he knew his life was in danger. He went straight for

the airport and when they were their the plane was not ready so

he had to wait for 15 minutes. Then a tractor pulled up with a

wagon full of armed men and they shot and kill Congressman Ryan.

After confirmation that the congressman died Jim Jones brought

out kegs of grape flavored Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide and told

his followers that the U.S. was going to torture their babies and

kids if they did not drink this Kool-Aid. He had the Kids a

babies drink a little syringe that would kill them in 5 to 10

minutes. After the kids it was the women then the men then he

killed himself. In total over 900 people died and more than one

third of them were children.

The 70's was a complex era where people tried to stay

positive with all the corruption and war going on. It saw the

only president and vice president resign due to the Watergate

Scandal. It saw the beginning and end of the Jonestown cult.

Cults became a scary term for most people. It saw the end of a

long Vietnam war that lost many U.S. soldiers lives. It saw the

dawn of earth day and disco and May the force be with you.