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Alexandria Farias

Mr. Jefferson
English 3P/Period 4
The Pipeline Problem

Native American Discrimination. Can you believe this problem began the moment that

Christopher Columbus set foot on North America? When he founded America, it created a

violent chain of events for the Native Americans. The Native Americans faced a genocide by

Columbus for not changing their ways, and now, in todays society, the U.S. expects them to

change as well. If the Native Americans do not act to the U.S.s standards, than their own rights

are taken away from them. Why can the U.S. take away their very own rights? Why is it

considered fair for us to take away land from the Native Americans and say it was ours to begin

with? Why is it considered fair to expect them to change their ways to act like us?

The Dakota Access Pipeline shows just what is wrong in America. This pipeline is being

created so that there is an underground pipeline that will carry oil from wells, to American

consumers. The main problem with this however, is that it is right next to a Native American

Reservation, Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Because of the location of the pipeline, and how close

it is to the tribe, it can easily destroy their primary water supply. The Native Americans also

argue that the land that the U.S. is supposed to dig up, is a very sacred burial ground. Building

the pipeline in this area instead of somewhere else displays how the U.S. does not care about

all its people, they only care about what will allow them to make more money. Former President

Obama put a stop to the pipeline but once Donald Trump took office, he reactivated the making

of the pipeline. Protesters were close in achieving what they wanted but of course it was

overruled by what the President wanted instead. Our country is supposed to allow all its citizens

the right of free speech If the Native Americans have the right to free speech, that gives them
the right to protest. Even though they are allowed to, the Native Americans cannot speak up

against this injustice because of rough police enforcement. One of the rapporteurs of the

U.N.,Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, states "My impression is that there was unnecessary use of force,"

Tauli-Corpuz told the AP. "Anybody has a right to protest and express their opposition to what is

happening."(RT news). All of the American people have rights to these amendments. Why is it

justified in our society to be able to take away these rights from others? It is very important that

our society gives everyone the rights that they need, regardless of their ethnicity or their beliefs.

The Native Americans are supposed to have all these rights but the U.S. restricts them from

using them.

The Native Americans were deprived of their own land, but our country makes their lives

worse by creating popular sports teams with names that are offensive to them. For example,

Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and the Chicago Blackhawks. All these names are

insensitive towards the Native Americans especially since redskins is considered derogatory

slang in most dictionaries(Lakshmi Gandhi, Are You Ready For Some Controversy? The History

Of 'Redskin'). It is unfair to treat the Native Americans this way because they think that these

terms are offensive and they dont want to hear about them being used for sports or anything

really. If it is not okay for the N word to be used freely, then why is it okay for the Native

American equivalent to be used shamelessly? Native Americans have tried to get these names

changed, but to no avail. This shouldnt be something that is a big deal in our world, if the Native

Americans want the names to be changed, then they should be changed, all they are are sports

teams, not families that have endured many hardships to be here today.

Our country states, in the Declaration of Independence, that everyone has equal rights.

In the constitution, it says that we have various freedoms. The reasons that were stated are just

a small fraction of all the other reasons that the Native Americans are treated unfairly and
discriminated against. But how can we. The American citizens, keep implying that all men are

created equal if we keep discriminating others? If we minimize the Native Americans freedoms,

our country is not what it stands for. We cannot be The Land of the Free if we do not allow

freedom to all.