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TITLE: Clearly and briefly describes what is being All criteria included. Missing criteria.
investigated without using a question.
PURPOSE: Summary of the purpose of the investigation; All criteria met. Missing criteria
answers pre-lab questions.
HYPOTHESIS: Written using If, then format. Independent -Uses proper format Missing criteria
and dependent variables are included. -Variables are included

MATERIALS: Materials used are listed, as well as amounts -Specific measurements -All measurements -All measurements DO -No units in
of materials used including proper units. and units given provided with appropriate NOT have units measurements
-Specific instruments units -Specific instruments are -No specifically named
named -All instruments NOT named instruments
-Experiment could be specifically named -Experiment could not be -Experiment couldnt be
recreated very easily -Could be recreated created otherwise recreated
PROCEDURES: Steps are clearly written out. Steps are -Steps listed in numerical -All 3 criteria are met -Logical procedure but -Not logical, not
specific enough to allow the lab to be order steps are not numbered numbered, and no
-Steps process logically and materials not materials incorporated
reproduced exactly as written. -Materials are incorporated
incorporated as needed
DATA & Data table, chart, or graph is appropriately -Describes overall trends -Does not describe -Does not describe
OBSERVATIONS chosen, created, and properly labeled with -Summarizes data in words overall trends of data overall trends of data
-Does not discuss the Summarizes data in -Does not summarize
: units. Chart/Graph has a title, labeled axis. hypothesis in this section words data in words
All data is explained and logically organized. -Selects specific and -Does not discuss the -No graph or chart
relevant data for hypothesis in this section
discussion -Missing chart
-All components for table components
or chart are included
DISCUSSION: Specific discussion questions are answered -All variables correctly -Does not clearly identify -Incorrectly identified
and explained correctly. Theory of the lab is identified and explained variables; or explain and explained variables
connected to a real world application.
Variables (control, independent, dependent)
are identified correctly and explained why.
SOURCES OF Sources of error are described and the -Identifies unavoidable -Missing identified errors Only simple, avoidable Missing section
ERROR: influence on data is explained. Instrumental errors that may have or the effects of each are errors are identified and
affected results NOT explained, or how to discussed.
and human error should NOT be mentioned -Discusses how each error avoid each in the future is
unless they cause a significant fault. could be avoided in NOT discussed.
future experiments.
CONCLUSIONS: Simple statement reflects the purpose of the All criteria are present. 2/3 criteria present 1/3 criteria present Lacks all 3 criteria
lab. Hypothesis is rejected or accepted based
on investigation evidence. Uses specific data
to show how the hypothesis was or was not