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11 May 2017
Article Summary: GMOs, Herbicides, and Public Health

There are a large amount of chemical herbicide applied to GM crops, and will even

increase further in the next few year making it the largest in a generation. It started with engineer

making corns and soybeans the most popular ingredient in our food today tolerate glyphosate,

now 90% are genetically modified. The next big indication of herbicide use is when United State

started a widespread adoption of herbicide usage, from 0.4 million kg in 1974 to 113 million kg

in 2014. Herbicide resistance is so strong that now farmer even put agent orange defoliant which

was used in the Vietnam war a chemical that cause major health problem for an individual if they

are exposed to it, just to get the best value out of their crop. However large herbicide usage is not

the biggest problem, but the side effect that scientist don't account for are. Some example are the

monarch butterfly decline and the potential side effect on infant/children which isnt put in for

consideration. That why many should be reluctant about using modified crop and rethink if it is

the right choice.

Another development that make GM crops is even more concerning is the disease it can

cause and develop in human. The most important one is the IARC(International Agency for

Research on Cancer) in 2015 identified glyphosate a probable human carcinogen which is a

cancer causing substance. Another identification of a disease is the non-Hodgkins lymphoma

which can cause fever, belly pain, and/or chest pain, which was discovered by comprehensive

assessments of the toxicologic. Also an epidemiologic literature that linked both herbicides to

dose-related increases in malignant tumors at different anatomical sites in animals, GM crops can
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11 May 2017
be helpful but it is still very mysterious so before doing something major scientist should find out

the effect it will have on humans first.

The article attract readers because it talks about how GM foods doesnt affect only

science and farmer field, but also the people eat and buy the GM foods. This connect to part four

because it explain why GM food should be more tested before being used on all crops. It tell us

many con of using GM food such as it can ruin animal environment and cause disease that no

one desire. The article end with the hope that FDA would label their GM foods so people can

avoid it which they did in 2016, this show that the article know what theyre talking about and

their other proposal should be taken in consideration.