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First Year B.A, B.COM. LL.B. (Hons.), and Second Year B.A LL.B.
(Hons.) Degree Courses
Project topics
Academic year 2016-2017
Course: Principles of Economics, Business Economics and Statistics & Indian Economy
Course work: Project work (Project submission: 20 marks + Viva-voce: marks, Total
Date of submission: 27/04/2017
Date of presentation and Viva voce: 28/04/2017, 29/04/2017, 01/05/2017 and 02/05/2017

Students given with research papers for the detailed analysis and review, shall follow
the given guidelines. The content of the project has to be typed in Times New Roman font,
size12 and submitted as hard copy. The same is to be submitted in PDF format. The project
work shall not exceed 10 pages. The marks for the Project will be accorded in terms of
content analysis and presentation. Submission of the project is on 27/04/2017. The students
shall submit the projects to class representatives by 1:30 pm. The Class representative will
collect the projects and will submit on the same day before 2:00 p.m. to the Subject faculty.
Projects submitted after 28/04/3017 will be rejected. No late submission will be

The project has to be titled as “A detailed analysis of Title of the paper”. It should
have four sub sections General introduction (introducing the broader area of research
and author), detailed Content analysis (discuss the various sub topics/sections dealt by
the author) Conclusion (conclusive arguments of the paper) and Synopsis of the
research (student’s understanding of the topic and connecting it with larger issues in
Economic analysis. Analyze the difference between facts, ideological inclinations and
perspective of the author and relate it with economic facts that are present in our