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1 February 2017

5 Walsh Trace Dr
Asheville, NC 28803

TCRHS Graduation Project Board

250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Graduation Project Advisory Board:

Since my Sophomore year in high school, I have taken Chinese as my foreign language. Being able to
speak Chinese is helpful for what I plan on doing in my future, on the other hand I feel there is a lack of
teaching Chinas culture in class. The lack of learning about China has drawn me to want to explore more
into Chinas vast culture.Through the Graduation Project, I hope to achieve teaching skills,
communication skills, as well as better knowledge of China as a whole.

The goal of my research paper is to learn more about how China became the country it is today. I want to
explore more into the dancing aspect of China. I plan on researching the Origin of the dances, the types of
dances, entertainment, meaning behind them, and how they have changed. To make sure my information
is as accurate as possible, I will use the internet, books, periodicals, and personal interviews.

For my practical experience, I will be working with my Chinese teacher, Mrs. Li. Mrs. Li lived in China
for her whole life except the past 5 years due to her moving to America to teach Chinese. My mentor will
be me teaching me how dance has played a role in Chinese culture and how to identify traditional dances.
For my practical experience, I will be teaching my Chinese class a traditional Chinese dance that I created
based on what I have learned about the dances. I will spend 15 hours with my mentor creating my dance
and learning information to write my research paper. I plan to complete these hours during study smart
period, after school, and at my mentors home. I plan to document my hours by blogging each session I
attend with her. My mentor will be taking photos and videos of my dance progression. This project will
not cost me anything due to my mentor being able to share her resources.

I understand that plagiarism is unlawful and it can happen by taking credit for other's words, thoughts,
and any kind of work. I understand that if I plagiarize I will fail my Senior Graduation Project. In order to
make sure I dont plagiarize I will follow all of MLAs citation policies.


Chantel Smith-Bowen

Attachments: Evaluation and Mentor/Parent Consent