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cmd=cmdSkyrimIngredientList (to change races

main mods: (step) (finished) (STEP)
stabilizing & optimization: (optimization tutorials)=>has useful "st
able test" tutorials (optimizer texture) (modding beginning)
=> better guides
Conflict_Resolution => additional guides (stability guide)=>contain .ini twe
aks too (skyrim guides & tutorials)=>contai
n magic resistance's guide too
edit (how not to screw your game) (.ini tweaks, archery tweaks, et
4 (graphical guides, including .ini tweaks) (complete .ini
tweaks) (potato pc vs modded skyrim) => ext
remely useful for skyrim.ini & skyrimprefs.ini tweaks for lower spec system (stability performance optimization
enb config) => by sthaag
crash guide:

and .nexusmods.php?/topic/854562-sovngarde-glow-doesnt-dissa pear-after-final-quest/ (to fix sovngarde glow) (r emove master dependency) npc edit guides (plus edit esp): magic-effects-from-the-player/ (removing unwanted magic effects) (enb organizer) gameplay guide: http://www.nexusmods.php?/topic/2478619-can-i-change-a-followers-s tarting-location-with-tesvedit/ (custom an imations & skeletons) http://forums.php?title=Category:Conditions (conditions cate gory) g-esps-for-skyrim/ modding & scripting guides: https://forums.nexusmods.php?/topic/2726404-dual-sheath-redux-mesh-pat ches-need-any/ (DSR mesh request) https://www.php?/topic/1155073-how-to-remove-a-master-fil e-dependancy-from-a-mod/ (remove master dependency) (actor values in skyrim) (as reference for some mods) other guides: player-adding-spell-via-magict-effect/ #scribd (making compatibility patches using tes5edit) fff-ctd-on-load/ vourite-npc (another guide with pictures) (fores new idles guide) /page-3 (wagon bug) sheath_redux_patches/ (make DSR patch) http://www.php?title=Magic_Effect (list of magic effects) (list of conditi ons functions) http://www.scribd.php/Adding_a_Follower_NPC_to_Skyrim (masterlist dangerous ourdated & superseded mods) https://forums.php?/topic/556001-deleting-landscape-grass-lol /page-3 (floating grass) lag/? (script latency testing) g-esps-for-skyrim/ (list of flags.graphic guide: => to make ck works http://www. ild-the-chirurgeon (perfect for necromancer doctor build) (good for complementin g 2h warriors with more brutal ild-the-oracle (very interesting monk) http://theskyrimblog.ning. transformable to devil form/need mod for this) (list of all mag ic effects) gameplay guides: ild-the-orc-shaman-king? (very interesting savage/brutal shaman) https://www. tough body. with lower necessity for grinding) http://group/character-building/forum/topics/character-build-the-paladin (paladi n.ning.creationkit.php?/topic/1033740-merging-user-reports/ (list of succesfull unsuccessfull merging) ild-bronze-sentinel (2nd version of above.uesp. & alchemy) character builds: ild-the-shaper (mage werewolf) including crafting stations) (perk records explanations ) (modding skyrim scripter's edition) merging plugins guides: (list of magical effects) ild-the-weeping-angel (as base for assassin stealthy character) http://theskyrimblog. to complement above or similar build) ild-the-bleak-walker (nice basic for 2-handed characters from many fantasy anime / (tutorial merging plugins with MO) http://www. also add dante's vibe which is quite magic resistant. enhanced regenerative ability) (ultimate smithi ild-the-technologist? (as base to build technologist or mechanic character) for weapon) (for more colored script words) http://www. can complement monk build) http://theskyrimblog.aspx ild-ares-god-of-war (to strengthen any overwhelming warrior builds) (useful id code for var ious furniture in ild-the-lore-keeper (interesting scroll-user (for MO) https://github. 2h user but ag ile/ (modding skyrim modders edition) r-build-archive (main page) ild-the-obsidian-sentinel (juggernaut tank) http://theskyrimblog. enchanting.

http://theskyrimblog.php ilding-thor (another nice build inspiration just like ares above) others: