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Term Definition

General Terms

assessment The process of observing, recording, and documenting behavior,

learning, and development

confidentiality The practice of respecting and maintaining the privacy of individuals

and groups

developmental norm A characteristic considered normal for people of a specific age group

ethics The practice of displaying positive character traits

evaluate To make judgments

flow chart An outline of relationships among major concepts for a topic/theme

frequency The total number or rate of occurrences; how many times/how often


formal observation An observation that occurs under controlled conditions

informal observation An observation that occurs under less controlled conditions

naturalistic observation Observing and recording behaviors as they occur naturally

participant observer An observer who interacts with children while observing

objective Recording only the facts without personal opinion or bias

subjective Recording personal impressions and opinions

Observation Record

anecdotal record A detailed written description about a particular incident

checklist A form on which check marks are placed beside information/behaviors being
looked for

frequency count A count of the number of times a behavior occurs during a time period

rating scale An evaluation of listed items using either words or numbers as ratings

running record A detailed, step-by-step record of what happens during a time period