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With the new, revolutionary form of visual media becoming more compact and accessible, it’s an

inevitability that artist of today will take advantage of this medium to create fresh and unique forms of art.

Artist such as Bill Viola take advantage of this medium to interpreted art in a fresh and unique way. Bill
Viola’s 2014 piece “Martyrs” featured 4 plasma screens in St Paul’s Cathedral and show 4 individuals
involved with either one of the 4 elements fire, water, dirt and air. It uses cleaver camera trickery and
special effects to depict each individual in dangerous circumstances. For example, the individual depicted in
“fire” is seen sitting on a chair surrounded by fire which gets increasingly more violent as time progresses.
Another depicts a man hung by his feet getting dumped with water, which gets more violent as time
progresses. He uses split-screen to draw parallels with what we are seeing. If this footage was shown in two
separate rooms, then we wouldn’t be able to draw a parallel between the work, however by positioning the
screens in a portrait position and lining each screen up to each other draws parallels with the images. His
work seems to depict themes of mortality, especially this piece, which shows the danger of the 4 vital
elements we need to survive, being used in harmful circumstances.

24 Hour Psycho is the title of an art installation created by artist Douglas Gordon in 1993. The piece depicts Alfred
Hitchcock’s 1960’s classic, “Psycho”, slowed down to 2 frames per second. The film is projected onto a screen and
lasts exactly 24 hours. This is a different take on the classic and introduces themes of “recognition and repetition,
time and memory, complicity and duplicity, authorship and authenticity, darkness and light”.

“180” by Zlatko Cosic features 180 videos compiled into a 60x60 screen. 60 videos are played for 60
second compositions by 60 different composers, hence the name 180. This piece would be non-linear
seeing as the footage doesn’t seem to link. Each piece is an interesting visual but follows no narrative
whatsoever. The artist has used basic video editing techniques to combine all of this footage to play
at once. The result is a cool collage of the creative mind.

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