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reetings OPA members! time to review the preview of the tracks in
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President’s Report P.1 a very particular in California next year. Your support and
year, charged with loyalty is much appreciated; it fuels our
Eclipses of October 2014 P.2 tragic tension in the creativity and inspires our service.
Astrology Unlocked P.5 Ukraine, the Middle In other exciting news, we are working
East, and many dra- on a collaboration with Kepler College
Chiron: Key to our Carreers P.7 matic natural events. in order to offer our membership special
Interview with Jeff Jawer P.9 Astrologically, we opportunities to study through Kepler.
started this year OPA members can now enjoy a 10% dis-
Enhancing Astrology Practice P.10 with the powerful Cardinal Cross and then count on any workshop from $250, and
Transits of the Season P.12 in August transitioned to the fixed ener- a 5% discount on any workshop below
gies of Jupiter in Leo and Mars and Saturn that. OPA is also working on creating a
Neptune-Pluto Conjucntion P.15 in Scorpio. The Uranus/Pluto square is Professional Development workshop with
making two additional exact alignments, Kepler. Stay tuned for more details!
Editor: Maurice Fernandez the next one in December and then We soon will be publishing the new
Cartoons by Dmitriy Paramonov in March 2015. With an increase of fire schedule for the Free Monthly Talks for

Design: Sara Fisk energy (Jupiter in Leo and soon Saturn in 2015. In the meantime, we look forward to
Sagittarius), we can expect strong exter- hear Armand Diaz, Margaret Gray, and Kari
nal manifestations and changes resulting Noren Hoshal in these coming months.
from this square. Our security will be in Wishing you all a wonderful season, and
motion, creativity, and action it seems. I hope to see many of you at the ISAR con-
On our side, OPA has been very busy ference in the next few days.
planning the program for the 2015 Retreat With Blessings,
and we are very inspired by our schedule Maurice, President, OPA
of speakers and topics. Please take the

5, 2015 - Th e Complete Track List
OPA Retreat, Oct. 22-2
California Dreaming and Do
• ARLAN WISE – Basic Chart Interpretation
• ANNE ORTELEE – Working with Chart Patterns, from Crosses to Mystic Rectangles
• MONICA DIMINO – Vocations and Careers For the 21th Century
• ALEXANDRA KARACOSTAS – Peer Group Work: OPA’s Signature Process
• MAURICE FERNANDEZ – Spiritual Development and Breakthrough in the Chart
• CHRIS McRAE – Unfolding Your Evolutionary Journey
Special Deal! • CHRIS BRENNAN – Zodiacal Releasing: Time Peaks and Transition in Career and Life Direction

• SANDRA LEIGH SERIO – Predictive Astrology
• RICHARD SMOOT – Working with the Antiscia
‘til December 15, 2014 • RICK LEVINE – Becoming a Better Astrologer (Max 10 participants per track)
+ 6 month

ful as it activates the transformative ener- T Astrologically. for the heavens in their motivation may be entirety are within us. Mercury ret. this degree will have tremendous impor- The Solar Eclipse aligns on October 23 at 0 degree Scorpio. it is impulsive. Astrologers are sharing their perspec. Eclipse brings with it a Kite formation son. Belonging to the 17 North Saros series. Socializing becomes T hese celestial hectic and issues bodies are not to emerge that motivate be sought by us outside in the individual. This referred to as “Eclipse sea- Moon on the Nodes (Solar Eclipse). yearly Eclipse seasons which by their Have fun. at the exact degree of the final time Eclipses occur are the Nodes of the Moon. Aries 05 on Oct 8th is particularly power. ments to ways of thinking that may be tance. The Eclipses of October 2014 A lunar and Solar Eclipse are align. we are invited sonal levels. Imaginative and creative pursuits are tives on these important events. Psych. enjoy it! nature invite us to do some detoxing and clearing. we will experience a partial erful time when the pace of our lives is Check in your chart to see in what Solar Eclipse at 0’ Scorpio 25 on Oct 23rd. Nodes’ ‘true’ motion stations. The total Lunar Eclipse at 15’ Continued on page 3 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 2 . Maurice Fernandez ing during the month of October. Whatever the motivation. This 15 Libra to 0 Scorpio is located to see to listen to our deepening intuition as is a time when events seem fated and where these influences will most promi. cial projects or relation- -. with a New square on March 15th next year. unconscious realms will feel a lot thinner.Marsilio Ficino ship issues. Dr Bernadette Brady describes the core Margaret Gray theme as follows: ‘This MSW D. October brings the second part of two passionate and exciting. fairness and bal. son. at the 15 degree of in the structures of our life. rograde in Libra from the 4th to the 25th degree of Aries and Libra – Therefore offers the opportunity to make adjust. in exact conjunction with Venus out of balance. Then. the Nodes will station on the 19th Libra and Aries. inviting approaches one of the Nodes.” The Eclipse influence and a Full Moon on the Nodes (Lunar with the Sun/North Node and Venus in gains traction when the Sun Eclipse). likely to benefit at this time. accelerated on both collective and per- house(s) the whole range between With a trine to Neptune. in whom the light of concerned with finan- life and the origin of heaven dwell. Eclipses occur gy of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square he weeks around the when the Sun and the Moon align with in the sky. the us to focus on justice. and freeze The Lunar Eclipse aligns on ance in our relationships with others and on a particular degree –this eclipse sea- October 8. This some other place. Series brings an impul- Astrology sive energy to events. As Mercury prepares to Eclipse season is a particularly pow- go direct. Libra as the point of expression. Everything is activated. the veil between the conscious and the human mind cannot always grasp nently impact your development.

self-acceptance. what is going on – as if a portal to another life is an unending rehearsal of the spe- dimension opens and energy flushes into cial talents we have.10.timeanddate. Trust Clinton will make her big move around this intuition will lead you to right action. and we will hear about Angela Merkel Kathryn Andren the right place. October 23rd at 5:57 p. Node. The keyword is our earthly dimension. A new friendship or relationship Cardinal Cross and last lunar eclipse April 13. Fire setting things in motion? You bet Hillary signs illuminate intuition and action. who have this solar exciting time with Aries instigates action while Jupiter in Leo eclipse conjunct their natal points energize your life. eclipses are referred to as times when nity as the result of effort and Kings die…but in truth.” The dance of Continued on page 4 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 3 . the first half of October pens to be the day that Mercury stands features a grand fire trine including Mars. who do you love and Israeli leaders respectively. EDT to look at the houses in your own person- al birth chart to see where these potent tions: http://www. during eclipses – by “King.e. can have us meet In Washington D. it happens is likely this month. despite Mercury retrograde near unpredictable Uranus. can be expressed through a powerful sonal and political levels…enemies may demonstration. in the right time. expands heartfelt radiance. the Sun and Moon are con- The Lunar Eclipse on October 8. The heat is on First on October 8th. solar/2014-october-23 in Aries makes for a moody and impulsive day.m. What part of your world is experiencing T he eclipse season of October 2014 is directing us to work with may spring up. Kings are also born good karma. Kari Noren Hoshal 23. a systems reset in the realms of relationship and individuality? Venus. i. Remember. meaningful people. Then October October 4 . Reflect what happened Livneh also between Venus and the N.” we may refer to Solar Eclipse 1 degree Scorpio people who have strong leadership and a on special destiny to the S. Russian “cooperation. The North Node is a T-square between Uranus/Pluto/Venus. direct – close to the Lunar Eclipse degree. the and so it the potency to birth new projects Moon at 15 Aries is eclipsed and plans. Both fast and it often marks us deeply. Dancing In The Setting Sun. Mars in O and Francois Holland. Don’t make a snap The total lunar eclipse on October 8th decision you could later regret. This for you six months ago during the epic is a “party” day for self. two powerful eclipses. Whatever it is. and experience intense changes. make important deci. This also hap. Be sure these links for best times and viewing loca- L unar Eclipse 16 degrees Aries on October 8th at 6:51 a. In our personal lives. The Sun is grand fire trine. relationships gence. Have the cour- age to dive deep and savor unseen secrets. Uranus squares the sions. Just avoid over self -indul. Node and Uranus to honor hidden mysteries. announcement until after the 25th. degrees Libra today indicates rumination and how you share your life force are ques- The Solar Eclipse on October 23 con. Uranus in leaders respectively. The Sabian Symbol today speak to one another.C. Eclipses are a time lunar/2014-october-8 The Moon between http://www.timeanddate. The Sabian Symbol today is “Fairies The partial solar eclipse at zero Scorpio with others. This alignment is Did we mention a time of “activation” and most potent during October 4 . Putin and Benyamin Netanyahu.” Mercury’s retrograde at 17 What do you truly value.. Bernadette Brady ‘The Eagle and the Lark’ Jupiter and Uranus. EDT eration and activation.25. at time. This eclipse will land to reach out widely to share his realiza. You are falls at 15 degrees on the Aries Libra axis.” Man is encouraged October their separate ways. 23 is a time to sow the seeds of intimacy very strategically on the chart of Vladimir tions with his fellows. and friends may go is “A Sightseeing Bus. Public may experience tremendous development. lands on junct Venus. * Dr. German and French ctober 2014 is a very Sagittarius asserts optimism. both sextile Jupiter and conjunct and so it can signify a turning of tables in Mercury. We Midheaven today. juncts Venus at 0 Scorpio. This is perhaps “Invigoration!” There is opportu- why. on important issues that is delaying an tions to contemplate for this eclipse. Moon near Uranus in Aries energizes ele- ready to take bold action to “do something vated inspiration supported by this month’s Gali Sat Puran different” for once! It is ok to go ahead with unselfish gut feelings. criticism of the government or perhaps losses. Sun and Moon meet near Venus at 1 Can you see the October eclipses? Check Scorpio for a partial solar eclipse. The key word is as Sun and Moon meet voluptuous Venus.expression and creativity. this time of accel. This can apply on both per. Messages regarding Justice relationships.m.

and more dramat. this series has a lot to do with Maurice Fernandez tionships for example. dinal signs will personally feel this eclipse. Lunar eclipses tend to bring things to transformative and empowering reper- some type of conclusion or culmination cussions that further down the road will and can also bring strong emotional and bring spiritual evolvement and destiny impulsive reactions and responses to situ. this change has wisearlan@gmail. To do that we need to another prominent planet in a person’s release old patterns of relating and com. house and aspects. The Organization for and crazy weather can be seen before and could finally lead to deeper within us. According challenge the old conditioning of society to Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive PRESIDENT and planet from 28 Libra/Aries to 2 degrees ing the door for us to move forward to at relationships on a more worldly level TREASURER the next level with relationships. chart. and recognize our own knot on August 23 in France exactly two fears and limitations that can stop us from months before the eclipse. If eclipses the Uranus Pluto square is on the we haven’t had enough violence in the nodes. towards learning occurs within three days of a birthday or and conferences. relationships Arlan Wise one is a total lunar eclipse or personal initiative. Neptune or Pluto nancy. Florida. unfor- with natures awakening can be expected: tunately. Incorporated on October 4. Solar eclipses often to the Career Astrologer and E-news. Astrology. fulfillment. In order with regard to the eclipse. earthquakes. bring more. family.virgovision@gmail.00. (family involvement). This eclipse can also bring the traditional V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 4 . On the positive side. to compromise and make peace with when it falls on an angle. conflicts to an end. can help us to close loose 23 at 0 Scorpio 25’.com on October 8 occurring at 15 Aries 05’.com close to these degrees and as a result PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS T his fall there are they will likely feel an urge to make an important change in their lifestyle which DIRECTOR two eclipses. This particular eclipse belongs to OPA BOARD municating. free ends and move on. astrologers. RECORDING SECRETARY “Recognize that the other person is you” – Yogi On an individual level. those with any Moon Zlotnick Bhajan www. volcanos eruption. Many people Nancy Beale Sandra-Leigh born from the mid 50’s to the mid 80’s will 847-864-1063 Serio have Saturn. squares Pluto at 11 Capricorn and and peace are not quite over opportunity for a fresh new start. The first could involve work. storms it will bring disruption and change that OPA. strikes. all ations. Present at their COMMUNITY OUTREACH DIRECTOR loving ourselves and bring healing to our wedding were their six of Scorpio/Taurus will likely feel a new beginning unfolding depending on the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY planet. Mars conjunct in Cancer that marked the The solar eclipse will conjunct Venus beginning of the series in 1870. before the actual eclipse. extremists groups and upheavals. ic events such as riots. VICE PRESIDENT on the critical degree 0 Scorpio and trine Eclipses often trigger events months Alexandra Karacostas Neptune in Pisces. the Moon or all life’s polarities. we see that Sandra Leigh Serio to do that we need to be ready to look Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tied the sandraleigh@sandraleigh. Uranus. that goes beyond relationships because of the strong Venus/ maurice@opaastrology. because it conjoins Uranus at 14 degrees but at the same time the games of war of Aries. We can expect eclipse cannot be sufficiently emphasized negotiations. born with planets at 15 degrees of the car. very potent. The importance of this total lunar receive extra emphasis. When we look alexandrakaracostas@yahoo. In both of course opposes the Sun at 15 Libra. easily rep. trying to reach agreements. Boaz Fyler relationships. close to these degrees in Libra can sud. is dedicated to promoting excellence for sion of fanatic ideology. as well as expres. and can bring breakthroughs lives – one that may have been a long time Membership is open to aspiring and current and changes. We need to work on indicate a new beginning or a change in monthly talks by top notch astrologers and balancing our need to be independent lifestyle for an individual when the eclipse members registration fees at OPA retreats and do things our way. R OPAastrology. so more extreme actions together world. Benefits include subscription solar eclipse. OPA provides members with tools to estab- The total lunar eclipse on October 8th is denly encounter a turning point in their lish or improve their astrological practice. People Professional Astrology. We can feel that there’s an resented by Venus/Mars in the sign Cancer opacommunityoutreach@gmail. our resources and financial situation. and together with the The solar eclipse occurs on October astrologers. We can see new forms of rela. and find new ways that might the Saros Series 17 New North. Annual dues are $60. terror acts of Those born in the early 70’s with Uranus 2000 at 1:45 pm EDT in Tallahassee. This energy is open.healingstar11. after the eclipse season. this lethal combination can.

I also determine the type of editing percolated for many years.00 to $7. I receive a much antic. 60 pages of the book publishers from line edit of the full text Once I became a professional astrol.for you. (@ $2. now have a to. This option is important Once in place. I worked with being charged for each additional Pluto and a handful have ventured to Balboa Press. Inside the bubble wrap envel. which is a subsidiary of image ($. well. very serious at the very end.00 … a most generous gift. When she offer the Booksellers Return Program.00) is to finish my draft for publication. and my daughter’s mother had purchased what I would choose to buy if I had to a publication package from Balboa purchase my own package. cost that Balboa wanted to charge me – namely the imbalance of masculine/ My journey to publication involves ($500 vs. I began writing in because the book is a print-on-demand earnest in March of 2013 and com.00 at the time this article was logical timing sense. own editorial work for a fraction of the actually addressed a number of gaps gence. and a smidge of expect the reader to professional editing. op was my author’s copy of my book. I tion branch. which meant I gifted with the opportunity to write funds. of 25) beginning with the Sun and end. Throughout the process ering my books is filled with tables level interpretation that laid out what I learned a great deal that I would that use small icons for each energy it meant for an energy point to be in a like to share with you in this article.999. PhD find packages ranging from $999. Astrology and his or her judgment and get your work out into the world. astro. Most of the book chase option. This part that will quickly add thousands of book to the actual book in my hand of the book was written for beginners dollars to your process.999. $2000). oger and decided to do my work full. I found Barnes and Noble ipated package from Balboa is a series of tables (over 300 pages) reluctant to shelf the book because it Press. was fairly long. energy point I use in my charts (a total Even with the Master Package you I was officially published. realized I was in a positon to write my which makes the purchase and shelv- book. for the Cardinal Angles which is a separate fee. tarot cards. you can skip past the tradi. nearly ghost writing use of. Well. Continued on page 5 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 5 . For example. blending in my guided intuitive astrology at a deep level “self” publica. point symbol and sign. manuscript and hope for publication) Without preexisting skills on my part. “Almost all process they will suggest. applied kinesiol. Like most UNLOCKED scenarios. production and not readily distributed I n the middle of December of pleted the final draft for the publisher to outlets as part of the original pur- 2013. the more you can pay. you will by Philip Young. need to be aware of “hidden” costs ney from ideas about an astrology ing with the Part of Fortune.00) for the simple reason logical timing was not aligned and so that it was the first of the packages to the package was on CorePackages/Compare. I realized the field was come to the book and the subject with able to hire them to help polish my actually lacking a beginner book that a high degree of interest and intelli. I was numerology. a gift ing of your book risk free for 1 year to of $7. Based on my experience. My jour. but the provide interpretations one I decided to write was a begin.” and have contacts that do ogy (muscle testing). in October of 2013. bookstores. she gifted me the package. The first the major editing suggestions range beginner. I was looking house AND a sign.599. I would Press with the intent to write and get have chosen the Discovery Package her book published. I was fortunate to have experience as an editor abilities. Almost all the major publishers now at another several hundreds of dollars Once I felt I had found a sufficient have a “self” publication branch. I also found out that feminine energies (even the most a hybrid of “pay-to-play” and profes. consid- include Chiron) and a clear path to first Hay House. but once I started and professionals as a desk reference the Editorial Assessment that starts at writing it took me less than a year for quick interpretation of an energy the Inspire Package level ($3. If you go to: http:// A Publishing Journey www. with an interpretive formula for every was print-on-demand. point in the sign and house (12X12X25 simply an assessment of 1500 words to Several ideas for an astrology book interpretations). right from the start. But her astro. I was allowed 10 image files before recent books still only use the Sun to sional editing/printing.balboapress.499. sense as well as the spiritual. And I do mean gifted in the literal tional gatekeeper process (submit a to specifications provided by Balboa.10 per image). The ner’s book for the very. My partner and written. the more you can play. actually did the typesetting and layout it.aspx. and how to learn time. If expense! Fortunately I was allowed to reason to write the book I was actually you believe in your idea and have the submit a print ready pdf. explains my journey into.

He includes a writes with intelligence. flanking a thinly sliced meat not try to “make it simple” or claim that preferred catch-all term. Taurus: Three meals. just supplements.000 more dollars. My book is a bit of a marketing conundrum because it is Meal publication. but it may be and are willing to go of perceiving astrology. or even a serious enough amateur Zodiacal I could have easily bumped up against $10. mixed with five raw Could it be worth it? Yes. It is my grains. in my book that would not normally With all that said. Granted I had elements purposely written to a narrow audience. curb weight gain. courteous. It seems like a left-brain approach but one that By Arlan Wise astrology for beginners and offering a may be very useful in learning how to Astrology Unlocked desk reference for other professional synthesize the data you see when you By Philip F. the bulk of the marketing put out a chosen some of the options included in the package was Leo: Red red wine. The majority of the Philip is a good writer. and is “Editing does dling of my book and R mine is the “only astrology book you Pisces: A bite of the rotten tomato will ever need”. After the book was print cheap. vitamin to consider the pay-to-play option. therefore I use the term energy point to describe the astronomi- Aquarius: a fascinating sculpted a beginner’s book for serious-minded piece of celery. He has his reasons.000 to get the book to level to be responsible. It is for students concepts clearly and precisely in plain Philip takes it upon himself to reas- who have read a few English. with sweet and sour sauce stores. Even so. basical. the Sun is a star and Capricorn: Hungarian goulash with with getting my book published. He explains his worksheet at the end of the book. Balboa is a be aware of how much you need to garlic cloves major publishing house within a much bring to the table to get into the game. they produced a very pro- mote. French cheese. professional they presented. He meaning to the energy points in each sign and each house. He uses the term since everyone else thinks that Venus slant on learning astrology. Energy Points instead of planets so he Continued on page 13 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 6 . I decided to write – like the Part of Fortune.. and not come cess. chocolate with Nutella out a professional product. and Gemini: Nicotine sandwich ready I found out the real necessary if had my book been some- Cancer: Mommy’s Tupperware limits of marketing. Young. His intelligence shows as he sign rulerships. 6 interesting wild rice readers instead of “for dummies. If Virgo: Three spinach leaves level of marketing. fashion. Some of his confusing to a student who is just deeper into learning the descriptions are delightful. I was very pleased with fiction).000 to $15. PhD astrologers. nodes.” look at a chart.. and caveats Aries: Vegan activist…tofurky with appear in others books (if you write chilly peppers revealed. and helpful. He gives a unique to interpretation. Scorpio: Protein powder.” I did cal bodies and the calculated points. Astrology Unlocked academic background and I wrote a book trying to reveal how complex A Publishing Journey astrology is and how much work it takes Continued from page 6 to learn it to practice at a professional level. fessional publishing. no snacks to does not come cheap. and is they did try to upsell me. I might have from the monthly supply in the fridge ly. One might craft. then you will want to the tune of $8. I have a professional that happens to be in the fridge The book is “…written to accomplish can include the asteroids. other astrology books introduces the reader to his unique way which he explains. a number of points are special calculations vintage red wine more problematic. Philip Young has written this book node being “ the way of the worn path”. feel uncomfortable saying in a group using his personal interpretations of Philip presents a formulaic approach of astrologers that Venus rules Pisces some of the basics. They were professional. Yes. And. and Book Review two tasks: providing an accessible intro- duction to the complexity of professional angles in these formulas. editing Balboa’s production and han. spaghetti with chocolate. chocolate and corn necessary if you want to put flakes. like the South starting to learn astrology. you want to thing different. In the end and a cigar advice on how to self-pro. but I was just Sagittarius: Anything Mexican NOTE: I do not use the term planet to refer starting my professional practice in line to the points of the chart. well. like radio you believe in your idea. that was another expense. want the credence that comes with pro. larger publishing house. and Libra: The same as what he’s having or predetermined appearances in book. | Contact Phil Young: triangle blackunykorn@gmail. To get to a higher product” fessional product for me. in fact he has book is an extensive cookbook giving T his is a book written for beginners in an easy to read “cookbook” a PhD in English and taught on the col- lege level as an English instructor.

areas that create road- Work troubles can trigger this pattern in tions of the placement blocks and paths to healing and purposeful short order. She realized are innate within the client already. we find the very thing we are here on clients and us it as the focus of talks and the planet to contribute. I looked to Saturn. Her • Feeling understood more by people creativity and innovation were unwelcome who are older than them by about 50 in each workplace. well.something she couldn’t fix. but also their innate gifts and talents. as in the Chiron supporting people in going after what brings Then I looked for transits of Pluto and/ myth. Once in the light. place is exactly what is key to our fulfill- Since that first look. but not much conver. purposeless tasks. while important. named of one of the 100 Most Powerful Women obvious with the material losses and hard cially prominent when Chiron has harder by the Northwest Women’s Journal. aspects and transits were not indica.with an innate capacity for tive of the pain they were describing. expression. explain the pain. They work in our clients’ work lives? The following were able to see not only their inner chal. anger we can see that in actuality. wounded. broken or unfixable in simply can be powerful to start. By going into the Wounded Healer in my career readings for wound. but when she went deeper achieveme Chiron shows up uniquely for each person. deeply practical . too? : ) I looked to astrology to help me find a using the knowledge as her career contin. Many of Portland as “Best Cosmic Career Coach” and and work can overlap. about a client’s gifts. rather than furthering the wound. Visit Aubrie’s website at www. wound differently. workshops. Yet Saturn place. how to find the place that would welcome and guiding clients to structure search- or layoffs can bring. the wounded and despair. was keeping a close eye on it. are some of its telltale characteristics: lenges. Houses associated with work and that will cause rejection. the very things she iden. we can look at the career. important. Underneath their wor. clients speak more healthy non-profit that was a fit. 3. • What they do well for others is difficult Let’s look at a client example. a woman to do for themselves with Chiron in Aquarius in the 5th: • Inability to identify how they are unique This client continually worked in toxic and special non-profit environments over her career. something wrong with them. con- or pattern of assuming we are permanently 1. Encouraging clients to advocate for sation around the feelings of hopelessness standing the culture of the organization and themselves at work in a balanced way that conflicts on the job. the hurt underneath my client’s or Uranus and they came up short as that we are separate and imperfect in a way ingforclarity. Key to Our Careers she shared her worry that there was some- thing wrong with her that was causing this however there are common ways it has been pivotal in my work with clients: by Aubrie De Clerck struggle . It illustrates the practical career applica. to contribute her ingenuity. her fresh perspectives. I looked at Chiron. gaps in work history or any other might limit her contributions and that she is right in front of them and does common concern. that we all are born with the notion them joy. where fear same coin – the wound and the gift. influence on the careers of your clients. tect their vulnerability from the light of day. Aubrie times people were facing. Aubrie seeing through and help them see possibil. It shows how applying Chiron placement sider looking at sign. It shows how the client is empowered. ready to move not require outside circumstances to ries was a universal feeling that there was on if necessary. At first. She wondered if no healthy non-profits existed out there. few of us talk about the deep pain that she was wired up to give this gift and This paves the way for motivation and that career and work can cause. to conduct a search that focused on under. something There are a few things I love about this To deepen your understanding of Chiron’s Adam Gainsburg calls a “subconscious belief example. change in order for them to access it. R V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 7 . I think of it as two sides of the was featured in Willamette Week’s 2012 Best ities. Over and over I see clients shift How do we know when Chiron might be at when Chiron is added to the picture. gift. had been choosing organizations that only self-acceptance. When we can acknowledge. change the lens they were How clients orient towards Chiron is non-profit and education environments. A year later. such as grandparents or mentors tified as giving her energy and satisfaction in • Swinging between denial and over- Chiron life. Why not look at your own. Aubrie De Clerck is a career coach and astrol- commonality in client charts that would help ues oger. house and natal aspects damaged. It can inspire compassion Informed by intuition and years of hearing for ourselves and others. trying to pro. It seemed especially people identify with the wounded side (espe. didn’t hold the key. There are how-tos and prescriptions on supported the woundedness. with over 8 years experience in corporate. She was able • Defining healthy work environments: LinkedIn every day. openly about this pain and it has become she sent me a note saying that leadership • Finding empowerment: Helping clients clear to me that it is a bigger barrier than was changing the organization in ways that understand that the key to change ageism. She landed in a es that support the expression of the In one-on-one sessions. Her • Identifying gifts: Giving name to the Chiron placement affirmed that she was here gifts and the comforting idea that they I n the Career Coaching profession. is known for being highly inspirational and ments. I include The ment—and our purpose. natal aspects) and stop there. It can provide specific information specific ways necessary to our fulfillment.” 2.

V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 8 .

and Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar means for growth rather than requiring New York City Influences absolute answers. astrology career? Helping to create low any specific practice? Buddhist Where do you live and practice? AFAN and UAC friendly.tarot. Thank you! R V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 9 . For now. we’re show- The hard thing is being expected to we have hummingbirds around our ing up without big plans or ambition have answers for every question house Your superstition? none What do you think keeps your col- What are your future ambitions laboration with Rick successful? in the field of astrology? A return Your Chinese sign? dog Mutual respect and similar values about to 60s era humanism astrology and life Your favorite place on earth? What inspires you to be an OPA Wherever I’m feeling peaceful Your Astrology teachers? Barry member? The collaboration of practic- Lynes. 3:35 am. Washington What made it possible for you to What’s the worst thing and How long have you been practic- become a full time astrologer? then. wine and intimate conversation to publish some Website: www. Although we continue oger? My two favorites are creating food. it went from a with this rich language and being well-funded business with 12 employees allowed to connect deeply with and www. especially in developing What would you define is an counseling skills important evolutionary lesson Your Astrology hero? Dane Rudhyar for you in this life? Becoming more 3 favourite Astrology books? Rudhyar’s Any advice for those who would generous Astrology of Personality. although to a labor of love. Isabel like to become professional Hickey’s Astrology. I have a wife and two daughters. Zip Dobyns ing astrologers. a Cosmic Science. Qi Gong practitioner Bellevue. Interview with Jeff Jawer ID Email: jjawer@stariq. Lack of conventional income and securi- Insecurity and communication skills chart done in a social setting when I was ty needs 27 You never tried… Vedic astrology You have established StarIQ with Rick Levine – can you tell us what ASTROLOGY You can’t refuse… good wine or chocolate it is about. the best thing about you? ing – How did it start? 41 years.stariq. and where do you see What is the great thing and the it going? StarIQ has been stagnant for hard thing about being an astrol- What is playtime for you? Good quite a long Your family: not sure what this means. Your animal totem? None. 1946. astrologers? Do it for love and as a Your chart – May 16. Religious background & condition- ing? Reform Judaism YOUR PRACTICE What do you feel is your great- est achievement to date in your Spiritual orientation – do you fol. grew up with one older sister.

to three weeks of the call. I started charging to read and set up an appointment time within two staying close to the client’s goals for session. In charts and teaching class. I want to write about a few ideas great value in keeping a file of other astrologers looking at my website. if they have a good expe. while astrologer. I Using the resources of other professionals. it gives me a there are no interruptions during the session. I recommend I hope this gives you some new ideas for websites. the quiet space devoted to work makes it for the appointment on time. In that case I always relating to building your practice. and about many aspects of improving the prac. sense of being part of a larger service-oriented make a digital recording of each session. I’ve been reading me and after a conversation some prefer to look at the bigger picture. I went to the by phone or email. my therapist suggested Your negative feedback. others are Once you’ve determined that an astrology clients. starting a business. At the start of each session I always ask the astrologer. basics of their horoscope. which screening clients to make sure you are a good community. can build goodwill with your already existing work strictly by personal referral. I’ve found accomplish even after our conversation and Today. Each interview is a bit different. because I needed the but I begin by asking two things: What moti. W elcome to my ongo. There’s a shared waiting fashion shows your concern and professional. and please feel free to When I first started doing readings in 1975. Some of us was said. horoscopes. or medical views. and at moon@opaastrology. is set two quick questions for no extra charge. at a slightly worthwhile. I break my work with people into distinct Practice Lavender Magazine. guides. In college professionals in the self-help and healing fields. After the session I give them a two-week room with chairs and magazines and I hold ism. Enhancing I was fortunate and didn’t experience much vation (I was curious. You can reach me money and I didn’t realize that I could say no to vated them to reach out to an astrologer. hopes to accomplish during our time together. Through needed legal counsel. thinking a practicing professional Other people would contact about retirement. That got ask them to describe what they would like to me thinking about how I might better serve my accomplish in our session. although there were people it. It adds them of the date I return. of lawyers and psychotherapists. For I wrote Sun Sign columns in a couple of local people who are interested in self-discovery I “New Age” newsletters and magazines. long. rience that will reflect back on us. the type of service fits best with their questions. and. I incorporate gy. in St. you start your interview or find a convenient enhancing your practice. and I’ve gleaned valuable insights advice. Minnesota. but I’ve wanted to get a reading since forever) I who saw me once and never returned. more public and attract customers through reading will benefit the person. tical side of being a professional astrologer. along with start with a Natal Chart and delineating the let me tell you a bit about myself. staying focused on what they came to There is no one right way to build an astro. none of which fall like timing for a job change. I became friends with a woman who was an and giving out their cards or phone numbers. keeping the con. When I travel both my voicemail and email period to contact me by email with one or classes in the conference room down the hall. after formally training with I try to return calls and emails within two days. I also like that the building is full sulting space clean and fresh. using their language. jects you’d like me discuss. As practicing astrologers when we make which type of reading will suit each client. whether client to review what they hope to achieve I felt compelled to learn more. with problems in a relationship. This recommend Natal Chart readings. There I’ve always had an office because I need the to notify people that I’m away and inform are times that we can’t address all the issues separation between work and family. and making sure reduced fee. while Zipporah Dobyns. what the planetary aspects are telling me. Until 2005 I ran advertising in the Edge. recommending a follow-up session. this can benefit our work. Four years later. I check with them to see if any they Currently I rent a sunny one room office in a very anxious about their first meeting with an have any new questions and to make sure I cov- quiet building about one mile from my home astrologer so getting back to them in a timely ered everything. or what they hope to and I’m happy to answer your questions. Beginning a new a client brings to the session. but for client relationship also includes showing up questions are too involved. As I listened to her talk about charts I begin each new client relationship. For the most part how did they find me? Once I know their moti- V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 10 . People can become At the end. or the email about $500 a month to my overhead. hours. Forecasts along with Three year and Five year the years my practice has term therapy. People feel that we There will always be people who don’t know I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you are trustworthy. referrals to other well-established professionals. how to best prepare for the session. I then email to the client within the next 24 fit. I’ve learned that me. I time to speak. is a good way to resolve this. with specific areas of expertise. I would recognize that they the Forecasting area of my work I offer Yearly es for 40 years. This gives them a way to review what discuss and follow-up are just a few ways you logical practice. R someone or make a referral. consultation refer to their list. If they are Column by attracted new customers but doing depth work in therapy or looking for Moon Zlotnick some of them were interested more intensive self-discovery I offer “packages” in talking to their spiritual of three to five sessions on the Natal Chart. why they are coming. Facebook accounts and lectures. let me know if you have any questions or sub- would read for anyone. and during the Delineator and began teaching myself astrolo. The Women’s’ Press and categories: Natal work and Forecasting. This helps me define Astrology client base. Paul. or getting past life Some people will have very specific issues ing column on the regressions. how to deal ins and outs of being within my area of expertise. with a prompt reply and during our time together. By listening carefully I can determine changed. I write down what public library where I found the A-Z Horoscope then a conversation about what the person they say.

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and direct on October 25 at 19. 23 (10 Capricorn) another perspective we are now challenged to “outside the box”. 23 (0 Libra) and idealization forcefully pushed forward as • Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries truth can abound with great hope and Sept. on one end and Pluto in Capricorn still squaring surfacing in our lives. A chal. • Mercury in Libra Stationary Direct Jupiter in Leo turns retrograde Oct. the Mars/ er Autumn or Spring Season Neptune Square spans from the third to the given the hemisphere. Mercury barely begins At the Libra Equinox. The August Mars/ Saturn (17 Scorpio) conjunction may still have new talking points in the negotiations based on innovative visions. Perhaps the Virgo Moon/Venus conjunction Mars then moves into an exact square (5 in the Equinox chart will give a softer analysis THEMES OF THE SEASON Sagittarius/Pisces) with transiting Neptune a to those pesky details that keep individuals and • Pluto in Capricorn. Using endeavor. the dark of the very skeleton of whatever needs to be reformed Neptune travels between 4 Pisces 4 8. 8 (22 Leo) truce has been brokered by Egypt • Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn between Palestine and Israel. 2 made for individual time zones as will around the Ukraine. 3 (27 Scorpio / 12 Aries) decisions. 2014 Libra Equinox active vibrations suggesting humanity has embrace responsibility.2. but will not come unconscious. there is an opportunity to create of the Season even visionary. 2014 more work to do dealing with unconscious. Stationary Direct day before the Equinox (September 22 ) From countries from taking opportunities to think Sept. only a wide conjunction with the Sun (semi-square meridian. brought into equilibrium gent energies. wheth. reason and heart to the negotiation table of any the themes of this period from a world Additionally the Equinox energies for difficult situation. 27 (27 Scorpio / 12 Capricorn) without careful consideration. the prospects do not a diplomatic architect will be found to bring this format will allow us to think of seem positive for fruitful dialog. Transits moon. one of the four Cardinal Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo. 25 (16 Libra) later in the season. 2014. given that Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are in mutual reception. highest conscious level? forward. even for negotiations between countries. land opportunity promised by the sextile to create a all the planetary calculations as OPA is and monetary. habit ring on September 23. Virgo are in a Balsamic Phase. December • Neptune in Pisces Stationary Direct 8 (22Leo) adding a similar cau- Nov. we are invited to consider what harmony.0. Unfortunately. New seeds of thought are trying to be activated. in trying to balance all the different The Equinox Sun in Libra and Moon in sake without deep transformation within the voices the result can be that nothing happens. even diver. 2014 at 17:04 GMT. • Saturn in Scorpio sesquiquadrate Uranus in Aries Don’t let the drama lead the Dec. 2:31 lenge indeed! Mercury in the Equinox chart has patterns. internationally. but may still need incubation to move from traditional thought into a new. Here lies an use this format for time and space in in the second house can signify resources. The closest aspect in the Equinox chart is GMT. 4 (2 Scorpio) solid happen. Mercury is Jupiter) in close sextile to Saturn. Illusion Sept. but may have no long • Mercury in Scorpio Stationary Retrograde term substance to make something Oct. I’ve chosen to wide conjunction to the N. unity for the world or our individual desire during this season. time based on the Greenwich no aspects to other planetary energies. personally or unclaimed energies around the issue of aggres. Scorpio 17. While some progress in with the other parts of our consciousness is pos- equilibrium that will allow us to function on the both arenas may occur. However. one step back. perhaps will not work. Profound contemplation of the issues of peace and calm? Can energies. begin sixth house. perspective. Hope for its journey. a city claimed by T he themes of the season.3. Adjustments in time can be lar communication dilemmas with negotiations retrograde on October 4. time zone 0. • Jupiter in Leo Stationary Retrograde As I write this article a new Dec. The only action needed is to September 22/23. the Continued on page 13 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 12 . beyond rooted thought and • Equinox. innovative change and progress is an active thought and perhaps even the darker waters of integration. Vision without commit- to December 20. beginnings. be brought into some sort of Uranus on the other. it will be like three steps sible. By Jacqueline Janes sion or anger. The Moon/Venus conjunction is in a GMT. One can only hope that an international organization. 16 Libra 49. Change for its own Of course. Dec. 16 (4 Pisces) tionary note about not expand- • Saturn in Scorpio semi-square Pluto in Capricorn ing just on faith or principle Nov.25 (15 Aries/Leo) sense of freedom. ment and work creates nothing. Sun Zero Libra be careful to think through our actions. Mercury is retrograde this season going zone. 15 (12 Aries/Capricorn) Looking at the chart for the Equinox energies in Jerusalem. or disputes to changing habit patterns. when it moves back into the sign lives would look like. What really is the nature easily with Saturn in Scorpio squaring Jupiter of Libra. Node. diving into the realms of deeper pillars. from the realms of conversation with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra occur. both countries as their capital. and the skills needed for any detailed plan for peace.20 be done in specific chart examples. not focused on one time Moscow have a similar theme suggesting simi.

which nal give careful attention to what is inferior or superfluous to your life journey that is subtly and Pluto. It is for those now and December 23. Alchemical Separation goes hand in hand with Neptune’s Dissolution process.more change and more opportunities a semi-square to Pluto and a sesquiquadrate to Uranus on December 15. LPC is a Certified Counseling all we have to do is look at where these two Astrologer. He delineates being symbolically or literally washed and world? Has the time come when I can begin Chiron. and Astrea and gives them ruler- release emotions that conceal or distort our true ships over signs. Saturn in its final degrees on any workshop * Note that discussion of the Eclipses during this sea- will activate also previous Uranus and Pluto from $250 son (Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra on October 8 at 10:52 exact square degrees at 13 and 14 cardinal degrees. earthquakes. on any workshop ther separation will occur. In the alchemy of transformation this to formulate plans for world wide solutions to oids. hardened feelings and emotional blockages. Mercury degrees mutable or 18 or 19 degrees cardi- humanity. V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 13 . Eris. and 5 32. Jacqueline has Also note that Uranus and Pluto are pass- combined astrological consultation with psychother- ing through the middle degrees of Aries and apy. the themes of the season are Special the United States the events in for details professional counselor in Connecticut. such as process is Dissolution. police power. Zeus. volcanoes. 2014 and dysfunction have been evident beginning rules Taurus and Libra. 2012 at 20:39 ning student’s knowledge. Neptune in Pisces is a strong force in to see the mainstream rulerships this process. prejudices. eling assumptions. gun control. in 2008 and certainly intensified since 2012.kepler. while For anyone with planetary energies at 4 or 5 image at this time Lord Saturn in Scorpio asking Zeus and Pallas rule Libra). included. for writing such the light that which needs separated so an interesting book. but works on the Mind as well as the Heart breaking down habits. 2015 and expand their thinking about astrol- September 18. Urania. muck of our unconscious to bring into Thank you Philip. The focus is staying College balanced while we are in process. 10% discount made an exact square. (See Chart) This is the sixth time the two planets of transformation and change have clearly acknowledge and bring to consciousness the issues. (Also. Uranus loses his rulership of Virgo. At Kepler ities . Saturn who already have a good foun- will journey back to 28 and 29 dation in the basics and want to degrees between June 16. She has lectured about and taught astrological Capricorn respectively. tsunamis. Hygeia. R two transformational planetary energies. 5% discount tive process. (Philip has at 7:09 GMT. attitudes. some mental candy to chew on and Have we dived deep enough into the expand his or her thinking. MO have once again brought to the surface many a continuation of active rumblings for change and transformation. GMT. and many others. Saturn is a trigger in the transforma- GMT and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23 at 21:58 GMT) will be done by other OPA astrologers. It gives the advanced student Saturn in Scorpio is coming to an end.from many perspectives. This does intensify the concepts for all levels and led workshops in spiritual process humanity is experiencing from these development. Continued from page 6 economic extremes. 2015. government upheavals stationary direct point on November 16. Philip does give a list of Pay attention. is recognized by ISAR as a Certified energies reside by transit to get a hint of what Astrological Professional. Transits of the Season Tumultuous energies resulting in severe Book Review Continued from page 12 weather. Certainly for in the Sign of Sagittarius?” In summary. the Libran and Pluto come into an exact square at 6:17 intention. process of Dissolution works on our Heart to while trav. the four well-known aster- cleansed. In the last degrees of Scorpio Saturn makes forming in this season suggest both possibil.) The work of ogy. fur. It has been said that from Discounts for unaddressed issues in this country around race. In our personal lives below $250 Jacqueline Janes. 2014 when Uranus . It has been said that the some of the Earth’s problems to be manifested Vulcan. R that enlightenment is possible. MA. NCGR IV. Nothing firm is ready to form until we GMT. brought enough chaos into your he gives to Chiron. Saturn moved into the books to read to flesh out the begin- Sign of Scorpio October 5. If change has not happened. I Vulcan and Vesta rule Taurus. “Have my planetary peers. economic and educa- chaos comes opportunities. I would have liked nature. its Equinox position. Visit www. Now Saturn is moving into the This is a good book but it is not a last degrees of the Sign between primer for beginners. Certainly the Libran Equinox Chart and the planetary energies OPA members tional imbalance. Additionally she is a licensed needs revamped.

V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 14 .

Doolard. This was called The Panic of to an opening up to higher. In this case. cide. dark and frightening – they trigger teristics we observed the invention of may happen by exploring the combina. but rather shows junction marks the start of the current how we can see or cycle and set the scene for the follow. Neptune Pluto to the public as Harry Houdini started practising magic and risking his life from The the year 1891. ruthless and seeks to get to became combined) all the others will unfold. It was named ‘the mauve the first medical research organisation to Charles Harvey quotes Barbault. different way. subtle. decade’ due to the colour being used become a charity (Neptune) and a leader Jayne and Rudhyar. dangerous. this towards a global culture. transcendent apt Neptune-Pluto description. Pluto on Cycles do not operate in isolation and the other hand brings when considering mundane cycles. We saw by Wendy Stacy the T he largest cycle in our solar sys. We analyse the point of con. Neptune wants to hold on Literature such as Sherlock Holmes (mys- ing together and what this could mean but Pluto demands to let go. Neptune and Pluto together can collective ideas and ideals’. Neptune and Pluto and their to spring forth. the end of become real and where reality becomes mystery writers was born with Neptune something and the beginning of some. this peri- fanasy. Medicine were formed (1891). it is elusive. Positively. where sexual morality was con. tion of these planets’ characteristics com. experience things in a ing 492 years. the characteristics The 1890s period is often referred the healing industry. after the short-lived panic. supersti. beginnings of an inflated cash society. cannot touch. indefinable. political and economic together they can both be healing but is interesting to note that Agatha Christie landscape. bring interest in what The last time these planets came into rationality is. an imaginative period. a very sion. conjunction to be the accelerated move development of the study of psychology. sordid tion are reminded that we need to consid. Pluto period saw the introduction of a magni- With Neptune comes an element is about death and Neptune associated fied form of capitalism never seen before. ulative and mallea- tem is that of the two outermost ble. and what needs purging – of film er the wider context in which they are destroying in order for renewal (where fan- played out. His work was about escap- Conjunction ing (Neptune) death (Pluto) and brought gimmicks (Gemini) to the public Backdrop to all other Planetary Cycles attention. trative and boundary-breaking charac- we try to understand what happened or tious. Magic (with an edge) was brought the birth of giant multinational conglom- Continued on page 16 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 15 . such our attention to what inven- as the current Uranus – Pluto square. to the period later as ‘glittering on the a short but severe economic depres- scious/superconscious of the collective. unconscious. organisations such of the planets Neptune and Pluto will tell to as the ‘naughty nineties’. ‘who have pointed so frequently in fashion and was also in laboratory aspects of preventative out the importance of this cycle in terms considered the end of the ‘gilded age.’ a medicine. indicate a time where illusions can who was one of the most famous crime junction as the ‘seed’ point. which was on the subject of sui. Both and true to Neptune and Pluto’s pene- With conjunctions of the outer planets planets can be overwhelming. is tasy and reality cycle will provide the backdrop to which compulsive. which was and what will become important to us. Neptune does not planets. Pluto penetrates. Neptune and Pluto. with escape and during this period Emile Although stock markets had existed for Neptune is about alternative reality and Durkheim embarked on one of the great. several centuries beforehand. Neptune 1893. Harvey and and Pluto are both associated with areas bring paranoia. what will develop nineties’. of major epochs of civilisation. or what conjunction was in 1891 and 1892 at tomorrow may bring. the heart and depth of any matter. Both term coined by Mark Twain who referred The Neptune-Pluto conjunction saw planets have to do with the deep uncon. manip. tery crime stories) became popular and it for the social. Neptune representing Rudhyar considered the Neptune-Pluto of psychology and here we saw the heightened imagination and Pluto fear. and has a tendency to romanti. Neptune rules things we ducted. 8° and 7° degrees of Gemini. od saw the inflation of markets and the cise and inflate. psychopathology and psychiatry. and Pluto conjunct in her tenth house. or ‘the gay as the Lister Institute of Preventative us what we can expect. sidered lax. of mysticism. This con. In thing else. we is real. the deep-rooted ills in the collective x-rays and the discovery of radioactivity. However. est pieces of social research ever con. surface but corrupt underneath’.

The Neptune-Pluto characteristics will to think about mobility (Gemini) and dominately organised as death (Pluto) by give us the flavour of what is to follow. and what a fraught. Times that the painting. decay – through mass murder. Neptune is associated with nature. H.1892. and the original title in cycle. a moment of psychic [Neptune] calam. the toxic (Neptune) pen. It depicts early twentieth century in trying to cre. (Neptune). when Neptune and Pluto were icating what they thought was societal image in 1893. when he first created the In 1895. not often or easily depicted in a painting. which was com. to record “the modern life of only 3° separated from conjunction. I stopped and looked the conjunction stretched so far that oil out over the fjord—the became a major industry. In 2012 it became the occurs can answer these questions. Here Hitler’s influence passing through nature. and has a hidden self locked in a terror.the below. Saturn at 7° Gemini and his Moon at 9° Gemini. Here the duality of the personali- Scream and each was a variation of before the first square between these ty is highlighted by a young Dorian who the original. the aged and the scarred self (Pluto). such as Coca Cola and GE and which states. and attempted to achieve this by erad. Neptune evening I was walking rules gases and liquids in all forms. I felt tired and economic need for such resources during ill. now commonly this particular era be known for? The to come from this period is The Picture known as The Scream. heard the scream. planets has occurred (the first will occur is curious (Gemini). I paint- etration (Pluto) into the psyche of a col. fatigue and despair. who was born with the conjunc. Pluto along a path. the clouds as actual Mussolini was born much earlier than the blood. what will be permeated into the (a very Neptune-Pluto in Gemini name). commits horrific acts Norway. inviting the reader significant mass murder . However. Note that The (Neptune) is to kill the ugly part of him- Pluto are associated with overwhelm. What will dominate from this Edvard Munch. actual sign in which the conjunction of Dorian Gray. and Pluto disturbing images to is tyrannical – and here we see two men come out of the history who lead the way through much of the of modern art. the booming industries of coal and oil to serve the major developing economies Nice 22. the soul”. This is a story of a man trying to most expensive painting ever to be sold Neptune-Pluto conjunction in 1891 and maintain his youth (Gemini) by trading at auction. resent fascism – Neptune wants to con. German is Der Schrei der Natur (‘The collective. The Time Machine. have witnessed or lived through unprec. both triggered by the conjunc. only to find that the dual sides of himself Continued on page 17 V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 16 . and is a depiction of human 2061-65 between Gemini and Pisces) we (Pluto). Neptune-Pluto conjunction but did have This became The Scream. One of railroads and automobiles. Pluto with edented major historical developments finally learns that his only redemption death and horror.01. sun was setting. red. Neptune. (along with others) saw the manipulation it seemed to me that I of the masses. and the One man born of this era was Adolph clouds turning blood Hitler. The Neptune-Pluto ing dread and tragedy. of shattered nerves [Gemini]. The color shrieked. that is communicated (or not) – which is ate an idealistic totalitarian unified state ity [Pluto]. Munch intended.which was pre. Scream is a representation of something self. painted lective that resulted in the rise of Nazism. In (Gemini) his soul (Neptune) to the devil Munch painted four versions of The the relatively short space of time. and in hindsight what might Another interesting piece of literature Scream of Nature’). 1892 occurred in the sign of Gemini. Conjunction: Munch’s inspiration Continued from page 15 for the painting is described in his diary. ed this picture. written by Oscar Wilde pleted in 1893. even (Pluto). G. wrote in the Financial Neptune and Pluto could be said to rep. Peter Aspden recently tion which occurred at 7° and 8° degrees. ‘…is one of the most nect. excavating and drilling on one side and the fjord under the ground or under the sea . bring people together. the city was is about digging. erates. I sensed a scream tion unaspected. Wells released the science fiction novel Pluto also reminds us of this historically den vision it was’ . The in 1891. This piece of literature was A painting from this era depicts the we often forget ‘how’ the cycle will made into two movies and inspired sci- Neptune-Pluto conjunction well is by ence fiction programmes such as Dr Who unfold. anxiety-rid. what will be marked in history. painting in the attic (Neptune-Pluto). where space and time can shift around gas (Neptune). Both Neptune and in all things Gemini. The painting is set in Oslo. He loss.

the 1965 and 1966 so we live in very distant learning astrology school (founded opment of film is shown to us through Mercurial times! Neptune and Pluto in 1973 by Jeff Mayo) which has graduates broadcasting. (1941-2035) and we are still in the middle OPA Membership SPECIAL ommunity Join Amazing C OPA! 3-YEAR membership is $25 off er ($150 instead of $175) Make Astrology Strong www. is growing exponentially. something that Gemini is where she has been teaching since 2003. Companies such their own journey against the backdrop In June 2007 she became the principal of as Coca Cola is a drink that is ‘bubbly’ of this larger cycle. particularly logical. Our economy operates through ‘trad. global communities (Gemini). The Neptune-Pluto Pluto but it is the study of the mind and of these. export-import and real ideas and ideals can be increasingly that his only redemption (Neptune) is to education. Our business is sealed observe other major cycles. the aged and the invention of the telephone and the period watching the recent ingresses the scarred self (Pluto). information. the same degree as the the cycle of Neptune and Pluto. life. valid and valuable from the London School of Astrology. Harvey describes hidden self locked in a painting in the information. It is an exciting kill the ugly part of himself. make a series of sextiles for 94 years and students from around the globe. research and financial through contracts. The aeroplane indus. associated with Gemini. The traits began her around the globe.000 years. which and Capricorn. a prestigious (Gemini) and the name of the brand even made their last conjunction in Virgo in UK based online and correspondence/ represents the duality here. for over 3. actually both a part of the same soul – communications to expand across the One wonders how they might be played and ultimately through death will merge globe (note that Alexander Graham Bell out – how they will mark history and in as one. Developments in transportation. She lectures globally on psycho- and now digital. which can also be Uranus and Pluto. data collection. not always equipped to do. Neptune and Pluto have both in our mental functions – basically. what context to the larger backdrop of Industries ruled by Gemini provide at 8° of V23-03 2014 The Career FALL Astrologer OPA’s Newsletter for Professional Astrology page 17 . and a sextile has not Continued from page 16 is fundamentally Gemini.OPAastrology. our payment in Gemini occurred in 1891 and 1892. Wendy writes a regular feature for students ing’ in the stock markets – dependent on The conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in the Astrological Journal. the automobile industry. all of which can be attributed to English and short distance travel is now a way of the greatest outer planetary cycle of descent . She transport have changed our way of life junct in the sign of Gemini. we will soon be a part of several junk from the relevant. associated with this sign will describe studies with the Christchurch School of try has now transformed mobility and the areas of how deep cultural changes Astrological Studies in 1987 travel time to such an extent that flying take place. these sextiles as ‘marking a period when attic (Neptune-Pluto). Advancements in roads and public Neptune and Pluto which were last con. stories through books. Uranus and Pluto The Mayo School of Astrology. the US and systems are continuously developing yet the cycle has only started to unfold. Of both way for an unprecedented way of life for We are living through an ‘information Maori and humanity. Jupiter. have been translated for European publi- through faster means. attributed to Gemini. how we recent years made an ingress into Pisces Conjunction: think and how our mind operates. These forms most city of with the expansion of the railroads and of communication has redefined the New Zealand. media. and since the In the 120 years since the conjunction Wendy Stacy conjunction in 1891 and 1892 we have our interaction with each other through was born in watched areas attributed to this sign electronic means and social networking the southern- flourish. Gemini is about being mobile age’. R Psychology and psychiatry is Neptune. occurred in the first decans of these signs commits horrific acts (Pluto). He finally learns neighbourhoods. and how they make astrology. One of the biggest concerns In 1998 Wendy studied with the Faculty around the world is often considered by we face with such an information age is of Astrological Studies for two years and many as ‘a commute’. and has a Gemini is about communications. one of the means through which the Neptune-Pluto conjunction). only to find that setting up of the telephone companies of outer planets into new signs and the the dual sides of himself are not split but in the 1890s spearheaded the way for major aspects that are about to occur. Recently a global that we need to learn how to filter the then transferred schools and graduated society. both which are boundaries of communities as so many Invercargill. have paved the form and grow each day on the internet. The devel. to cards What is relevant to us right now is to also cations. Neptune-Pluto is lived out. mundane. Communications such as set to work in the world’ . had his Ascendant and MC ruler. from cash. have been published in the UK. 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