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Kayla Evans

Professor Eisner
March 21,2017
Can You Keep A Secret ?

The first time too many teens has the sex time with their parents, is when theyre telling them

that theyre pregnant. Parents if your teen has a question about sex, dont assume theyre doing

it, and teens if your parents arent talking to you about sex, dont assume they dont care.

Shailene Woodley says at the end of every Secret Life of The American Teenager episode.

Its not very often that teenagers can find shows that they can relate to. Especially shows

that keep it real, all of the shows are either too rated G, or they lack the basic knowledge that

teenagers already know(and dont want to hear again). Sex is either mentioned too much or not

enough, and the adults in the show shun it as if teenagers have never heard of it, and there are

basic cliques that really do not exist.

Pregnant teenagers, abortion, same sex marriage, sex and divorce are some of many of

the controversial topics that occur on this interesting show. The Secret Life of the American

Teenager introduces many topics that teenagers are concerned or may not want to openly ask

about, such as drug abuse, and birth control.

Amy(portrayed by Shailene Woodley), a 15 year old freshman, has sex for the first time

at band camp with a guy that she barely knows, gets pregnant and then has to go through a the

trials and tribulations of becoming a teen mother and a high school student. She confronts peer-

pressure, dating, and new relationships. There are other notable actors in this show such as Molly

Ringwald who plays the mother of Amy and Amys negative sister Ashley(India Eisley) .Steve

Schirripa is the father of Amys ex boyfriend(but not the father of her baby), Ben
Boykewich(Ken Baumann). During the first two seasons Amy dates a boy who goes to her

school named Ben, Ben is very kind hearted and nice to Amy. He knows that she is pregnant but

he doesnt care. He loves her and offers to marry her. They illegally get married in the first

season, but eventually break up. Amy ends up dating the father of her baby Ricky(Daren

Kagasoff) and falling in love and getting engaged to him,while Ben ends up marrying and then

divorcing Amys sworn enemy Adrian Lee(Francia Raisa). Although these are the main

characters, there are other characters that make the show very good as well. Grace

Bowman(Megan Park) the christian girl who swears to never have sex until shes married,

indeed does have sex with her long time boyfriend Jack Pappas(Greg Finley), Jack and Grace

eventually break up. Jack starts dating Madison Cooperstein(Renee Oldstead), who is Amys

best friend. She cheats on Jack with her and Amys other best friend Laurens (Camille

Winbush) boyfriend. This show is centered around jealousy, sexual arousal, and other

tendentious things, that make the show even better.

Shailene Woodley did extremely well portraying a teenage mother in this show. She got

at least two awards and many other movie roles, from being on this show. She was the main

character in the hit-book made movie The Fault in Our Stars, as well as the star in the movie

Divergent. This show opened up many doors for her and gave her many acting opportunities.

Secret Life portrays teenagers as they really are. The viewer sees school cliques, drama,

jocks, and nerds . Everyone has their remarkable own part in the show that makes the show

extremely interesting. This show is a drama and comedy at the same time. It is very dramatic in

some ways, but there is always something that will make you smile in each episode. The

innocence of these teenagers and even the parents sometimes is priceless, teens never understand

the parents, and the parents never understand the teens. These misunderstandings turn even the
saddest episodes into comedy.

The quality of this script is very well thought out. There are many teen appropriate words

used, which can attract the teenage audience, such as Whats Up, or Chill this is the type of

vernacular that teens use, this makes the show more watchable and relatable. This show attracts

teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13-21. It doesnt represent teenagers in a good

way, but it represents teenagers in more of a real way. This show attacks issues that most people

do not want to talk about, and would not talk about with their families like sex in high school, or

what to do if you have a crush on a guy and you want him to ask you out on a date. The show is

more about teenagers who try to keep secrets and try to be adult, but in most situations, it never

works how they want it to. They challenge relationships and their parents just as teenagers do

and it always ends in consequences. In fact, all of the secrets that the teenagers try to keep never

stay secrets, the rumor or truth always gets around, around so bad that the teenager its about

finds out again(just like in real life).

The creator Brenda Hampton was also responsible for creating the popular show 7th

Heaven. Anyone who watches 7th Heaven would be very interested in this show. There are other

shows, such as the Fosters and Switched at Birth that also attack issues that can help open the

eyes of many people who are not paying attention to issues that really matter to teenagers. The

show lasted for 5 seasons from 2008-2013. It still shows on Netflix.

This show is great, it honestly makes me feel like I am a part of it when I watch it. The

setting is in suburban California, which makes it even more relatable because I live in the

suburbs also. It is heartfelt, there are examples of things that teens may be very anxious to know

about such as children being born stillborn, and divorced families. In 2008 the show won the

Choice Summer Tv Show award.

The first time too many teens has the sex time with their parents, is when theyre telling them

that theyre pregnant. Parents if your teen has a question about sex, dont assume theyre doing

it, and teens if your parents arent talking to you about sex, dont assume they dont care. says

Shailene Woodley at the end of each not so Secret life after all episode. Commented [EN1]: Your conclusion should not be
identical to your introduction.
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