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Section A

1. Name the location.

A My Document C Local C

B Desktop D Local D

2 This consists of programming instructions that tell your computer what
to do.
A Hardware C Protocols

B Help files D Software

3. A software application enables you to
A Turn on the Computer C Perform a task

B Turn off the computer D Apply for a loan

4. A document which has been saved into a folder on your computer is to
be opened so changes can be made.
Which button do you select?



5. An operating system is classed as


What does CPU stands for? A B 10. A B 11. A Driver software C Application software B User interface software D System software 6. D Operating System 7. Macintosh OSX. database and word processors are example of A Web Browser C Application software B Share program. What is Hardware: A Software programming instructions B Anything you can physically A computer input device that touch uses a set of keys to put data into the computer. Spreadsheet. A B Question 12-15 is base on diagram below A B C D 2 . and Linux are example of A Web Browser C Application software B Share program. 9. Windows XP. D Operating System 8.

To display the WordArt gallery dialog box. A B 17. 13. Which tab is the picture diagram shows? 16. dropped capital letter that you place at the beginning of a paragraph A graphical start letter C drop letter B starting letter D drop cap 20. Which tabs on the Ribbon use to layout the page of a document? 14. Which tab do you click when you want to do the mailmerge? 15.12. click the WordArt button on the _______________ tab. A B 18. B Helps tell a story d That lets you make cool graphs 3 . A _______________ is a large. Powerpoint is a program A Allows you to scan objects C That lets you create slides for presentations.

21. is a connection from one slide to a web page or another slide A hyperlink C Hyper B animations D Slide shows 25. graphics. This button can be found in Microsoft Powerpoint. The button is called……………? A New slide button C Slide show button B Close button D Slide master 24 ………………. or pictures that have motions A Animations C Media B photography D Slides 23. objects. When you choose the………option. the movie clip will not show until you click the slide during a slide show A Off click C When click B On click D sliding 4 . What slide can ensure all slides are consistent? A Start Slides C Main Slide B Water Slide D Master Slide 22. ………………… is text..

27.RAM.LAN card.SECTION B : Questions 26-30 Qustions 26 to 30 are based on figure below.VGA Card.FDD Drive. Label the features in Ms Excel below.USB Card reader. List all types of hardware’s inside the system unit of the Personal Computer Hard Disk Drive(HDD).Wireless LAN Card.processor. PS/2 ports. 30. 29. 26.these are use to connect the mouse(green color)and the keyboard(purple color) 5 .USB expansion board. 28. and the Power Supply Unit(PSU).These are all types of hardware’s inside the system unit of the Personal Computer.CD/DVD ROM.

select a layout from the Slide Layout task plane/ C. handouts. Create layouts for slides.What is the best way to design the layout for your slides? A. For each new slide. and notes using the Master Layout dialog box in slide master view B. Apply templates from the Slide Design task plane 6 .