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An awkward and reluctant teen takes a dive in to the deep end on

Halloween, accepting a preposition from his lifelong friend, a promise
of fantasy, debauchery.

Character biographies:

e - A young man at the ripe age of 17 has grown up awkward and a shut in
for the most his life, frequently indulging in online forums and US TV
shows, he was raised by the Internet. He is a middle child and first
generation British after his parents have moved from Sierra Leone. Being
the only black kid in his primary and secondary school made him
standout, but his awkwardness got in the way of him creating
connections, but one stuck around his lifelong friend Hunter. He has now
started college searching for a different outcome to primary and
secondary school.

Hunter- A young man who seems much older than the tender age of 18,
cultured in all aspects of social norms, be it the arts, literature, or
sport, he was raised by the world and he is out to seize it all. First
born of 2 brothers, he is a first generation British citizen, his
parents moved from the DRC. His differences to his peers allowed him to
gain a lot of attention and propelled him to being the most sought after
boy in both secondary and primary school. Now in college he only has one
objective conquer it all.

Kiko- A shy, beautiful and very particular girl, who's ID is always

required although she is actually 18. She is serious about the arts and
I determined to surpass her mother, a famous fashion icon. She has a
strict diet of, Vogue, BOF, Dior, Goyard, CDG, UnderCover, and
occasionally indulges in hit US comedy 'Ugly Betty'. First generation
British citizen, her mother being from Japan and her father Tanzania,
youngest in her family of 4 she is used to being looked after, but when
she wants something she must have it. In primary and secondary school
labelled the prettiest girl, you cannot talk to, because of her shyness.
Now in college she is not too fused about changing, until she was hit
with the arrow.


Form, the onset of the drama e is meet with conflict, represented in his
lifelong friend hunter. Who is trying to pursue him to attend a college
party, in which e has no intention of attending, there is a constant
struggle for power in this moment as both of them are very stubborn.

Now e has to struggle with his anxiety of being the odd one out, trying
to keep to himself, his is mocked by another attended at the party and
feels isolated, a mysterious girl, who gives e a night to remember,
resolves this conflict.
e is conflicted as he doesn't know who that girl was, he searches all
over college for 5 days, every knock and cranny of the campus is
explored by him to uncover the identity of this mysterious girl, using
every lead he can remember from that night. e is then subtly confronted
by the mystery girl.

The narrative is realist because it helps the story to be more

relatable when it's grounded in reality, on YouTube with an age
restriction for younger viewers, which the narrative would not be
appropriate for, YouTube will be the most suitable location for this
demographic, as they spend more time on the internet than watching TV.


When it comes to crew they will be hired through London video camera
hire, they combine equipment with crew when quoting. Therefore, a 2
person crew with 2 cameras, lighting and sound will include.
2 x HD Cameras and operator + basic lighting kit 375 per day
Sound Operator and kit 230 per day
When taking into account the hiring of actors for the day will be 363
, due to the production being shot between 6 days, the total cost of the
production is 3993
Using the same hiring service as the crew, an editor will cost 300 to
complete the postproduction so the total cost of the finished product is


e, will be played by Eddie Ntahira an 18 year old young man, who is as

quirk and awkward as e can be in the drama, he knows the person who
plays hunter and the have that chemistry needed to correctly preform the
two characters.

Hunter, will be played by Humzah Iqbal an 18-year-old young man, who is

as fierce and cruel, yet kind as Hunter can be in the drama. In
addition, has the chemistry needed, with the actor who plays e, which
could make their friendship authentic.

Kiko will be played by Candice Childress a 17-year-old young lady, who

is as shy yet determined as Kiko can be in the drama. There has been
history between her and the character who plays e, so the feelings she
displays in the drama will be authentic.
Cast & Crew


Client Information:


Cast and Crew: Role: Phone Number:

Eddie Ntahira Director/Producer 07895747879
Humzah Iqbal Talent 07384940490
Chinika Charles Talent 07849474726
Callum Clothier Camera/Talent 07544473890
Athena Michaelides Talent 07436210927
Tia Richards Talent 07677445752
Daniel Ado Cameraman 07930942125
Ellen May Talent 07739209754

Production Requirements: Brief:

Narrate Elegance Every shot
for each
shot will
on the day
Be free be
young be

Candice Childress
Hasan Chouldrey
Owen Riseley
Target Audience
In order to determine the gender of the target audience of the
production a questionnaire using Survey Monkey. The response from the
participants in the questionnaire was 50/50, meaning that the production
is suited to both genders as was specified in the brief.

In order to determine the age of the target audience of the production a

questionnaire was once again used from Survey Monkey. The response from
the participants was the optimum age for the target audience would be
between 17-24 years of age. Due to the age of the characters in the
source material of the production.
In order to determine the location of the target audience of the
production a questionnaire was once again used from Survey Monkey. The
response from participants was England, because of the language used
throughout the source material for the production.

Lastly in order to determine the socio-economic status of the of the

target audience of the production, a questionnaire was sent out again
using Survey Monkey. The response from participants of the survey was
that the target audience would fit into socio-economic group E-C1. This
is due to the characters backgrounds in the source material for the

The target audience for this video will be 17-24, in the socio-economic
class E-C1, of student, some maybe working, they will be in this socio-
economic class because the will be students, they will be this age
because at this age they will be able to comprehend the slang terms,
which will be used throughout the drama, this is due to the idea being
pitched to different age groups and it appealed most to this
demographics. Most of the target audience will be expecting explicit
language, good music and explicit scene, due to teen flicks they might
have watched such as Superbad and American pie.

A strong influence for the video is R Kellys Trapped in the closet,

this is because the song tells the story for the music videos narrative,
the song describes what will happen in the visuals, and is very story
driven. Although it is an influence, the REDVELVETROSE song will not be
describing in such explicit detail the visuals in the video. Making a
story the driving force of the video and song is what is being taken
away from R Kellys piece of work. Also just like Trapped in the
closet, REDVELVETROSE will be aired on YouTube, because that is where
the target audience frequent, the number of people 17-24 watching
broadcast television has been dwindling for years.

Kanye Wests music video for Stronger used the story of Akira for
the visuals, completely recreating the story to fit the lyrics of the
song. This is very similar, because the production will be recreation
the story of SHE. Kanye west is a multi-millionaire so his budget for,
Strong will be much larger than the budget for the production. This
will insure that the production value for Stronger will be much
Blurs music video for Universal used the story of A clockwork
orange for the videos, borrowing heavily the character of Alex and the
dystopian theme. This is very similar to the production as the theme of
youth in SHE will be prevalent in production. Blur has a machine of a
record label working for them giving them a lot of publicity and the
have a lot of clout, this means that their music video will have greater
exposure than the production.
Shooting Schedule

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

1 Shoot Shoot
the the
class party
scene scene

2 Shoot e & Shoot (If its

hunter the tree raining
first scene on
scene Thursday
, shoot
the tree

3 Shoot Shoot (If its

the the raining
cafeter kissing on
ia scene Thursday
scene , shoot
the tree