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Tondol White sand beach

- It is called little boracay because of it white sand, clear beach.. You can
see fishes at starfishes nearby. It is also great for toddlers because it is not
that deep. Eventhough you're far away from the shore, the water is only at
knee high. Amazing view too and friendly people!!

2. Cacupangan Cave System

- The Cacupangan Cave System is well-known for its big rimstone formation
which residents call the Binmatya (from the word batya meaning basin).
The formation provides tourists with a swimming area. 200ft across and
15 ft deep

3. Antong Falls
- Antong Falls is actually a series of three waterfalls. The upper cascades of
these waterfalls is called Limmingaling Falls. The place is open from 6 am
to 5 pm. So spending a night there is definitely prohibited.

4. Enchanted Cave
- The Enchanted Cave is a coral cave located in featuring a fresh-water
pool. The pool is said to have depths ranging from 3 ft to 6 ft. You can dip
yourself at the clear waters while exploring the natural beauty of the cave.

5. Umbrella Rocks
- The towns attractions are very relaxing place perfect for people whos
looking for places where they can release stress from work.

6. Mt. Balungao
- stands at 383 meters high and is situated about 5 kilometers southeast of
the Balungao town proper. Hot and cold springs are found here and many
visit the place during the summer because it is said that the hotspring can
be use mainly for medicinal purposes.

7. Patar Beach
- Considered as a hidden treasure of Bolinao, Patar beach is a gem for the
beach bums and the nature lovers as well. Its clear aquamarine waters
and unspoiled surroundings are as inviting as any of the top beaches in
the country.

8. Lingayen Gulf
- is a concave seclusion harboring beaches of natural and historic wonders.
It is also a tourist spot that threads a long line of local lodges and
restaurants serving native delights, fun, and food that captivate the
fancies of exploratory tourists.
9. Hundred Islands
- The Philippines Hundred Islands Park is composed of big and small islands
surrounded by fresh and salty water. Over 123 islands with an area of
1,1884 hectares.

10.Mt balungao hot spring

- Flows straight from the dormant volcano. It is believe that the water have
some healing properties. Beware!! Its HOT!!!

11.Cindys Cave
- Peaceful hardly touched piece of nature. Fresh water exploring in active
stalagmite cave. The grounds are quiet, clean and lush with hammock. A
great affordable little gem in the jungle.

12.Tara falls
- Budget friendly place, it is a beautiful natural waterfalls. The water is so
cool .place was clean and so peaceful.15 to 20 mins to travel from town

13.Wonderful cave
- A refreshing bathe. After basking in the sun and getting yourself tanned
by the sea, this is a good way to cool you down a bit. A dip into cold,
refreshing, spring water. This is water you can even drink while you're
swimming on it.

14.Surip Beach
- Surip is rocky and rough underwater, perfect for those who are into
snorkeling, scuba diving and recreational fishing.

15.Nalsoc cave
- Inside the Nalsoc Cave, you will discover an amazing archway made of
stalactites and stalagmites that are a thing to behold. It covers a
subterranean river that passes through the beautiful limestone formations
and washes out into the West Philippine Sea.

16.Baliwangga Falls
- This famous waterfalls is cascading at a thousand-foot depth, which
makes it truly remarkable among other waterfalls in the country.

17.Tambobong Beach
- With clean and crystal clear water, it is a place best for relaxing. Its like a
private island since the place is not yet discover. But be sure to bring your
own foods.

18. San Fabian beach

- Like all beaches in the Lingayen Gulf, the sand here is not very white, but
powdery gray. Watching the sunset over the horizon is a favorite pastime
of beach goers here.

19.Cabongaoan Beach
- If you prefer a more calm vacation on the beach, then Cabongaoan Beach
should be on the top of your list. Its white sand and long shores make it
the perfect beach for snorkeling, jogging, or just, unwinding.
20.Bolo beach
- Nearby Hundred Islands National Park is Bolo Beach, in the same city. You
may drop by the nearby Shell Beach, and have the secret lagoon there all
to yourself. If youre not in the mood to go boating yet, you may stay on
the beach and frolic in its shallow waters.
21.Bonuan Pangasinan
- Its fine sands and numerous coconut trees attract people all year-round,
but the beach area quite large so theres no need to worry about running
out of good spots.