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Area of Your Hand

You are going to find the area of your hand! Now, your hand is not a basic geometric shape
that you can easily find the area of. So you are going to have to break up your hand into
smaller shapes in which you do know the area to obtain a rough estimate. The objective for
the project is for you to trace your hand, fill it with geometric shapes, find the area of 10
shapes, and color everything. I might put your hand up on my wall.

This activity is a quiz grade!!!


1. Carefully trace your hand on a separate piece of computer paper.

2. Draw in basic geometric shapes to cover the area of your hand.
3. Use a ruler to measure the shapes in cm and compute the area of 10 shapes. If you want
extra credit, you can find the area of all the shapes. Number the shapes that you find
the area of from 1- 10.
4. On the back or on a separate sheet of paper, record each shapes area. DO NOT put
the measurements or areas on the front of the paper with your hand.*
5. Decorate your hand with your favorite colors. The more creative you are, the more
points you will get!

Grading Rubric:

1. Neatly traced hand on computer paper 25 pts.

2. Divided into shapes 15 pts.
3. Correctly calculated the area in cm 25 pts.
4. Decorate 25 pts.
5. Creative 10 pts.