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Pre-AP/GT Biology Ms.

Raeon (832) 291-2364

URGENT: Due to the importance of maintaining URGENTE: Debido a la importancia de mantener una
communication with parents or guardians, I would like comunicacin fcil con los padres o tutores, me gustara a
parents or guardians to do the following before reading los padres o tutores que hacer lo siguiente antes de leer
this document: este documento:
1. Please send an e-mail to: 1. Por favor enviar un e-mail a:
2. Include your childs name and class (e.g. 1A, 2B 2. Incluya el nombre de su hijo(a) y la clase (1A, 2B)
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3. Include your e-mail addresses that I can use to 3. Incluya todas sus direcciones de correo
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Course Description: Your student will be challenged during this Biology course while they study concepts of
microbiology, cytology, genetics, taxonomy, ecology as well as chemical interactions within organisms. Students will study
the complex organization of plant and animal systems, as well as learn how to write and think with scientific purpose.
Students are expected to exercise their skills using laboratory investigations and hands on demonstrations.

Classroom Norms and Expectations:

1. Students are expected to be on time to class. Missing class can put students behind.
2. Students will be prepared and come to class ready to learn and participate. Students are expected to bring
necessary supplies, including their interactive science notebooks.
3. Students are expected to be actively working on daily assignments as well as assignments outside of the
classroom. The purpose of this class is to strengthen and develop skills and knowledge of biology content.
Participation is required for this course.
4. Students are expected to demonstrate respect to the teacher, classmates, the classroom, as well as themselves.

1. Students need to come to class prepared with materials as expected (notebook and pencil/pen).
2. Any extra materials students require for lessons will be provided as appropriate.
3. Students are expected to keep an organized interactive science notebook. The notebook is kept on the students
person, not in the classroom. Students need pens or pencils for writing. Students may bring their own gluesticks,
markers or other supplies if desired.

Technology Use in the Classroom: Cellphone use without teacher permission is prohibited. Cell phones must be
turned off and stored away. Cellphone misuse will result in the phone being confiscated. We practice appropriate use of
technology in the classroom. Chromebook use is a privilege, and will be taken away if the student fails to use it properly.
Students will be assigned a specific Chromebook number. It is the students responsibility for ensuring it is not damaged
during use. Safe internet practices will be discussed, as well as signing a district technology contract. Google Classroom
will be used for homework, tutorials assignments, as well as extra resources. Students can also access Ms. Raeons
website ( for notes, extra resources and copies of homework assignments.

Grading: Grades consist of major grades (exams, quizzes, long term projects etc.), daily homework assignments as well
as participation and completion of classroom activities. All assignments will be graded. Participation is factored into the
daily grades. Students must attend class to receive credit for this course.

Graded assignments will be graded on a scale of 0-100 points.

100-90 = A 89-80 = B 79-75 = C 74-70 = D 69 -0 = F
Assignments are expected to be completed. If a question is left blank, or without justifications, no points will be given. If
homework is assigned, the homework is due the next class period, unless otherwise specified. Homework that is missing
or incomplete will be made up at the teachers discretion. Homeworks are expected to be completed with justifications
(providing evidence for the answer that is chosen). Late work and missing work will not receive full credit. One day late =
75%, 2+ days late = 50%. Missing work will be completed at the teachers discretion.

Final grades for each 9 week period will be weighted as follows: major grades are 60% (tests, projects, lab reports etc.)
daily grades are 30% (class participation, daily work, etc.) homework is 10%. If students score below 70% on a major
grade, they have the opportunity to review and resubmit for a better grade.

Absent and Tardy Policy: Unexcused absences will cause your student to fall behind in class. If students are absent due
to an excused circumstance, they will be given one day to make up work for every day of absence. Students can pick up
the work missed in the Absent Work bin. If students do not turn in homework after the allotted days for their absence,
their work will be considered late. Late work not completed by the next class session will be completed at the teachers

Pre-AP/GT Biology: Students enrolled in the Pre-AP section will experience a more rigorous and challenging course.
This will involve projects that need to be completed outside of school hours, as well as writing lab reports and a 1,000
word research paper. Students in the GT section will be required to complete their research project in the form of a
Science Fair or Digital Imagery submission. More details will be soon available.

Ms. Raeons Information: I am available for discussion during school hours. If I am out of the room, or my door is closed
or locked, feel free to leave a note clipped to the door, or come at another time. Tutorials are on Thursdays after school
(2:50pm-4:00pm). When we prepare for the STAAR exams, tutorials will be extended from 2:50pm 5:00pm. Busses will
be available for students after tutorials. I am easily accessible by email or call/text and the number above.

I am also working to keep a daily blog on my classroom website (the Turtle Blog). This blog will have instructions and
summaries of what we have accomplished during that lesson. This is a resource you can use for homework help or if your
student was absent.

If you feel that I can do more to meet your needs, please let me know!