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Hegel and political philosophy

It’s not common to ask for the point of all the exercise. What is political philosophy useful for?
Well I’ts not inmmedialty about usefulness. political philosophy is about perspective, as all
philosophy. It is said that philosophy carries the weight of all centuries. I tend to agree with this,
but in a very particular way. Political philosophy looks into history, but not in the history of all
political thinking, that more of a task for historians. They instigate into today’s political world
and ask themselves: Why is democracy the main emblem in today’s political tought.
political philosophy is about understanding the actual political world and coming up with new
ways of explaining the actual state of affairs. They use both history and science to understand the
actual world.
Some of the main political philosopher could be Hobbes, Agamben, Laclau, and some

There is a great deal of knowledge that can be learn from other writters that not consider
themselves as political theorist. The most important is Hegel.
How do political phlosophers draw from Hegel to develop political ideas.
Contingency, Hegemony and Universality is a good example.
What they do is the comprehensionof political formations in an abstract way.

“Hegemony and socialist strategy(..)represented a turn to poststructuralist theory within
Marxism, one that took the problem of language to b essential to the formulation of an anti-
totalitarian, radical democratic project”(Butler , Laclau, Zizek, 2000,p.1).

Language and political philosophy Why, and in what sense is language important to politics in
general and to political philosophy in particular.
1. The participants of a political project use their speech and their word to formulat their
indentity. Even a single person knows and defines by expressing himself with language.
The formulation of a project is inherent to its signification.

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