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Term Definition


active listening Listening and responding, either in words or nonverbally

experiment An activity used to test or discover a scientific principle

probability experiments An experiment to find out what is likely to happen and what is not

survey A detailed study in which information is gathered, analyzed, and reported

observation Watching something for a scientific purpose

Learning Concepts

fiction A written composition that is not factual

nonfiction A written composition that is factual

poetry A composition written in verse

drama A composition with dialogue intended to be performed on stage

fluency The ability to use words smoothly and easily in speech or in writing

comprehension The ability to understand the meaning of written or spoken words

vocabulary The set of words that a person understands

audience People who will hear what you say or read what you write

whole numbers Numbers that do not contain decimals or fractions

geometric shapes Standard shapes used in geometry --- e.g., circle, square, and rectangle

standard units Units widely used and accepted to measure time, distance, weight, etc.

pattern A distinctive arrangement of elements or parts

attribute A characteristic or feature (usually in a math context)

property A characteristic (usually in a science context)

system A combination of parts to form a complex whole

melody The tune of a song

rhythm The beat of a song

harmony The pleasing blend of parts sung by different voices in a song

lyrics The words to a song

tempo The speed at which a song is sung

pitch The highness or lowness of a musical sound