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3.4. Afferent neuron C. 2. which one of the following is NOT happen in bright light A. tongue. Iodine solution C. Pupil size is wide and more light enters the eye D. Which one of the structure is NOT found in the inner ear? A. Rely neuron D. Which of the following sense organs are contains chemoreceptors A. Osmoreceptors in your brain detect this. A Neuron that carries impulses from a CNS to the muscle or gland is A. More concentrated urine is formed BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 2 . The need of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis can be demonstrated by using A. Radial muscle relax B. Difficult to demonstrated 7. nose & ear B. eye and ear 6. Circular muscle contract C.only B. Efferent neuron B. Depending on the light intensity. If the water contents of the blood is too low.5 3. More water is reabsorbed into the blood D. EXCEPT? A. The pituitary gland release more ADH B.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 1.4. semi-circular canal 5. Malleus D. Large volume of urine is formed C. Utriculus B. 2. C.4. Tongue and eye D. as a result all happen. Pupil size is narrow & less light enter the eye 4. The structure of leave where photosynthesis takes place A.6. 2. Tongue and nose C. Affecter neuron Question 2 is based on the given internal structure of leaf 1-Xylem 4-Spongy mesophyll 2-polisade mesophyll 5-Phloem 3-Cuticle 6-Guard cell 2. 2007 E. the size of pupil changes. Cochlea C.6 D. Variegated leaf B.5. Potassium hydroxide solution D. 2.

Combustion and photosynthesis B. ADH D. Cytosine pair with Guanine B. Insulin B. 2007 E. Diaphram B. DNA contain ribose sugar D. DNA made up of double strands 13. Estrogen 11. DNA can replicate itself C. have more stomata on the lower epidermis C. Thyroxin B. Growth hormone C. Which air pollutants can lead to global warming? A. Sterilization D. Takes place in the germ cells C. Carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide D. Posses thick waxy cuticle B. Which one of the following is most likely to prevent both pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted disease? A. Which one the following is NOT an adaptation used by some plants to reduce water loss A. Carbon dioxide and methane 15. Which of the following process increase carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere? A. Which one of the following event is NOT take place by meiotic cell division? Meiosis cell division A. A means of sexual reproduction in unicellular organisms 10. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide B. Glucagon C. In DNA. Insulin 12. Oral contraceptive C. Condom 9. Produce variation D.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 8. Photosynthesis and respiration BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 3 . blood glucose levels fall and stimulate the secretion of which hormone? A. Adrenal D. have stomata on the upper epidermis 14. Methane and nitrogen oxide C. Reduce the number of chromosomes by half B. Which of the following is NOT correct about DNA? A. Under secretion of which hormone will result in mental retardness? A. leaves reduced to thin spines D. Late in the afternoon.

EXCEPT? A. Shivering D. Metaphase I 23. 2007 E. The liver posses all the following function. As the bacteria breakdown the milk. excretion of urea B. Which of the following is correct about photosynthesis? A. Earth quake D. It facilitate the environment for the growth of other bacteria C. Metaphase II D. In which phase of meiosis do you think homologous chromosomes are line on the middle of the spindle? A. Cerebellum B. Prophase I B. Hairs in the body erect C. The Bowman’s capsule D. It gave the yoghurt. Detoxification of poisons B. The milk to clot and solidify into yoghurt B. human beings B. Anaphase B. Part of the brain that regulate body balance and movements A. oxidative and catabolic B. reductive and anabolic 20.which phase would you nerve observe A. Hypothalamus 18. Respiration and transpiration 16. they produce lactic acid. In greatest amount of filtrate gets reabsorbed from what part of the nephron A. It prevent the growth of bacteria 21. Interphase D. How would your body respond to an increase in environmental temperature? A. Medulla C. Control of sugars D. domestic animals 17. The lactic acid produced by the bacteria causes all of the following. Combustion and respiration D. Metabolic rate speed up B. Anaphase I C.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 C. Metaphase C. the 1st coiled tubule BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 4 . protein metabolism 19. Oxidative and anabolic D. EXCEPT? A. Reductive and catabolic C. Which of the following is the biggest threat to the environment? A. Dilation of blood vessels 22. Cerebrum D. sharp and tangy taste D. Wild animals C. Prophase 24. If you were examining a sperm cell during one complete cycle of cell division .

Rh+ boy and Rh. Rh. EXCEPT? A. Secrete their product into duct. 2007 E. Infront of the retina B. Light B. Which one of the following is NOT needed for germination of seed? A. Plant hormone that involved in seed dormancy is A. Behind the retina D. Cytokinin D.girl B. Water hydrotropism 30. Light phototropism D.boy and Rh+ girl D. the loop of Henle 25. Gravity hydrotropism C. Water split into oxygen and hydrogen 28. B. Water 29. Production of new medicine 31. In the eye of long sighted person the image of near object is formed A. Abscisic acid 26. Evaporation D. Ductless gland C. Application of biotechnology in agriculture D. Gravity geotropism B.boy and Rh. Rh. ATP is synthesized D. Which of the following should be avoided in biological marriage? A.Warmth D. on the blind spot 27. Chlorophyll absorb light energy C.girl BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 5 . Auxin C. Conduction C. Radiation 33. Endocrine gland are differ from Exocrine gland in that .C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 B. Oxygen C. Gland with duct 32. Gland present near the site of action D. Which one the following stimuli and response is mismatched A. Heat gain by the body can be through any one of the following ways. Rh+ boy and Rh+ girl C. Ethylene B. The 2nd coiled tubule D. On the retina C.endocrine gland are A. Hydrogen combined with CO2 to produce glucose B. Energy production B. Convection B. Making of alcoholic drinks C. During the light independent reaction stage of photosynthesis which one is occurs A. One of the following is NOT modern application of biotechnology? A.

Rrxrr D. 600 red + 600 white flower (R) dominant over white flower (r) when a heterozygous (Rr) is self pollinated and produce 1200 offsprings. Khat B. 75% D. Suppose genotype RR produces red bull. In certain plants . Which of the following drug is NOT legal in Ethiopia? A. RrxRr B. CAGT C. After having three daughter. 900 red + 300 white B. Gelada baboon C. 100% B. RRxRr 42. What is the total number of bases in the DNA molecule? A. Nicotine Question numbers 37-45 are only for non visually impaired candidate 37. each daughter cell contains 28 chromosomes how many chromosomes present in the parent cell? BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 6 . Which one of the following cross is expected to produce all the three traits A. Rrxrr C. ACTG D. 5O% 38. TTxtt 41. 420 C. 520 D. After mitosis. Which one of the following cross gives tall and short pea plants in equal proportion? tallness is dominant over shortness A. 1000 red + 200 white D. TGAG B. If one of the two chain of DNA molecule has ACTG bases the corresponding bases on the other chain is A. Vagina D. 260 B. A double strand DNA molecule has 120 Adenine and 140 Cytosine bases. Menelik bushbuck B. One of the wild life is NOT endemic to our country? A. Ovaries 35. Rr produce roan and rr produce white cow. TtxTt C. Fallopian tube B. 2007 E. Alcohol C. 800 red + 400 white 43. TtxTT D.TTxTt B. Mountain Nyala 36. Uterus C. O% C.the number of red and white flower is A.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 34.what will be the chance of the 4th child to be a son? A. Cannabis D. TGAC 40. Hyena D. 620 39. Where in the female reproductive organ do the sperm and ovum fuse to form Zygote? In A.

Animal “A” is poikilotherms. Animal “A” has variable body temperature . February 30 C. April 4 B. while “B” is homeotherms B.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 A. March 14 Question number 45 is based the graph that represent the body temperature of animals and the surrounding temperature 40 Animal “A” 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 Surrounding temp ( oC ) 45. The body temperature of animal “A’’ is independent on the surrounding temperature D. 14 B. 28 D. she will ovulate around A. March 4 D. 30 44. Animal “B” is represent human . Suppose a lady has a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days. Which of the following is TRUE about the graph A.while “A” is lizard C. 56 C. 2007 E. If menstruation starts on February 20.while “B” has constant body temperature BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 7 .

Tetanus . Production of ATP B. Tapeworm and Poliomyelitis D. Cholera . Leprosy and Ameoboisis 52. concentrated 50. Which of the following sets includes the bacterial disease? A. Can use without electricity. Active transport across membrane involves A. Isotonic B. Dr Melaku Worede B. Vitamin B-1 Marasmus 51. This is one of property of an enzyme and indicates that? A. Diphtheria. Which of the following is correctly matched between the vitamins and their deficiency A. Professor Tilahun Yilma 49. Diffusion of gases 48. A renowned Ethiopia biologist who found a poor man medicine for a poor man’s disease? A. Malaria. Work inside and outside of the cells B. Dr Aklilu Lemma C.Tuberculosis and Gonorrhea C.Typhoid and AIDS B. B. Vitamin A Night blindness D. Possible to observe real specimen. A red blood cell will swell and burst when placed in which of the following kinds of solution? A. Used many times C. Requirement of energy C. Can catalyses one reaction only D. One of the limitations of light microscope is? A. Vitamin C scurvy B. Vitamin D Rickets C. Made up of proteins 47. Hypertonic D. Hypotonic C. Dr Gebissa Ejeta D.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 46. 2007 E. Release of energy D. C. Its resolving power is limited BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 8 . Enzymes are specific.

The contain either RNA or DNA as their genetic material C. Drinking boiled water D. amylase D.trypsin B. In nitrogen cycle process.lipase . Denitrifying bacteria B. Community C. Which organism lack membrane bound nucleus ? A. Biosphere 57. 2007 E.trypsin C. Lactase . B. Grasshopper C. Lipase. Widely used to look at a cell 53. Nitrifying bacteria D. Ammonifying bacteria 61. A sets of digestive enzymes which secrete from the pancreas are A. using mosquito nets 58. Less oxygen and less carbon dioxide D. They have their own metabolic system. nitrogen gas is return to the atmosphere by A. Fungus B. Ecosystem B. Algae Question number 55 is based on a given sequence of food chain Grass Grasshopper Lizard Snake 55. Eating plenty of food B. Bacteria D. More oxygen and less carbon dioxide C. Less oxygen and more carbon dioxide 54. Pepsin. Grass 56. Which of the following is best described to prevent the Ameobiosis (Amoebic dysentery) of protozoan disease? A. Air leaving the lungs differ from the air entering the lungs by having A.amylase. Which of the following statement about virus is correct? A. Population D. Which one represents secondary consumer? A. They are readily killed by antibiotics 60. They reproduce independently of living cells D. Less oxygen but equal amount of carbon dioxide B. Snake D. Eating balanced died C.erepsin 59. Lizard B. lipase . A group of organisms of the same species occupying the same area at the same time is A. Amoeba C. Which of the following method would you use to test the presence of carbon dioxide in exhaled air? Breathing on BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 9 .C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 D.amylase.amylase . Nitrogen fixing bacteria C.

The food contains: A.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 A. Thermometer C. Family D. Glass surface D. Following acid hydrolysis and neutralization. They have heterotrophic mode of nutrition B. 2007 E. Plants that lacks vascular tissue are belongs to which group? A. Protein only B. Digestion takes place outside of their body C. B from O D. Gymnosperms C. Lactose C. Disinfection C. Maltose B. A to AB C. Pterodophytes B. Which of the following blood transfusion is NOT compatible? A. How many ATP molecules by anaerobic respiration of four molecules of glucose? A. Which of the following will have greater number of organism? A. 2ATP C. They store carbohydrate in the form of starch 63. Antiseptics 66. Starch 67. cobalt chloride paper B. Pasteurization B. Genus 65. 8ATP D. Your biology teacher gives you unknown food sample and ask you to detect its item. lime water 62. Order B. A food gives a positive result when tested with the biuret test and an initial negative result when tested with Benedict’s solution. Which of the following FALSE about the kingdom fungi? A. They have rigid cell wall with chitin D. Sucrose D. Bryophytes 68. the food sample gave a positive result with Benedict’s solution. A disaccharide that gives two molecule of glucose on hydrolysis reaction is A. Angiosperms D. Microbiological technique that used to kill all microorganisms? A. 16ATP B. Autoclaving D. Protein and a reducing sugar C. 4ATP 69. O to A 64. Protein and a non reducing sugar BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 10 . Class C. AB to A B.

The person is A. A<C<D<B D. Less oxygen in a given volume of air C. Suffering from Rickets BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 11 . A<D<B<C B. More heat is needed of warm the bodies 71. Number of red blood cells in man increase on living at high altitude than man living at lower attitude. Right ventricle B. Protein. All are the biotic component of the ecosystem which has a big effect on the life supporting environment. Competition B. C<D<A<B C. Left ventricle C. It digests the lipids while pepsin digests proteins C.B. It digests protein in acid medium while pepsin does so in alkaline medium D. because there is A. Temperature C. It digests proteins in alkaline medium while pepsin does so in acidic medium B. Select the exception A. the systolic and diastolic pressure are measurement of the pressure generated by the A. 2007 E. Both surface of A. D<A<B<C 73. milk and eggs in his/ her diet. Predators 72. No germs in the air at high altitude D. More oxygen in a given volume of air B. Suffering from scurvy B. upper surface of B. A doctor advice a person to get more meat.C and D were taken from the same plants. Disease D. lower surface of D was covered by Vaseline and C was left uncovered. Left atrium D. Four identical leaves A. When recording blood pressure.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 D. Trypsin differ from pepsin in that A. a reducing sugar and a non –reducing sugar 70. Right atrium 75. Which one is the correct arrangement of rate of transpiration in increasing order? A. butter. It digest proteins in neutral medium while Pepsi does so in alkaline medium 74.

Provide medication for AIDS patients BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 12 . Stomach B. Production of more oxygen C. Hepatic artery B. Which of the following is NOT part of the respiratory response to exercise A. Bicuspid valve C. Nucleus control the movement of substance into and out of the ells 77. Hepatic vein 83. The name of the valve present in between the right auricle and right ventricle in mammal is A. Esophagus D. Bile D. Breathing faster D. Active immunity B. Pancreatic juice B. Natural immunity 81. Which of the following organelle of the cells mismatched with its function? A. Cytoplasm sites of chemical reaction D. Breathing deeper B. Which of the following blood vessel.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 C. Cannot see in the dark (night) D. Hepatic portal vein D. Liver C. Mitochondria sites of cellular respiration C. Suffering from kwashiorkor disease 76. Mitral valve B. Ptyalin C. Passive immunity C. Intestinal juice 82. 2007 E. Anti HIV/AIDS club are today common in school . function in carries of glucose from the digestive track to the liver? A. The immunity a patient got after recover from a disease is A. Latent immunity D. The alkaline medium required for the action of enzymes in the small intestine is provided by: A. Producing more carbon dioxide 80. Which of the following organs of digestive system is different from the other because it NOT produce any secretions that aid in the digestion process A.what is their contribution to fight against the pandemic? A. Ribosome’s sites of protein synthesis B. semi -lunar valve 78. Pancreas 79. Pulmonary vein C. Tricuspid valve D.

Autotrophes.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 B. What kind of animal are rabbits? A. heterotrophes and eukaryotes C. vitamins and digested end product to the body’s cell A. Arachnidan B. Plants have the following general characteristic A.and unicellular D. Capillaries D. Create awareness about the problem among students C. Red blood cells C. Decomposer B. Which of the following does NOT happen during breathing air in (inhalation) to the lungs A. Diaphragm contrast and flatten B. Animals that begins their life in water and live the rest of their life on the land are known as A. Chilopoda 90. but they do not eat animals. Multicellular . 2007 E. Plasma D. Mammals C. What parts of the blood caries mineral . Autotrophes. Lung pressure become greater than atmospheric pressure 85. Omnivores D. Reptiles B. Which of following blood vessel carries blood away from the heart A. Carnivores BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 13 .eukaryote and multicellular 89. White blood cells B. Arthropods that have three body parts are belong to the class A. Platelets 87. Encourage girls to have boy friend and the vice versa D. eukaryotes. The volume of chest cavity increases D. Multicellular and prokaryotes B. Rabbit eat grass and other plants in order to survive. Arteries B. Insecta C. Veins C. Veins and Arteries 86. Encourage one to one relationship among students 84. Fish D. Intercostals muscle contracts C. Autotrophes . Herbivores C. Amphibians 88. Crustacean D.

Adrenal 92. Spinal nerve 94. Which glands is serve as both endocrine and exocrine gland A. ear-ossicles 93. Pancreas D. What does invertebrate mean A. Optic nerve C. Pituitary B. Gonads C. Animals with backbone BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 14 . Part of the ear that is responsible for hearing is A. semi –circular canal B. Cochlea C.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 Question numbers 91-99 are only for visually impaired candidates 91. 2007 E. Retina D. Auditory nerve D. Olfactory nerve B. Nerve impulses are carried from eye to the brain by the A.

Hibernation B. The nitrogen base that absent in RNA molecule A. Canine KEY FOR BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 1. glycerol 99. Birds D. Cytosine D. Incisor B. Uracil C. B 2 A 5 C 77 B 7 2 3. Animals without backbone D. Premolar C.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 B. Crocodile 97. Thiamine B. Which of the following are the building block of proteins A. 2007 E. One of the following is NOT a physiological method of temperature regulation? A. vasodilatation 98. C 2 A 5 D 78 B 8 3 BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 15 . Sweating C. Panting D. Amino acids D. Warm blooded animals C. Fatty acids B. Simple sugars C. Frog B. Snake C. Animals that lay eggs 95. Molar D. The type of teeth that is absent in children? A. C 2 C 5 B 76 D 6 1 2. Adenine 96. Which animal has constant body temperature A.

B 2 A 5 B 79 B 9 4 5. B 3 B 5 B 82 B 2 7 8. C 4 C 6 C 91 B 1 6 17. C 3 B 5 B 81 B 1 6 7. D 3 C 6 C 88 D 8 3 14. A 3 B 6 C 85 C 5 0 11.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 4. D 3 C 5 B 84 D 4 9 10. C 4 C 6 D 92 A BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 16 . A 3 B 5 C 80 C 0 5 6. 2007 E. C 4 B 6 B 90 A 0 5 16. D 3 D 6 A 89 A 9 4 15. D 3 C 5 C 83 B 3 8 9. C 3 D 6 D 87 D 7 2 13. C 3 B 6 D 86 B 6 1 12.

B 4 A 7 A 98 B 8 3 24.C BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 2 7 18. D 4 B 7 C 97 C 7 2 23. D 4 B 6 C 94 C 4 9 20. 2007 E. D 4 C 7 A 96 B 6 1 22. C 4 C 6 B 93 A 3 8 19. D 5 D 7 D 0 5 BIOLOGY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 17 . C 4 A 7 A 99 B 9 4 25. B 4 C 7 B 95 A 5 0 21.